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Japan “Will Arrest” Japanese for Senkaku Landing


Japan has announced plans to arrest Japanese who dared to set foot on the Senkaku Islands, despite just having let go Chinese protesters who illegally entered Japanese territory in order to storm the islands themselves.

The Japan Coast Guard has announced police are investigating charging at least 9 Japanese citizens with criminal trespass after they landed on the Senkaku islands, part of Okinawa but also claimed by China as part of Taiwan, for the purpose of holding a “memorial service.”

The Japanese government currently leases the islands so as to forbid anyone going there, hence the trespass charges.

The group, including various minor politicians, had earlier joined another memorial service held at a nearby Okinawan city.

Any arrest of Japanese for trespassing on the isles would be particularly inflammatory in light of the fact the Chinese protesters who recently illegally landed on the island were not charged for either trespass or illegally entering the country, but were instead quietly packed off back to Hong Kong at the taxpayer’s expense.

In January a group of local Japanese councillors also landed on the islands without permission, although whether police will actually include them in their arrest itinerary is not clear.

The peculiarly Japanese territorial compromise currently in place on the Senkaku islands (in this case, the 3.82 km² Uotsuri-shima) sees them administratively part of Okinawa, but with the land belonging to a private owner, from whom the Japanese government is leasing them for a substantial sum for the sole purpose of forbidding its own citizens to set foot there, apparently all to avoid antagonising China.

Tokyo overlord Shintaro Ishihara has been endeavouring to overturn this status quo by buying the islands outright from their private owner, apparently with the intent of visiting or developing the islands so as to force the Japanese government to defend its claim when China inevitably protests the perverse notion of a non-Chinese island.

In China, demonstrations in support of the Chinese claim to the islands have already degenerated into riots with attacks on “Japanese” shops and property, and clashes with security forces.

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  • The entirety of Japan will be Chinese territory before long lol. It’s within 50 years it’ll happen… US is in decline, and ignorant red necks marines ain’t gonna fight to defend no nips… Hell, U.S. might sell Japan off to China to pay part of its trillion $ national debt lol…

    Japan will cease to be a nation soon, mark my words…

  • The best comment I saw about this was on a Chinese blog. Complaining that while Japan arrested the Chinese Trespassers, and thus sticking to its claims on the islands. Chinese coast guard/navy didn’t arrest the Japanese who went to the island, and thus didn’t hold their claim.

    I agree, the Japanese Govt. not standing up for its territorial integrity is laughable and appalling.

  • I really believe that China and Japan should put away their disputes over the domain issues, and develope this area together. France and German had done it, why can’t Chinese and Japanese?

    • One of the few sensible comments on Sankaku, for that I salute. I am Chinese and I hate politicians. A bunch of kids trying to save face. Working together brings much more benefits and quicker and would set precedence in the troubled South China Sea

  • You guys obviously don’t understand the concept of martyrdom very well. China obviously wants arrests because it can strong-arm its people back as heroes, which encourages more of its citizens to pull the same stunt (at their expense, not china’s) while making the Japanese government look bad at the same time.

    Catching them as fast as possible and quietly shipping them back is, by far, the best way to deal with this kind of shit.

  • Japan has neither the balls or soldiers to take on China so of course they did nothing but let go of the Chinese protestors. Oh well that is life, now the better just hope Chine one days does not decide to take it because its not like they can do anything about it.

  • The island is still private property, it only makes sense that you’d arrest anybody who goes on it. What they did was no different from some asshole going into my backyard past a closed gate. It’s trespassing.

  • It’s good that those Chinese were released without charges.

    If the Japanese have the right to arrest Chinese who “trespass” “Senkaku”, then I guess the Chinese have every right to arrest Japanese who are on “Diaoyu”.

    Of course, this is assuming that the islands don’t actually belong to either. I don’t know much about this and the few articles I read don’t seem to give a clear answer.

