Top 10 Tedious Anime Cliches


Anime fans have ranked what they consider to be the most hackneyed and cliched situations ever to plague virtually every anime ever made…

The ranking:

1. The wishy-washy protagonist gets all the girls

2. A new power awakens in a desperate pinch!

3. After starting out as an enemy, after many tribulations they become an ally!

4. A hitherto invincible new enemy character somehow loses to the protagonist…

5. Despite being excessively popular, for some reason the protagonist is completely insensitive

6. The useless drop-out protagonist becomes the heroic saviour of the world

7. The heroine descends from on high

8. As soon as a girl is accidentally pushed over, someone will burst in and leap to conclusions

9. The girls and boys whose beauty is revealed only when they take off their glasses…

10. The rival who is both sporty and clever

A ranking which could probably be summed up as “harem anime”…

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  • we require more vespene gas!

    ok though seriously, yes, fuck, all of that are getting annoying
    anything and everything that trolls anything from 1-10 gets an instant legendary status on my books, that says something, and theres like only ONE fucking anime made in the last fifteen years that’s on my legendary status (modoka’s just an evangelion)

  • XX> Any female character, related even remotely to the main character in any way, who shows competency is fighting will:

    1) Fall for the hero like a ton of bricks when he delivers HER ONE AND ONLY DEFEAT IN HER LIFE.
    2) will harbor a secret crush on the protagonist, often shown as extreme Tsuntsun in front of people, and obscene deredere if they’re alone.
    3) will somehow lose all her fighting capacity and become a passive clinger to the hero who needs to resolve her mini-plot instead.
    4) will be kidnapped and brainwashed into being a loyal henchmen of the villain and serve as the foil for the hero/main love interest.
    5) Collery of #4, when she manages to finally break the mind control she will selflessly sacrifice herself to protect the hero from the Bigbad’s ultimate “you can not survive this, which the hero always does anyway” attack. Then as she lay dying clutched in his arms, she will tearfully express her love for him by agonizingly recount her backstory that relates to her and the hero. She’ll then heartbreakingly die, either by trying to reach up and stroke his cheek, or just a second after he gives her her first kiss.

  • XD looking at To Aru Majutsu no Index does have lots of these cliches:
    #1 yes he’s pretty much wishy-washy in relationship but he always determined to protect and fight.
    #2 so far his power haven’t changed yet (actually only one of the enemy realized he has secondary support abilities but it’s not new).
    #3 is Accelerator.
    #4 Accelerator VS Touma.
    #5 no explanation needed.
    #6 he’s nearly drop out, but not yet XD.
    #7 yeah and she landed on his porch too XD.
    #8 pretty much in a lot of scene lol.
    #9 nggg~ this one doesnt exist in Index.
    #10 is Misaka can be counted as his Rival?

    But U have too admit this series is interesting. interesting

  • Ha, these cliches are nothing to Rance from the Rance game series. Wishy-washy? Insensitive? Completely the opposite, Rance (perversely) pursues the girls, claiming their heart (and chastity) in the process, that’s why he has a well deserved harem army(many girls still hates him though). Deus ex machina? No, Rance defeats demon kings only by being crazy awesome along with his harem. He should be what other harem heroes aspire to be.

  • 21. The one character (usually a kid) who is actually a sadistic demonspawn with the face of an angel who fools everyone but the protagonist, who nobody believes when he says the kid is evil because hey, they’d rather trust the weird new kid that showed up out of nowhere rather than their best friend/leader/whatever the hell he is to them.

  • 1. The wishy-washy protagonist gets all the girls

    (most annoying)

    2. A new power awakens in a desperate pinch!
    (Love this one when done right, so I have no issue with this)
    3. After starting out as an enemy, after many tribulations they become an ally!

    (fighting anime thing that isnt bad, usually make for a great show.)

    4. A hitherto invincible new enemy character somehow loses to the protagonist…

    (dont ever run into this one)

    5. Despite being excessively popular, for some reason the protagonist is completely insensitive

    (This make sense to me. Any A-hole will be popular to girls vs a nice guy. there are a ton of stupid girls out there that like being treated badly.)

