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College Student Erects 1:3 Scale Gundam


A daring Chinese college student has put his newly acquired art degree to good use as he unveils his masterpiece: a colossal 1:3 scale replica of the mecha from Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, demonstrating that even a single man is capable of accomplishing gargantuan feats without necessarily even having to pilot the thing.

The wooden imitation stands at an intimidating height of 6.6 meters and weighs about one ton, with the builder supposedly having devoted 6 hours a day toward the monstrosity for the past year whilst braving troublesome weather.

The awe-inspiring creation:





The marvelous mecha may not be able to rival the 1/1 scale model in Odaiba, but it certainly shows the spectacular devotion that some possess for the almighty Gundam franchise.

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