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Aya Hirano: “I’m a Seiyuu, Idol, Actress, Artist!”


Aya Hirano’s latest outburst sees her react in positively explosive fashion when baited by one of her ex-lifeliners on Twitter.

In response to some trolling by one of her weird anti-followers who objects to her not identifying solely as either seiyuu or idol:

Isn’t it incredibly rude to say other seiyuu just suppress their personalities and devote themselves to their otaku fans?

I don’t care if you hate me, but when you say this kind of stuff it pisses me off more than if you had just said it about me.

Just how do you think about other people like this?


Listening to you has become ridiculous.

I’m a seiyuu. I’m an idol. I’m an actress. I’m an artist. Don’t push your views of the industry and of romance onto me!

You can say whatever you like to me or the public now – be grateful the world has become so convenient.

Hirano now appears intent on maintaining her celebrity not by fawning over creepy otaku as with lesser seiyuu, but by periodically flaming them on Twitter, in what looks increasingly like masterfully executed self-publicism cunningly disguised as mental instability.

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