    6. The useless drop-out protagonist becomes the heroic saviour of the world

    7. The heroine descends from on high

    (lame old school cliche that can NEVER happen, they loved these in the 80s-90s)

    8. As soon as a girl is accidentally pushed over, someone will burst in and leap to conclusions

    (I dont get this one. Is it only in JPN that everyone has no balance, falls easy and always lands in sexual poses on the opposite sex?! This one ALWAYS annoyed me, cause this doesnt happen in real life and someone always comes in and reacts before asking what’s going on and it’s clear you know or both involved dont and a person it doesnt concern gets involved)

    9. The girls and boys whose beauty is revealed only when they take off their glasses…

    (Does anyone still do this? I havent seen it since the 80s or 90s minus 1 show.)

    10. The rival who is both sporty and clever
    (COde Geass? or does this happen often enough for a mention. Never run into this – that one show)

  • *sigh,

    With the danger of sounding homosexual, I usually avoid anime and manga that contain three or more hyper-sexualized “heroines” that:

    -Have tits equal or larger than an average-sized head.
    -are stuck in per-pubesence.
    -is a sister that may or may not be related to the “hero”.
    -is a Childhood friend, female of course.
    -throw themselves at a god-damn loser for whatever reason. (If you need his sperm for whatever reason, do it the “donors”-way).
    -Act too “cutesy”.

    This is probably the reason why I completely by-passed Sekirei, Kanokon, Maids VS. Butlers, Seikon no Qwaser, To-Love-RU and most recently Mayo Chiki.

    I’m already pretty dumb, so I don’t need any more brain-rotting by watching those.

    • Tsunderes are fine… but the massive breasts just end up making me into a lolicon -__-, how that happened i dont know… child hood friends should stay as child hood friends, and not become lovers, because that’s how the real world works. Guys irl have female friends that arent love interests, period.

      oh and sekirei sucked ballz, no plot lol, and same with qwaser, Ru started getting a little… plotsy, but hell, I must have a lot of free time on my hands. I might aswell learn to draw and create my own manga one day, should be quite a bang if I could gather up enough intel

  • 1. musicians get tons of pussy, same concept.
    2. ever do really good in crunch time? actual battle experience is about 1 day of training for every minute of fight. its a plot device when crappilly done, and a great device when done properly.
    3. its common for adolescents to become friends even if they are bitter rivals (description fits better then enemies in most cases)
    5. ever have people hound you all day, it pisses you off regardless,
    6. and someone who goes through school ignoring all thats inconvienet will grow into the bitch of the company has all his wildest dreams come true? the drop out being a hero is more likely.
    7. i like the fall

  • 20.the rival is usally the most bad ass character in the show and also has a back story thats bad and also usally if he starts out good but then turns evil
    21.protagonist has some secert power that he doesnt know about but every one else does
    22.rival usally emo
    23. hero wants to prove everyone wrong and decides to become the best what ever they are ever

  • I was hoping I wasn’t the only one thinking Baka 2. The show can be funny, but I definitely liked season 1 better. The tsundere and abuse is way too much and getting highly retarded.

    Also getting tired of shows with a huge cast but yet little focus gets put on anyone else aside from the main hero and villain. Double if everyone starts out with an equal power footing or rather uneven, since the hero tends to be the rookie/slacker/clown and within a few eps, he can kick the veterans’ asses who several years his superior, thus making them all cannon fodder for later eps.

    I never did get how a person can gain enough power in a few week or months’ time and kill and ancient “invincible” evil who’s been terrorizing shit endlessly and then he’s dead.

    Regarding the new power awakening in a pinch or learning a new technique. They’re always told no one else can learn it or it wreaks terrible havok on their body. They always end up fine until oh noes! plot device! or it doesnt have any effect because they become immune

  • What I’m sick of seeing is the “living plot device” usually a female character, who is the holy child. Everyone wants her. She has the potential to save/change/destroy the world, but doesn’t do anything but cry and be protected, until the finale, where she saves the world with no effort. Lookin’ at you Madoka.

  • When in battle, the villains will surely be all nice by yelling their attack names and explaining them in details, giving hints on their weaknesses, allowing the protagonist to come up with intelligent deduction for ‘super-effective’ counters.

    And while explaining, the plot armor will not allow the villain to be killed until he finished, or the protagonist just simply to forgot to stab the villain in their throats while they are busy explaining.

