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AKB48 Fan Charged With Illegal Dumping



An avid AKB48 fan has been charged with illegally dumping 585 AKB48 CDs, with his sole purpose of buying them being the voting tickets contained within for use in AKB48’s annual popularity poll – such a matter as ever apparently being serious business for hardcore idol otaku.

The 30-year-old man admitted to the charges against him and stated that he did not know what to do with the gargantuan pile of CDs after extracting their tickets, with dumping them in the mountains being his only solution to the problem (recycling or regular trash apparently being out of the question).

This mass purchasing of AKB48 CDs has become an issue over the years as numerous fans have been desperate to acquire tickets so that they can vote multiple times; with the winner of the popularity poll appearing in the group’s next single.

A video covering the incident:





The accused man (amongst other fellow AKB48 enthusiasts) had removed tickets from about 1,000 CDs sent from another fan located in Chiba, being given 600 or so to take home after acquiring the voting tickets – the discarded CDs were discovered by a random passerby who found the used goods in a box labeled with the sender’s name and address.

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