Chinese Hair Band Made Out of Condoms


Even a product as innocent as a hair-band is not immune to the quality associated with Chinese products – the unfortunate buyer of this example soon found the band’s rubber component to have been recycled from a condom.

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  • Anonymous commented on October 22, 2011 12:48

    Protects woman from babies and split ends.... More

  • Anonymous commented on August 15, 2010 14:44

    FFFUUUUU!!... More

On the Proper Recycling of a PET Bottle


Recycling the ubiquitous PET bottle is not limited to merely reusing the raw materials; the truly eco-conscious can also reuse the bottle entire, for a variety of purposes other than the simple prospect of storing liquids for later consumption, although that is a perfectly valid use too.

Detailed instructions follow:

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  • Anonymous commented on December 14, 2009 09:58

    That doesn't look like a bottle is more like an onahole... More

  • M commented on December 5, 2008 22:57

    Oh wow.... I thought you said that was Cunning D:... More


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