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Kentaro Miura Quits Berserk to Play Idol Master


Esteemed mangaka Kentaro Miura, known for his long running masterwork Berserk, has once again suspended serialisation of the manga, after only recently restarting it, apparently in order to play Idol Master.

“Taking a break from next chapter onwards” runs the next chapter preview; his remark in the index comments is: “I was lonely so I bought it, Idol Master, and an Xbox, fuhi.” ‘Fuhi’ is Nico freak slang.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions.



Via Hachimaki.

It’s not clear if there is some other reason for the suspension, but Miura is well known for being a “NicoNico Douga freak”, as well as a Vocaloid fan and lately as an aspiring shoujo mangaka, so clearly he has some time consuming hobbies; perhaps we can expect some MADs from him?

His slightly disturbing lack of dedication to serialising Berserk is not reassuring…

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