    I do wonder the legitimacy of Japan’s claims over this, though. Historical articles I read pretty clearly state that Dodko is Korean islet. Japan is just not acknowledging it and trying to take over. I’d expect this kind of behavior from terrorist governments of North Korea, Syria, Iran, etc. Heck, I’d even expect this from the Chinese government. But Japan?

    • The Russians invaded the South Kuril Islands at the end of WWII and let the Japanese people living there have dual citizenship at first, but eventually seized their properties and deported them. No one “gave them” the islands, they took them. While it could change someday, for all practical purposes they’re part of Russia now.

      Senkaku is messier because they never really belonged to anyone in any real sense, but the U.S. “gave” it to Japan, even though they had far less claim on it than anyone else in the region. That’s a recipe for a political disaster should the island ever become potentially significant… which is what is happening right now.

  • Was never part of Japan, get your facts straight. Either way, trespassing is trespassing, it’s against the law no matter what nationality does it. Why would they throw the Chinese in prison and risk an international incident? All the oba and oji sans living in the past and weeabos up Japan’s butt need a wake up call.

    • Notice how the media and you included pin all the blame on Japan. This event started because some Chinese went and pinned red flags on foreign soil.

      The islands are part of Okinawa, which is currently Japanese territory. Don’t argue against that because you have NO argument.

      “Their” attempts to damage Japan’s reputation through the use of seemingly innocent civilians, for “land reclamation” to the world wont really work. “They” will only convince themselves. They just end up looking violent, extremely condescending and worst of all, shameless.

  • Someone should set up a shop on the islands, that sells flags and other supplies to all those part-time “heroes” who show up there. The proceedings could then go into some kind of fund to develop and/or protect the islands. That way, all those morons could finally do something constructive and really heroic …

    • I immediately got an image of a Japanese flag stand on one side of the island and on the opposite side, a Chinese flag stand, the merchants each glaring back over their shoulders at one another occasionally.

  • I love how the U.S has reduced 2 great countries to fighting like this. Remember, there’s about 50 Virginia class($2.4b) subs floating around there. With enough nuclear fire power to bring us all back to the stone age. Search up MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)

  • Haha these Chinese make me laugh. Honestly, who gives a fuck about some island dispute? China’s civil rights are fucked and their outlook is distorted. In a nation where a man who runs over a little girl would rather leave the scene instead of call an ambulance because the hopsital bills would be too high and it would be cheaper to let her die. China is nothing more than a safer, industrialized, and more organized North Korea.

    • Is there any other things do you know about China beside human rights and what your media tells you? People like to judge and criticise before they even know the place and see the people there.

    • You make me laugh harder. By your logic, anyone can take away your backyard and claim it as theirs simply ’cause you beat your wife at home and run over some elderly person on the street with your car? Grow a fucking brain.

      • Are you clincally retarded? Do you honestly think a group of flag bearing, self righteous chinamen are going to make a difference in a land dispute? Maybe a few centuries ago, sure. What I’m saying is that their efforts are best applied elsewhere. You have the reading comprehension of an autistic fourth grader. You should work on that and maybe spend less time poorly defending your mother land.

        • Also, not to mention the fact that he’s coming up with this contra China arguments just because his beloved glorious nation of Nippon hates China. You don’t know shit about politics, you only care about loli tits. I don’t care you do that, but don’t go meddling in adult’s business will ya?

        • Look who’s talking. Who was mixing civil rights issues and moral values with sovereignty disputes? If you can’t make your points clear because you can’t think straight and have composition skills close to a kindergartner, don’t expect others to try figuring out your faulty logic.

  • Since they can’t do anything legally against the chinese trespassers they’re trying to maintain some authority by arresting japanese trespassers…

    As expected from them, another demonstration of their incompetence.

    I still don’t get all the fuss about these small islands, there’s no petrol or any valuable wealth on it.
    So in the end its just a stupid battle of pride from countries which still bear grudge from past events?
    Get over it fuckers, you’re just repeating the same mistakes.

