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AKB Fans “Blinded By Tears” At Yuko Oshima Graduation

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The surprise “graduation” of AKB idol Yuko Oshima has been greeted as a calamity by her fans – including such choice quotes as “I poured 3 million yen into her, I can’t see for the tears now…”

The retirement is perhaps not much of a surprise as at LVL 25 she is well into what less kind idol fanciers term “BBA idol” territory.

Even so, this was not well received by some of her more dedicated fans:

“It’s a lie?! No… I poured 3 million yen into her, I can’t see for the tears now. It’s a lie, I shook her hand even, it can’t be true…”

“I went to so many of her handshaking events. She even remembered my name. Why did she betray my feelings? I spent all my wages and even my bonus for you, and you do this!? You remember me! Tell me it’s a lie! What’ll you do about my feelings!?”

The creepy fan reaction has prompted a reaction of its own:

“These guys are too creepy…”

“AKB otaku are just mentally ill aren’t they?”

“For 3 million you’d think she’d do more than just shake your hand.”

“I don’t see what the goal of these fans is really.”

“It’s like playing a social game only for them to shut down on you.”

“People like this are the reason AKB can enjoy such success without much actual popularity.”

“What is wrong with these people?”

“Tell me they are staging this…”

“Please let them be trolls.”

“Blame Akimoto. Somebody is going to get hurt at some point.”

“You should keep being her fan even if she does graduate.”

“3 million yen is what it costs to get someone to shake hands with these creepy otaku.”

“Well, I’ll buy her AV when it comes out.”

“I’ll never understand idol worship. You’ll never even get to sex her, why not try giving that to a real woman near you?”

“Spend that much and it is inevitable a return is expected. There is something quite dangerous about AKB’s marketing.”

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