Mawaru Penguindrum Pachislot Machine Emerges




Convoluted penguin drama Mawaru Penguindrum will soon be in possession of a special pachislot machine following its 5th anniversary, fueling the gambling obsession of certain anime fans and likely proving highly nostalgic for those who watched the series (and could comprehend it).

An announcement trailer for the pachislot machine, which sadly does not feature the actual device:

An exact launch date has not been revealed, though the anime will soon be getting an AT-X re-run.

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      • Konami is the poster child of that business strategy … and sadly it appears to be working.

        Want to see another iteration of a beloved franchise or work?
        Stop waiting, we have you covered, just go to a pachinko parlor near you and waste your money to your hearts content on our machines, while you watch on a little screen all the characters that you love … no need to thanks us, you wanted this characters to come back and we listened, we are doing all of this for you… yeah

      • It might be tragic, but as long as the studios get money from somewhere to stay afloat, it’s not all bad. It’s not like a pachinko machine manufacturer could have many requests in return concerning the plot or characters. It’s a far too simple game.

    • It was a typical Ikuhara anime, meaning that it started out kinda weird, and got increasingly surreal as it went on. I think his works are best summarized by his commentary on the Utena movie’s climax:

      “Yes, of course, *I* know what all these images mean… but I’m not going to tell you, because it’s more fun for each person to interpret for themselves.”

      He was, of course, lying. But his shows are always a fun ride, even if they get increasingly incoherent by the end. (And the cost-saving yet artistic decision to depict all the generic non-story “extras” as exit-sign style paper “cutouts” was genius. Especially when it became a plot point.)

      • idk, penguindrum seemed to have a fairly clear ending. I really hate how sanetoshi litterally just stated his goals though, ‘taking revenge on this world that never needed him’..

        Anyways, the item refered to the penguindrum is just a metaphor for anything that can be used to save a life/change their fate; Momoka’s fate transfer diary was one, and the fruit of fate was the other. The overall idea of changing fate, was putting your life into making a difference; the fate diary could litterally take part of your life in exchange for an alteration of fate (usually minimal damage, but it could burn your entire self away if the change was large enough). The boxes they where always talking about, keeping people apart, was at one point labeled ‘the box called self’; its talking about physical being, that since we’re individuals, we’ll never truly know everything about everyone else; he wanted to kill everyone to solve this.

        The Child Broiler, is sort of further explained using Yuri Kuma Arashii; it turns unwanted children into invisible beings, and in YuriKuma, we learned about the Invisible Storm; a group of people who follow all social norm’s, and are merely background characters never standing out or making a difference. The child broiler is saying without love, these children will loose face, and simply fade into the background never to strive to be more; to be invisible.

        Basically, the only thing without any closure is why the brothers where small children walking off with the penguins at the end; we’ll have to assume its related to the fate diary’s usage.