    If the villain is killed before he even finish explaining, then he is nothing more than just a fodder.

  • cliche number 1 actually is possible because of being indecisive he is actually a very considerate person and doesnt want to hurt them.
    2. a pinch can bring out the best in some people, though the dire severity of the situation might not be explained as well.
    3.I think that is best described in DBZ with Goku and Vegeta. Its also been done mostly in rpg games like Dragon Quest 4 and Chrono Trigger.
    4.That is usually to explain the impact of the person’s potential. And the invincible guy loses because he gets arrogant too.
    5.Not sure what to reference that from, though I think that is more suited to a high school antagonist.
    6.That, heroes come from unexpected places.
    7.Hmmm, I got nothing
    8.That one is done to death for sure, that should have been the number 1 cliche.
    9.That is a cliche but also true to life in a sense, I’ve seen it thousands of times, its actually because of manga I am more aware of the inner potential in women too
    10.Writer’s convenience.

  • I need to tell/do something super duper important! It’s something so easy that it requires just ten seconds, even if I waste twenty seconds saying this! It’ll save lifes! It’s… -random tragic event happens-

    I always find funny that in shounen manga/anime, important things always are announced, planned, and delayed, and finally, blocked. Arent those supposed to be man/woman of action?

  • Crying out loud their moves’ names during fights.

    Maid cafe in every cultural festival. Oh wait, there’s always cultural festival in every slice-of-life anime.

    Nose bleed everytime a guy sees a girl’s boobs/cleavage.

    Antagonists not finishing the protagonists off when they have the chance. They always talk and talk till someone comes to their rescue. Or letting them go and tell them to come back when they’re stronger (this usually happens in episode 1).

    Guy protagonist magically listens to the heroine like a slave no matter how rude/tsundere she is.

    • rspect to the maid cafe is an institution, if not akihabara isn’t plaged with the buch of maid coffes here

      and the nose bleed is less insulting than a jizz…. imagine every asshole in every harem jizzin his pants….

      • that could be used as a hilarious joke though, so that doesn’t count, but the cultural fest definitely counts as an over used cliche that needs an starcraft style upgrade. some one should seriously tell those retards over in japan that not every slice of life anime needs to be exactly the same and use the same god dam power point presentation template

  • Frickin’ finally, a ranking that not only doesn’t have K-ON! on it somewhere, but can’t! And I was still half-expecting to see it somewhere.

    And yeah, after having to live through it in school, 5 is absolutely insufferable.

  • The extremely powerful badguy decides to spare the protagonists because “there’s absolutely no possibility of them defeating me in the future”

    Harems before: semi perverted dude trying to act normal around normal chicks, does what is possible on his level.

    Harems now: only normal dude surrounded my harem of crazy overpowered chicks, who gets into fights that should be too much for him to handle, and is saved by the plot.

    portaginists everywhere

  • If you guys want something new in shonen then read/watch Saint Seiye: The Lost Canvas. The protagonist doesn’t always win and good guys often die. And they REALLY die when they are killed…

  • 2. A new power awakens in a desperate pinch!

    I feel like they do that a lot even in situations that aren’t desperate where a character will just suddenly use a new technique/move and you are like when the hell did they have a chance to learn that?

  • What I personally get irritated with in shounen shows are the ‘power levels’ and their inconsistencies. One episode the protagonist would punch something hard enough to send it flying for a quarter mile. In the next arc, he degrades to hitting like a normal person.

  • My top ten:

    1. Amnesia
    2. Amnesia
    3. Amnesia
    4. Amnesia
    5. Amnesia
    6. Amnesia
    7. Amnesia
    8. Amnesia
    9. Amnesia
    10. Amnesia

    Yet it seems as though nobody else even notices this ridiculous and cheap plot device… Come on people, doesn’t it get a little tiresome when nearly every anime protagonist for the past seven or eight years has forgotten their entire life prior to the age of sixteen, usually due to the trauma caused by their pet goldfish dying, especially when this is the only thing keeping the entire plot from being resolved halfway through the first episode?

