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70% of US: “Dump Japan in Favor of China!”


The US seems ready to dump its useless Japanese lackeys in favour of its much more affordable and numerous new Chinese friends, if polls of the American public are anything to go by.

According to a public opinion survey of American adults undertaken by the Council on Foreign Relations and being gleefully reported by the Chinese press,  70% think that “for American interests relations with China are more important than with Japan.”

Only some 28% thought that America ought to do anything to impede China’s rise, leading many in China to think their rise is so inevitable that even foolhardy Americans dare not oppose them.

Surprisingly, many Japanese seem sympathetic:

“We knew.”

“An unexpectedly sensible set of opinions from them there.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll put up with anything demanded of us!”

“Japan is going to get stuck looking after its old farts now, it’s nothing but a drop-out nation.”

“And how many of those involved with this were Chinese Americans?”

“This is why being the pets of the whites sucks, they have no sense of gratitude.”

“Don’t bash the yanks for this, it’s our fault for being so useless! To them we are like those dirty Koreans are to us. They can’t even tell the difference anyway.”

“Because China is financing all their debt… unlike their loyal Japanese dogs, China has an ace up its sleeve.”

“We have a peaceful society yet over 30,000 of us kill ourselves every year, it’s not surprising nobody likes us.”

“The DPJ government has basically torn up every diplomatic agreement they made with the US, it’s not surprising they think we’re a basket case.”

“America needs China to buy its junk and Chinese slave factories to make its products. However, they’ll never accept China as a communist dictatorship. The worst case is that they’ll try to force a more pliable government into place in China.”

“America has already declined anyway!”

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