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Cops Shoot Naked Man for Biting Off Victim’s Face


A naked man who was eating another man’s face has been gunned down by police, having refused to stop his horrific attack after being shot once.

The incident occurred when a nude man was spotted attacking another man by a Miami freeway. The woman witnessing the event hailed nearby police, who quickly intervened.


They found the man “chewing on” his victim’s face, which had “half eaten,” and warned him to stop his grisly attack. He ignored them, at which point the police officer shot him.

However, the attacker was undeterred and continued his bloody feast, prompting the officer to shoot him a further 6 times, killing him outright.


His victim was taken to hospital, alive but suffering “massive” injuries.

Police say no weapons were found at the scene and believe he used brute strength to subdue his victim; they suspect both victim and assailant were homeless, and that the attacker’s frenzy was the result of “cocaine psychosis.”

Local police have hailed the responding officer as a hero for saving the victim’s life in the midst of the attack, most of which was captured by CCTV.

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