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Student Stabber “Infiltrated Hospital by Wearing Gown”


Police investigating a stabbing at a Tokyo hospital have discovered that the accused managed to gain access by donning a patient gown, gulling faculty into allowing him access into a treatment room.

The 30-year-old student (attending Nippon Medical School) is alleged to have savagely stabbed a 41-year-old dentist during his infiltration, stating that he “brought the gown from home” during an interrogation by police, a strategy that will no doubt be used by other heinous criminals in their attempts to murder the wounded.

Managing to gain access to a treatment room on the sixth floor of the hospital, the student stabbed his victim in the stomach, though already being inside a hospital the dentist was almost immediately ensured care and it has been determined that his wounds are not likely to prove fatal.

Police arrested the student for attempted murder and soon found out that his motive may have had to do with a dispute involving the dentist, the student and a woman (of course).

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