  • The rest of the list gets hilariously specific:

    #12- It takes until 0.1 second left for bomb-defuse.
    #14- Fall into a coma, eventually die.
    #16- Hides a murder weapon in her cooking/food.
    #22- Hero finds a secret weapon by chance.
    #25- Extremely fast plot progression at the very last saved for the dying hero.
    #29- Sits next to the transfer student.
    #31- Girl goes “Kyaa~” when hero finds her nude in a shower.
    #34- Somehow a character comes back to life through various means.

  • so i never liked #1 and #2 at all XD
    but yeah this list is pretty truthful…
    however they could have one like…
    “after the protagonist finally defeats the most powerful evil force there is, a new somehow even more powerful evil appears” XD
    well that one is in stuff I’ve seen anyways >_>

  • loli in a box says:

    “Shonen anime” would sum up this list better.

    Well, and the problem with the useless protagonist getting all the girls is that while it’s very cliched, (buying) people would be disappointed if it wasn’t like that.

    Just imagine Infinite Stratos without Ichika-gland for example.

    • rep to

      “Well, and the problem with the useless protagonist getting all the girls is that while it’s very cliched, (buying) people would be disappointed if it wasn’t like that.”

      but then again if you realize just how alone you are and it gets worst for each time you see this… you can only hate how the creator fills his missing pieces with fiction… like no matter how nice you are, girls will always group too laugh at you! clubs are not for you and your social interactions gets worst cause your always awkward from being alone…making you infinitely more awkward… you know if he does get the girls… do you end up thinking falsely that you actually have a chance… personal experience: if i talked to girls and they did not insult me they lost there friends which was 80% of ordinary people… so i stood out of there way… it’s not like i merit one from doing that…

      i guess what im saying is are they trying to give us or take it from us that rare hope?

    • If Houki took an serious interest in about 4 other guys before Ichika and Ichi actually became a good fighter and had some uncommon character development then the anime/novel/manga would be at least a little better.

  • I already got so tired of the shonen action cliches that I stopped watching that genre entirely (guess that means I’m growing up?) I’ll still watch a harem show, but I pretty much watch harem shows because the alternative is either melodramatic stuff or shonen action.

    I do get tired of these wishy washy dense protagonists, though, and I know it’s an inevitability with harems. I much prefer a show that has an actual romantic arc and a definite couple getting together at the end like Toradora, since you don’t see as many as these cliches and the main character tends not to be quite such a dense moron.

  • I guess everything in an Anime could be a cliche if one thinks that 3D can never be as good as 2D.

    I’m actually alright with everything listed, maybe the people who voted on these are just jealous of how the protagonist have lots of girls and could get away with almost everything.

  • “A ranking which could probably be summed up as “harem anime”…”

    I wouldn’t say just Harem Anime. This list is mostly a mix of Harem and Action tropes. Sure #1 is a hallmark of Harem works, but it would be hard to imagine a Shounen Action story without #’s 2-4 appearing at least once. And besides maybe #8, everything from #5 down appears in multiple genres of Anime and Manga.

    In other words, saying just “Harem Anime” is over simplifying.

    • =/ a ranking that can be summed up as “anything that was once successful and a stroke of genius the first time it was used in a plot”
      … …
      how are cliches formed? because when something works, PPL OVERABUSE IT LIKE ****!

      • I never said that I dislike these tropes, I’m just saying that classifying them as strictly harem tropes is too narrow a classification is all.

        But as for how I feel about these actual tropes, I do agree with you Shippoyasha in that I do not have an explicit problem with any of these tropes. As TV Tropes would say, Tropes Are Tools and Tropes Are Not Bad. It all depends on how you use that tool.

        And as I have said before in previous articles, my major motivation for watching Anime is entertainment first and foremost. Everything else to me is just a perk. I don’t care if these or any other widely used tropes are in the Anime I watch, if it still manages to be entertaining, that is all that matters to me.

    • Assuming a story cannot be good without containing some of these elements is oversimplifying it too.

      Shit like protag suddenly gaining new power on the verge of defeat can make a good plot line when used sparingly and cleverly. There have been millions of stories written in the fiction scene that it’s near impossible to come up with something fresh.

      Of course, some offenders are just literary shit, like Bleach. Even Dragon Ball starting from Z onwards is shit, and I noticed this since Freza saga.

  • Kinny Riddle says:

    Pardon for the off-topicness, as I have a question concerning the title picture.

