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Your Date With RaMu


Those inquisitive souls who have wondered “What if I went mute but still managed to land a date with a gravure model? How would that go, what would that be like?” are once again in luck.

There has been a long tradition in Japan of videos where idols and anime characters spend time with dutiful buyers on the other side of a screen. Perhaps the most infamous being Sleeping with Hinako which doesn’t play out as the title might normally be interpreted. No, they get to watch her sleep for about 40 minutes.

RaMu has made the latest entry with her “If you went to an izakaya with me…” (“もしも居酒屋に私と行ったら・・・”) video. In it the hapless supplicant meets the diminutive bikini model, with her showing up late. Classic RaMu.


The next destination is a local izakaya. It’s her first night drinking so she asks for a recommendation, which is not forthcoming, but the subtitles do it anyway, so that works out.


The whole evening (about 5 minutes) is spent with her chatting away. The fact that all this female patter is 100% one-way seems to be really successful, clearly a gambit worth trying again in the future.


At the 3:40 mark the sound drops out and it’s apparent she’s spiked the drink as time compresses. Then some edamame arrive and she asks for a second date. Total silence game mastery achieved – well done!


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