    • Actually, the islands do have gas reserves. That’s why Japan wants them. But I honestly don’t think China cares that much about the natural gas, so much that they want the islands just because Japan does.

    • It’s not what’s on them that’s important in this case, it’s what’s in the ocean near them. Under international laws you get mining (and fishing) rights up to x amount of nautical miles from land that’s officially yours – and there’s theoretically could be a store of oil or natural gas there.

      • You’re as [un]likely to find natural gas there as off any other dinky island. And fishing in the area have already been exhausted by overfishing in the surrounding region. Fishes move… There’s nothing of material value there.

        No. This is about nationalism. The fact that this worthless dinky piece of rock wasn’t handed back to its former owner along with other Japanese overseas conquests via treaty at the end of WWII rubs Chinese nationalists the wrong way. Especially since Americans already admitted that it’s an unintentional oversight.

        Japanese nationalists think Japan has already suffered enough for WWII, and gets to keep whatever fell out of the loophole.

        • I mostly say it’s time is limited because alternative energy has been getting cheaper.
          Wind is now on par with coal and solar is getting close to a dollar a watt.
          Cellulosic ethanol can now be produced for half the present cost of gasoline and then there’s been breakthroughs in thorium reactors and fusion is getting close to break even.
          So the writing is on the wall for fossil fuels.

        • @05:47 – It’s currently believed that oil gets absorbed into the surrounding rocks, and with a big empty space left, the “excess” oil is seeping back into it over time. If that’s the case, then it puts peak oil a bit further into the future, but that doesn’t make it a myth.

          Even if that’s wrong somehow, it’s highly unlikely that the Earth produces oil fast enough to keep up with current global extraction rates. In that case, while it will insure that we will never completely run out of oil, peak oil will still happen. Because “peak” here means “the point where oil production significantly declines and we will never again be able to match the levels which were once possible” not “the point where we run out forever”.

        • zedes, peak oil is a myth. They are going back to older oil fields with OLD technologies (the ones they used when the fields were first discovered) and finding more oil in them and that they have substantially refilled. It’s only 1% per year, but it proves that the Earth somehow makes oil all the time.

  • Tilted/Sensation Sankaku reporting as usual (no surprise anyway). I guess in Sankaku-land only rocket scientist can distinguish between “arrest” and “prosecute”.

    The Chinese trespassers were arrested as soon as they stepped on the islands, FYI. They were only deported without prosecution because there is no separate criminal offence committed by them; and the immigration law provides that first offenders without any other charge are to be deported.

    If any Japanese reached the islands without legal permission then the police has every right and duty to arrest them. Not that different from the idea that you are prone to arrest and charges for trespassing the White House or any military base.

    • The problem is that reason for not allowing japanese citizens from being on what they claim to be their own territory is plain for everyone to see: Cowardice of japanese government in kowtowing to the chinese. There is not even a remotely feasible excuse.

      Think about it. Has chinese ever demanded or dared to intrude in NK? No, any chinese tresspassing are shot on sight. NK is practically dependant on chinese for survival YET they have the balls to stand up for themselves, but japanese with a sea between japan and asian continent is too afraid to stand up for themselves.

      • you idiot, NK goes ass over heels to applease PRC. They don’t just shoot Chinese trespassers.

        Also, China would love this kind of provocation, it would allow them to use the event as justification to seize Japanese holdings and businesses in China, pre-empt military action, etc.

      • It’s cowardice alright, the politically courageous (and right) thing to do would be just giving back the island to China, regardless of what ultranationalists say.

        As Americans already admitted, the fact that this particular dinky island wasn’t handed back along with other Japanese overseas conquests at the end of WWII via treaty was an oversight, nothing more. If you make a mistake, you fix it, you don’t continue the mistake.


    We snatch away their own citizen from the heart of chinese power center, but japs won’t even let their own citizen land on their own land because they are afraid of other nations.