    I can identify Index, Biribiri, her clone sister, Himegami, and Itsuwa, but who’s that girl with the headband in front of Touma?

    • Lessar. Another girl who was an enemy but Touma ended up saving the life of.

      The difference is that instead of the usual “he saved my life and I wuv him”, Lessar’s thoughts are a little more practical.

      “He’s strong, and so Britain will be stonger if he joins us. But how to make him convert to our side? I know. I’ll fuck him. For Queen and country!”

  • 7. The heroine descends from on high. I’m still trying to get and what anime I saw it from.

    3. After starting out as an enemy, after many tribulations they become an ally! Sound like Linebarrels.

    10. The rival who is both sporty and clever. Izaya Orihara. (Durarara)

  • Finally, a ranking that is actually interesting.

    My fav:

    * When an enemy appears, they have to introduce themselves in great detail and during the battle, they have to explain how tragic events have led them to fight, following which, the hero explains the errors of their ways which helps the enemy come to a new relization. What makes things worse is the hero instilling wisdom is a 16 year old!

      • In Fate/Stay Night, Shirou already had all his trump cards but they only appeared when the situation was most dire.

        And even then, he mostly “lost” the first encounter with any enemy servant. He makes his counter offensive knowing the enemies limits after their first encounter and uses loop holes in the enemies strategies to beat them.

        It evades the stereotypes above because he is already aware of his magical capabilities, but his abilities themselves are above his body’s level. Also, in Fate, most enemy’s back stories are already known, but their motives are what’s hidden. You can finish Fate/Stay Night and many questions of “Why did you do this?” still remain. The motives are revealed outside of battle, or sadly in random flashbacks.

  • what, no one nominated:

    “I’LL HAVE TO USE………….’THAT’!”
    “WHAT? NOT …. ‘THAT!””

    and then we dont find out what ‘that’ is for like 10 more minutes.

    • Jeice: Well, cap’n, if you’re getting stressed, you could always… you know…
      Ginyu: Jeice! This is hardly the time or the place. Besides, I did it in the pod on the way here.
      Jeice: …I meant switch bodies sir..

    • Worst of all is when “THAT” is in the process of being done the replier (The “WHAT? NOT…. ‘THAT!”” person) starts to explain a 40 second long description while the “THAT” is doing whatever it does in the background.
      The sense of time and mood ruined in one move.

      • @Anon 23:57 19/08/2011 :

        “It’s also a quirk of the japanese language…” True, but irrelevant, because an implied subject works only if both people already know what’s being talked about.

        This works:
        [Two guys are sitting in a restaurant, waiting for their food to arrive, when a sexy-looking woman walks by their table].

        “Damn, I’ll have me some of THAT!”

        This doesn’t work:
        [Hero and Best Buddy are in battle, getting the crap kicked out of them by the alien invaders]

        Hero: “I’m sorry, I can’t take any more… I’ll have to use … THAT!”

        Best Buddy: “Not … THAT!”

        Hero: “Yes… THAT … the Lederhosen of Death!!”

        Best Buddy: “The Lederhosen of Death?!! Wait, I thought you were gonna use the Power of Love!”

        Hero: “The Power of Love?! Are you kidding me?! There’s no way the Power of Love will stop those incoming missiles. I have to use the Lederhosen of Death!”

        Best Buddy: “WTF are the Lederhosen of Death? I’ve never heard of those before. What are they? Wait… please… DON’T tell me, I don’t want to know, and I don’t want to see. I’ll just hide behind that asteroid over there, and you can use the Lederhosen of Death, and then tell me when it’s all over.”

        In short, THAT is a crappy plot device used by lazy writers to create (false) drama.

        My pet-peeve-trope: analagous to the enemy commander sending out his enemy forces in gradually-increasing strength, instead of sending everything he’s got, The Hero doesn’t use his Super Weapon/Power/Move until he’s nearly dead. (Or, until AFTER he is dead, and then somehow comes back to life.)

  • “9. The girls and boys whose beauty is revealed only when they take off their glasses…”


    isn’t this a live-action cliche which doesn’t really apply to 2D?
    I always had the impression that glasses are more adequately placed in the same category as striped panties…

      • In 2D unequipping the item will not only increase but also decrease stats.

