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Catherine Sequel Possibly Announced


Atlus has released a 30-minute video for its newly formed Studio Zero, featuring staff interviews and serving as a recruitment video for those who want to lend a hand in creating the studio’s first title “Project Re Fantasy” – though some are more concerned with the video’s subtle hints toward a possible sequel to salacious puzzle game “Catherine“…

The video starts with fictional character Rue Ishida (also known as Midnight Venus) greeting viewers and providing imagery similar to that of Catherine, which was presented to players through the lens of a TV program called the “Golden Playhouse” – the entire video:

As the interviews came to an end, Rue Ishida returned to provide watchers with some rather peculiar dialogue:

“By the way, Iโ€™m looking forward to the fantasy RPG of course… But will there even be anything for me to do? Maybe a lot of you are actually wondering? This time, I will be the new heroine! Just kidding…

(Slight pause.)

Huh, the offer for my next job is on the table?”

Theorists immediately began regarding this as an indirect announcement of a Catherine sequel or spin-off.

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