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Seiyuu Yurika Endo Retires


Revered seiyuu Yurika Endo has announced her retirement from voice-acting, singing and all other otaku-pleasing activities, bound to break the hearts of those who had grown accustomed to hearing her voice give life to cute anime girls.

The constant fan events and stage performances (and overall highly busy nature of the occupation) has seemingly worn the poor woman down as she has stated that she is retiring to recuperate her health, the Twitter announcement that was delivered via her talent agency:


For those who can’t access the site in the tweet, as it was unavailable at the time:


All of the anime roles she has voiced over her 5-year-long career:

Haruno Yoshikawa (Ace of Diamond)
Tanako Kujirai (Magimoji Rurumo)
Rina Sakai (Sakura Trick)
Aina Mikage (Z/X Ignition)
Haruka (Rilu Rilu Fairilu)
Lisa Imai (BanG Dream!)
Nozomi Momijidani (Tenshi no 3P!)
Asuna Kangoshi (Comical Psychosomatic Medicine)
Shiragane/Windom (Kaiju Girls Reika)

Endou Yurika will be leaving in May, whether or not the woman will end up returning to the profession once her condition improves has not been mentioned.

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