        The character changes, but it doesn’t necessarily change the attractiveness to the viewer.
        As meganekko is an archetype as much as the changed character.

        Whereas the moe appeal of a live action meganekko in a western TV show will simply be regarded as unattractive.

  • 11. Whenever there’s a sad moment, it’ll start to rain. (The character runs desperately, only to trip and fall.)

    12. Whenever there happens to be a (semi)naked girl accident, the guy gets his butt kicked (even if it’s the girl’s fault).

    13. Unnecessary beach trip (in the middle of crisis).

    14. A girl groping other girls’ breasts in a changing room/bath/…

    Not that I hate them but sometimes it gets annoying. Especially in a bad show.

    • sounds like all anime these days…
      i can understand, and enjoy bath occasional bath scenes
      even boys walking in on girls in bath seems ok, but both the girl AND the boy needs to stop freaking out so much, THERES STEAM EVERYWHERE WHEN YOU BATHE ANYWAYS!
      rain is fine tbhimo, but should be used in a complete opposite way from time to time

      fan service, and lonely otaku service (in the event where the main character is the split image of a worst case scenario guy in real life with a dream to become successful one day) are fine. but just NOT the way those retarded directors have been trying to spoon feed us lately. YES I do want to see Rei naked, NO i don’t want her to be on a beach for no reason! Yes i want an emotional break up, NO it doesn’t have to involve some sort of rain! YES i want to see some one man the fuck up! NO it doesnt need to be the same fricking guy every anime! YES i want a fucking badass antagonist type guy, NO he doesn’t even have to be the bad guy! YES! i want to see people gaining new powers! NO THEY DONT NEED TO EXPLAIN IT IN DETAILS!

      as quote hellsing abridged; Allucard:”fuck you, thats’ how”


      FUCK, more directors needs to be educated in the epic shits, and not base their bad guys off of the storm troopers from starwars. Get them started on hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy, that should fucking teach them a thing or two about the entertainment industry! THAT WAY ANIME CAN ACTUALLY MAKE IT BIG AND STOP BEING SOMETHING THAT ONLY LONLY OTAKUS WHO ARE OBVIOUSLY LOLICONS IN DENIAL WATCHES!

      oh and, all the gundams that came out in the past ten years except unicorn (even that was tainted…) sucked shit, and that’s because they decided to give the protagonists a dark and dangerous past…

      so heres my number infinity: the protagonist of a mecha or action show will have a terrible, terrible past, where their entire character’s based on.

      I want my ‘ screw the past I have a whole life ahead of me ‘ guy, right now.

    • the villain explain his evil plan to the heroes only to get owned at the end and the heroes put the villain’s plan at the last minute thanks to the information they received beforehand from the villain himself.

      how i wish every villain could be like Ozymandias
      “I’m not a Republic serial villain. Do you think I’d be explaining my masterstroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting the outcome? I did it thirty-five minutes ago”

      • “Rain is symbolism. It’s good if used well.”

        Agreed, but Japanese media has overused this specific trope to the point where it has become one of the most painfully obvious cliches. Shame, really.

        • they allways have some hidden biome more cliche
          than the map in mincraft… like in trigun in the space parts they had fake outdoors… if it was gintama you probably would see urinals flush to space only to see the stupid prince who flushed your moment…or simply some one having a touchy moment with rain will have it cut when they realize some one is peeing… how can gintama end at 200 and one piece and detective connan are 500+? the gintama setup is infinite possibilities and yet a show about a hidden box or a shrunk kid gets more…

        • by default most of the time someone tries to use symbolism, it becomes a cliche because whenever someone gets a real stroke of genius, and executes one brilliant example of symbolism, or anything for that matter, in media, it gets copied into millions of replicas which never have as strong of an impression as the original… a prime example would be superman when it first came out, the simile “as strong as a speeding bullet” was considered to be one of the best uses of poetic devices ever, but now, no one cares cause it’s been used and overused…
          remember ep10 on madoka? that turned out great, of course, after stein’s gate ep 13, it would seem that yet another cliche will be born after a year or so… again…

        • By default I think symbolism means cliche if you think about it. It’s not a symbol if everyone doesn’t recognize it as a symbol. A symbol will be a ‘cliche’ every time if you’re doing it right, but just like Iron Man, you can have a well-executed cliche. Much of the Iron Man movie was cliche, but the movie was phenomenally executed and didn’t feel like it (unless you were looking for it).

