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Yakuza 3 Remaster Cuts Cross-Dresser & Imperial Flag

Developers of the Yakuza 3 remaster have quite predictably altered the content of the Japanese release (something that fans would have expected of a western version), removing the game’s “offensive” cross-dresser character as well as any instance of the imperial Japanese flag some barbarians find so offensive.

This may not come as quite the surprise considering the developers previously declared that such changes were on the horizon – a thorough video citing all the differences between the original Yakuza 3 and the new remaster:

Removal of the prewar flag has been assumed to be to appease overly excitable Chinese or Koreans or something:

Also expunged from the title was the humorous side-story where Kiryu is chased by a male cross-dressed as a woman, along with the mini-game (which would undoubtedly offend the west’s own rapidly burgeoning population of cross-dressers and auto-castrators):

Executive director Toshihiro Nagoshi also mentioned in the past that the re-released Yakuza titles in the west would be devoid of censorship, though now many are worried that this may not be so.

Confusingly, a representative for Sega claimed in a Reddit thread months ago however that the Yakuza 3 remaster is only slated for release in Japan:

“Hey guys. These remasters have only been announced for Japan, not the west – sorry!”

It is presumed that these alterations will affect all versions of the game and given that the box art had already removed Kiryu’s cigarette some time ago, this subsequent removal of “questionable” content was an inevitability.

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