  • This is a shock with how Japan is making such a big deal about this when they should be focusing more on some school scandals and other. IT is a shame that police are just running out of things to do. That just shows how Ishihara is simply putting a blind eye on those school and police scandals and putting more attention to those island he bought.

  • No matter how you look at it, this is a complete farce. Japan is getting pressured around the world due to the recent scandals with the schools and the police. Their just doing this to show that they have “justice” when this is just a way to make people believe that the police are doing something. Not to mention, with the low unemployment hitting the police, it is obvious that Japan’s police are focusing on useless things when there are more important things that should be taken into consideration.

  • It’s illegal to go even for Japanese citizens with out government permission.

    It’s the law and already set, some Japanese broke the law and they get arrested, what’s wrong with that?

    Why are you guys sighing over this?

    • They let the Chinese who trespassed go so any arrests of Japanese citizens could be a PR disaster.
      The best thing they can do is either let them go or give them a slap on the wrist.
      Anything more could have some rather ugly consequences and destroy a few political careers.

    • Because no matter what the japanese laws are, this has become a matter of international dignity. Japanese let those chinese trash mouth off and shipped home without imprisoning them, yet they clearly state they are considering imprisonment for their own citizens stepping in what they claim to be their own lands. The very fact they don’t allow their own citizens on their own soil solely not to offend another nation’s bitch claims about japan’s own land already shows subservience and cowardice. By prosecuting these japanese people when they did not prosecute any of the chinese intruders who were shipped home with japanese tax payer money, this has become another stain in japan’s diplomatic records.

      If anything, japan should have held those intruders and only sent them home after getting guarantee of reimbursement for the expense from the ccp government.

    • I don’t know about everybody else but I’m sighing because these islands are being blown up into a big issue. It’s become a dick waving competition that could turn into a mess because a bunch of stubborn old men want to one up each other.

      • Taiwan can’t even stand up for their own country, and now they are jumping out to claim property all of a sudden is kinda dumb.
        Taiwan’s president Ma is just sucking China’s dick and working for China anyway.

        China and Korea teaming up trying to push Japan over the edge, both taking advantage of Japan can’t protect themselves and will be at a political disadvantage if they use any sort of real military force to protect these lands in dispute.

        I sigh for Taiwan, cuz if you are gonna be greedy and claim land all of a sudden, at least claim it for yourself and not get used by China.
        And too bad for Taiwan they have to sink to shitty Chinese level of barbarian politics…

        Morals is the last line that separates Taiwan from China… As a Taiwanese American I feel sorry to see that where my ancestors come from are just filled with a bunch of greedy no back bone idiots.

        • @02:23

          And you aren’t defending the shithole of an island you were raised in? Aren’t you a brainwashed fucktard.

          Wowzers, thank you for your “enlightened” comment. As if we don’t know that every country on this planet does business with other nations for eons. But I’d love to see what happens to the island’s economy when China pulls the plug.

          We are glad we’re not like some islanders whose “parliament” is filled with retarded members that beat the shit out of each other (including women) on a regular basis when disagreements arise. We are glad we don’t have scandals like faked shooting to win an election, or a point-blanc shot in the face during an election campaign ’cause some killer “mistook” the former vice president’s son for his target. I suppose things like these only happen on an island filled with “highly educated” individuals.

          It speaks quite a bit about your intelligence when you and your bird-brained teammates can only come up with personal insults. But such is expected of brainwashed islanders.

        • @01:11
          Umm, Chen’s in jail for his illegal doings. China is still a shit hole where people without money or power have no say in politics, so the shitty Taiwanese government is still better than the Chinese government where they just take whatever they want cuz they are the government. And that’s a FACT. You are just a stupid Chinese not raised in China, only defending it cuz you are of Chinese decent. Once you go back to China you’ll know how much of a shit hole it is in terms of their shitty political structure.

          Taiwan does business with China as different countries doing business. Always has been.