    • 15. The evil master sends his servants conveniently at the heroes one by one in order from least powerful to most difficult to let the characters level up effectively.

      Why they don’t just send EVERYTHING and EVERYONE at them all at once is apparently due to the fact that it is against RPG regulations.

    • Hi, my tought on your points ;}

      11-agreed, but i like it.

      12-hate it, tsunderes who punch others even when its their fault, its crap.

      13-IF girls are cute/beautiful AND a harem anime its a must.

      14-not hate,but yes, unnecesary, interesting girls-only conversation its enough for a bathscene.

      • seconded on #12. It especially sickens me that these psychopathic bitches have to be so damn popular (which is probably why the cliche is in place to begin with; is Akihabara full of fucking masochists or something?). I’d probably be okay with it if they were actually well-written enough to maybe justify their usage of domestic violence and the fact that they’re somehow capable of getting away with it, but the majority of the time, that’s not the case.

        • Love Hina doesn’t count. It’s better than 99.99% of all the generic copy cat shit harem anime’s of the late 2000’s and early 2010’s.

          Love Hina is an example of Harem when it was actually good.

          Just as with Tenchi.

        • Honestly, that too is exaggeration. Agreed, it’s no less annoying, but it’s based on Disney/Warner Bros.-esque influence from way back. The exaggerated punch into the sky thing for example is meant to be an expressive action, it’s just a tad overused if you want tons of anime. I don’t watch as much, and so many things don’t annoy me that annoy others.

          One example is Love Hina. It was amusing at first when she sent Keitaro flying, but then it pisses you off over time, just enough that future events feel that much better when they happen BECAUSE it pissed you off, so it ended up being a useful story element. And one thing that I found amusing since I read the manga recently is that it didn’t piss me off in the manga, because they turned it into a great running gag that the characters all recognized and commented on in terms of Keitaro being an immortal, which I found hilarious, while in the anime, it wasn’t given fun attention. I think it was because Keitaro didn’t seem as pathetic in the manga when I read him, even if he was worried, he wasn’t doing overacted groaning like he did in the anime in my head. But then again, that was later in the manga beyond the place the anime went.

  • I don’t think number 9 is actually a cliche or even something that happens in anime. Girls with glasses is a common fetish and a lot of the beautiful characters are designed with glasses.

  • Starts off low tech melee combat, ends up being futuristic high tech weapons that can destroy cities.

    Seemingly epic battle where the main character is getting the snot beaten out of them for agesssss, then he lands one blow on the enemy and wins.

  • I guess the only part that annoyed everyone is how the protagonist got all the girls.

    I have met people who are jealous of even anime characters having more than one girl rubbing on him, because in reality, no one can have girls surrounding you galloping up and down on your thigh unless you’re rich and handsome and that is not what most of us are, which makes reality a bitch.

    I find it annoying once about how the idiot in the picture got so many saucy girls, I mean even God isn’t married, so why do he get so much virgins?!

      • So you got two out of ten and those two can still be debated.

        Number 1 – How is it that a diferent use of their own abilities originated of despair and inspiration of battle can be-considered a new power. It’s not like gain gain something new.

        Number 4 – In One Piece it doesn’t matter how invincible a character is. With the right conditions it can be beaten. Zoro loses to Rust-man. Rust-man loses to Sogeking which is a weak character.

        Does One Piece belongs to this char? I will still say no.

        • Gear Second was learned by observing and incorporing CP9 tech with is rubber body.
          Zoro is actually always training in the boat (weight lifting, sword playing and thinking in better techniques). The movement did came out in the middle of the battle… The Diable Jambe of Sanji, well, that one is a head scratcher I admit it. But still I can say inspiration and or despair can justify this.

          Still, I don’t think that three/four moves in a serie with more than 650 chapters would be considered as relevant to put this manga in this char.

    • 2 more for the list.

      “Oh my god, you’ve been hit by three rain drops! Quick, into the tub before…”

      Too late, pneumonia has set in.


      Two episodes of fighting the main villain / baddy robot / alien fleet / whatever and THEN they decide to pull out the super uber planet destroying mega weapon of ultimate doom.