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Ore no Imouto Fan Fury


The latest developments in the 8th volume of Ore no Imouto have had a devastating impact on some fans, with some so furious as to tear apart their copy of the novel in disgust and anger.

The development is of particular concern to Kuroneko fans – it would appear the latest volume sees Kuroneko dumped and written out of the story, leaving the Kirino route open to further development.

One of the offending pages:


Some of the creepy fan chatter:

ore-no-imouto-8-3“Having Kuroneko break up, and even having her move away… it’s unforgivable! I hope the author dies. Don’t have someone date only to break them up! I’ll never buy anything from Dengeki again.”

“One of the tearers is here!”

“They’ve come!”

“Kuroneko-tards are scary stuff.”

“It must be a Photoshop!”

“It’s finished now!”

“Not the imouto route – at least make it Ayase.”

“What was the point of pairing Kuroneko up in the first place?”

“I want to believe this is all just trolling.”

“Still breathing, Kuroneko-tards?”

“Anyone could tell there was a 90% chance of a breakup.”

“At least sell your book at a bookshop and reduce the sacrifice of new buyers.”

“This reaction is probably intended… make the Kuroneko fans angry and have them make a ruckus to publicise the book and draw in more fresh Kirino fans.”

“I’ve only watched the anime – someone tell me what the hell is going on?”

“Volume 7: Kyosuke confesses his love to Kuroneko and they start dating. Volume 8: They break up.”

“Who cares!”

“A guy who’d flirt with his little sister is pretty damn creepy in any case.”

“Way too creepy. If a commoner read this they’d go crazy.”

“What do you people expect from a light novel protagonist?”

“Last volume they lost the Kirino fans, this volume they lost the Kuroneko fans. Who profits?”

“There are still 7 other girls left so calm down!”

“Who the hell likes this development? Except the author?”

“Kuroneko haters and trolls.”


However, Kuroneko is getting her own manga and so doesn’t appear to have any further need of Kyosuke and company now anyway…

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