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Live Action Dynasty Warriors Movie Announced


A live action movie has been announced for the interminably original Dynasty Warriors franchise, bound to have fans of “Three Kingdoms” era Chinese history in a mesmerized stupor, as well as those who enjoy watching single men unrealistically decimate entire legions of enemies.

Hong Kong-based studio China 3D will be developing the movie, but considering the state both of the Dynasty Warriors franchise and video game movie adaptation, many must surely be fearing the worst.

The movie will begin shooting sometime in 2017 and a 2018 launch in China, Hong Kong and Macau is predicted; no statement was made with regards to a Japanese or full international release.

Nothing was revealed as to the movie’s content either, such as how much of the game’s story (itself based on pseudo-historical Chinese literature, of course) will be adapted or which characters will make an appearance.

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