Eri Takenashi’s Tearful Gratitude for Fan Devotion


Kannagi mangaka Eri Takenashi, struck down by a mysterious illness and forced to stop publication amid a huge online fracas, has finally updated her site, Takenashi Note, some six months since its last update.

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  • suzacu commented on April 24, 2009 17:03

    Thanks for your reply. I understand exactly what you mean. It's not really unusual for famous people not to reveal the names of serious diseases they've got, especially politicians and mangaka, because it might affect their... More

  • halotoo commented on April 24, 2009 14:22

    Good news to hear she is getting well, now let hope berserk mangaka get well from his not so mysterious illness and continue his work soon. ... More

Kentaro Miura Quits Berserk to Play Idol Master


Esteemed mangaka Kentaro Miura, known for his long running masterwork Berserk, has once again suspended serialisation of the manga, after only recently restarting it, apparently in order to play Idol Master.

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  • Anonymous commented on April 8, 2015 20:22

    If Berserk goes full moe I will literally shit a chicken.... More

  • vocaloidfan commented on June 10, 2010 20:22

    can't he just include some moe to BERSERK ? it will solve all problem and give BERSERK fresh content... More


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