Final Fantasy XIV “Ripped Off Powerman 5000”


Ancient rock band Powerman 5000 have accused MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV of flagrantly stealing their music, an accusation which has been greeted by skeptics as little more than a plea for attention.

The disgruntled band made the comment on their official Facebook page, prompting Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida to post a response denying the accusation:

I have read through your comments concerning the BGM for the 2nd phase of the Containment Bay S1T7 battle with Sephirot, and I would like to personally explain how the track was conceived.

As most FINAL FANTASY fans already know, Sephirot (the Fiend) is a legacy boss character who originally appeared in FINAL FANTASY VI.

When considering how to portray Sephirot’s return in FINAL FANTASY XIV, we decided to pay tribute to FFVI by working VI’s “Battle to the Death” track into the Containment Bay S1T7’s first phase, while opting to create an FFXIV original for the second.

Building upon the motif of Sephirot as a representation of the World Tree, to create this FINAL FANTASY XIV original track, we further incorporated story-driven themes of death and a warped obsession with life, all while utilizing a musical genre─industrial rock─which we believed would provide substantial emphasis to the message.

Industrial rock is a popular genre that can be further divided into numerous sub-genres. Countless songs from these genres have been released worldwide, and I have been made aware of an allegation regarding similarities between an existing track and the track created for the 2nd phase of Containment Bay S1T7.

However, track composer Masayoshi Soken, has also stated to me that he was unaware of the track in question while working on this FINAL FANTASY track.

We hope that you continue to enjoy FINAL FANTASY XIV battle content.

The allegedly infringing piece can be heard about 5 minutes into the video, when the music transitions:

The Powerman 5000 song that they claim was “ripped-off”:

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  • Anonymous says:

    They changed it enough to avoid being sued, but clearly used the Powerman 5000 song as the staring point.

    Plagiarism doesn’t seem to be viewed as negatively in Japan as the West. This is just a another in a long list, I still remember how disappointed I was when I realized my favorite track from one of the animes than first interested me (Record of Lodoss War) was a note for note rip off from the Leviathan soundtrack. Magical Power of Evil Mage Wagnard = Too Hot.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can see why this might be confusing but after listening to both songs I can’t see this as a rip-off.
    Similar yes.
    After all you can only make so much music before a songs start sounding familiar.

    Omg, we’re running out of music.

  • Anonymous says:

    So this one raised flags, but not Good King Moggle’s theme song which is based (just BASED) on The Night Before Christmas..? This is why people hate the copyright system: any fool can claim “ownership” over any little thing and somehow get away with it because nobody understands how it actually works.

  • Anonymous says:

    For me it is obvious a tribute! include make me remember this band how I forget a lot time ago inside my memories…

    If I’m a musician, and someone make a tribute like that, I’ll be happy. Probably I’ll include just for fun a cover of this song on my album or maybe in a live concert.

  • Anonymous says:

    Most of FFXIV songs are basically from something else lol, I noticed long ago, that a section of Limsa Lominsa’s theme music is the theme music for old “Beef it’s what’s for dinner” commercials.

  • PM5000 had already taken back any accusations. Probably because his lawyers told him to do it.

    “UPDATE on the Final Fantasy music controversy.

    Fascinated by the level of interest in this. Opinions range from total agreement to extreme hatred towards the subject (and me apparently)

    So crazy.

    The original post was a two sentence observation about a piece of music that was way too similar to be coincidence.

    Since then it has been taken as some sort of declaration of war. Oh, internet…

    Anyway. There’s no lawsuit, there’s no cry for attention or publicity. Just an observation.

    Going back to my normal M.O of not participating in social media. Thanx for the fun!

    See ya on the road in March/April


  • Anonymous says:

    “The drum track? Different tempo, different instruments, different pattern, different beat. PM5K sticks to the 4×4 pattern of Kick | HiHat | Kick+Snare | Hihat | Variating every so often but very little. and the XIV track seems to ignore anything not producing bass for most of it, using more loose and open hats. sometimes at 4×4 sometimes 2×2 sometimes otherwise.

    The guitar? The only similarity if you can even call it that is the 2 chord progression (lol)

    The intros? XIV is more bass, PM5K is more treble.

    The vocals? XIV is more lower range hz and spread out, PM5K is more higher range and closer together with screaming, the only words the two songs share in common are “World’s” “Taking over” nothing else.

    The song overall is a different tempo, the XIV track is deeper and has more of an industrial feel to it.

    I’ve been a fan of PM5K for a lonnnnnnnnng time, but this is making me have serious concern for their hearing abilities.

    Personal conclusion: Calling this a “Rip off” of PM5K is like calling Gangnam Style a ripoff of Baby. LOL”

    • Anonymous says:

      Uhm, what, no, the lyrics and tempo/beat are very clearly structured similarly. The XIV sounds honestly like they took part of WWC, isolated it, and then wrote similar lyrics over that before attempting to drown out the most obvious parts of the similarities in their mix.


      “What is it like when you pull back the curtain,”


      “What is it really (pause) that is going on here?”

      The similarity in the sentence structure and rhythm is clear. The XIV song eventually gets to draw (or rip off) other musical styles, but the verses very clearly ring the same.

      This is the same thing as that artist from Bungie saying he didn’t know what the F2000 was when they made Halo’s assault rifle. You know, I’m sure they didn’t know what the MP7 was when they made their submachinegun for that series, or the NTW-20 for their sniper rifle either.

      It’s one thing if they at least admit they were inspired, very heavily inspired, by Powerman 5000, but this: “However, track composer Masayoshi Soken, has also stated to me that he was unaware of the track in question while working on this FINAL FANTASY track.” just reads like a damn lie no matter how you spin it. The superfluous amount of words added reeks of having to exert conscious effort to make the statement (i.e., lying)

    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly it’s not a rip off. The guy who did the song claims he has never heard of the original, I mean the OTHER song that sounds so very like it. They’d never steal music or lie about these things. Especially not the guys at Square. It’s not like Robo’s Theme from Chrono Trigger ripped off “Never Gonna Give You Up” rather flagrantly. Or the non-stop ripping off in Earthbound. Nope, never heard of those other songs.

      • Anonymous says:

        Come on everyone has heard worlds collide. Its been in friggin movies. Thats lie right there unless he hasnt seen any action american movies.

        Im not saying its a rip off or not. its not my job to judge that. and the analasyse from another person on here anon is pretty accurate, but to say you havent heard the song atleast once is far fetched. and given squares history… it is questionable.