          But Taiwan doesn’t want to be a same country as you cuz we don’t want to take responsibility of bunch of uneducated stinking retards.
          Sorry you associate yourself with a shit hole where people don’t care about each other and shit just blow up.
          We don’t like you cuz you are from a shit hole, stay away from Taiwan and be happy with your shit hole already, oh and go wash the shit off your body before you stink everybody up.
          Thank you, bye.

        • LOL, keep oinking, Taiwanese pig. Your government was a joke back then and is still a joke now.

          Taiwan’s economy depends heavily on China. If China wanted to screw you guys over, they’d have done so years ago, without military force.

          Yeah, and where did you see that news? On some sites or news media that serve as propaganda machines for the DPP? Or better yet, for the West? Pulling information out of your ass without solid evidence is like me saying your mom is a whore ’cause I ran across a photo of her having sex with your grandpa on the net. The fact that you think you’re somehow better off than the mainlanders ’cause you get the “exposure” to other “free” news sources while getting brainwashed by them on a daily basis just makes people who have the slightest self-awareness and intelligence cringe. XD

          Talk about morals. Chen was desperately erasing all Chinese-relevant values during his presidency. Compared to the cultural revolution which happened in the mid 1960s, I really got a crack out of what Chen did in the last few years of his rule. He probably learned the underhanded tactics after reading literature on the cultural revolution. Traditional Chinese morals my ass.

        • China is basically a fat ugly bully trying to stalk on Taiwan and doesn’t understand why Taiwan don’t like China.

          The answer is simple, nobody wants to get raped, by a dirty fat disgusting lard at that.

        • Whatever you dirty Chinese dog.
          Taiwanese is Chinese in a sense just like there are African Americans, Italian Americans, French Americans etc.

          There’s blood and culture history but they pledge their loyalty to America because they live together, and work together towards the cause of the one nation of America.

          Same thing with Taiwan. We are Taiwanese with our OWN government working for our interest. Look at what China is doing, trying to screw over Taiwan when and wherever they can. Chinese dogs have no intention of making Taiwan better. They only care about themselves. We have TWO groups of government and people that both have conflicting interest most of the time. Chinese wants to claim Taiwan just like Korea wants to claim Takeshima, both are just trying to rape the resources out of it for their own interest.

          The news is already out that the Chinese people were sent to Senkaku by the Chinese government, and the Taiwanese flag was orchestrated by Chinese government to put on a show for Taiwan. Stupid dog did you see that in your fucking Chinese news? Guess not.

          Taking about morality, you know damn well that Chinese have shit for morals compared to Taiwan, Taiwan still have TRADITIONAL Chinese thinking where China’s morals are lost during the culture revolution and centuries of being poor. New waves of rich still will not fill the empty hearts of China.

        • Taiwanese have no morals. They are experts at blowing things out of proportion and tricking others into believing the stuffs they make or sell are of higher quality. The moment you buy into their advertising scheme, you’re well on your way to sink into a spiral of shit fest. No matter how much you try to separate yourself from the Chinese, you’re no different from them, it’s in your genes.

          And BTW, Taiwan can never grow enough balls to claim these islands as theirs. They need permission from their daddy (aka USA) first to take action, and even with the permission from the US, their military strength is too weak to take on the Japanese. Inheriting malfunctioning jets from your daddy by paying a huge lump of cash each year can only get you so far, LOL.

        • FYI “Taiwan” is still called The Republic of China.

          And as long as this island calls itself “China”, they have the obligation of defending common Chinese interests and territorial integrity that goes beyond political and ethical borders.

          During the old days of Chiang Kai Shek, the only instance he didnt order his soldiers to shoot at mainland boats cruising in the south china sea, was when they attempted to take islands in the Spratleys from South Vietnam. Even CKS, the old communist-hater, rather wanted his communist enemies to claim islands for the Chinese nation, instead of letting these territories be divided upon China’s neighbors.
          Nothing much different these days. Taiwan in the end is still China – and regarding the Diaoyutai they are just defending what rightfully belongs to them.