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Touhou Project Bans Ero-Doujinshi, Sales to Foreigners


The latest guidelines on what the Touhou Project “officially” considers acceptable includes a ban on the creation of ero-doujinshi, anime, sexy dakimakura, works which are “inappropriate” and even an explicit admonition not to sell Touhou products to foreigners.

The new guidelines, which in summary “restrict” creation of works featuring highly sexual content and provide even more draconian limitations on how Touhou-related works can be distributed and sold – no doubt with an eye to preventing any more Touhou anime, killing off any non danmaku games and stopping foreign barbarians from getting anything else banned:

These are the 2011 revisions to the Touhou Project guidelines.


Additionally, we will basically not permit the commercial circulation of doujin works.


Permission must be sought for the commercial sale of Touhou-related goods.


Also, please refrain from producing any commercial goods of a sexual nature (erotic dakimakura, etc.).

Restrictions on derivative works.

Please ensure you restrain yourself from producing any of the following:

Any work mainly constituting animation and produced on a non-volunteer basis, excluding 3D animation.

Selling Xbox 360 indie games.

Selling anything by way of AppStore or Android Marketplace (companies please enquire).

Anything not distributed in the same manner as the original works (general doujin sales channels [i.e. Reitaisai and Akihabara doujin shops]) – for example, selling downloads aimed at overseas buyers.

Anything else which is overly sexual, defamatory towards people, groups or races, or would generally be considered as socially unacceptable.

With this, the rather bizarre copyright situation surrounding Touhou seems to have become even more murky.

Despite the vast majority of the creative work in the Touhou universe being produced independently of the original creators, they nonetheless still try to control derivative works whilst desperately trying to prevent “commercialisation” for reasons nobody seems to understand.

Simultaneously, they attempt to squeeze royalties out of creators for the use of characters whose popularity is almost entirely based on derivative works – ethically and legally speaking, somewhat precarious behaviour at best.

Now it seems they are intent on taking a leaf out of Ishihara’s book by banning material not to their tastes, whilst clamping down on any games or anime which look likely to eclipse the (rather limited) popularity of the original games, attitudes unlikely to endear them to the wider Touhou community to say the least.

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  • Well this is ZUN we’re speaking of here. It’s just that he doesn’t want to see this thing get into the comercial spotlight. So with that in mind the H-doujins are safe still. It’s just that things in the comercial limelight has to go though him first.

    Besides he sees himself as an artist and not a businessman here. So he is trying to keep his work under control the best he can.

    Also, the online sites he’s talking about is mostly the things that are posted on either DLsite or Steam that can be consdiered harmful to his creations. That’s what he’s worrying over.

    Finally, he’s even trying to ensure that his stuff doesn’t leave the PC realm it seems with why he’s against the distrobution on XBox Live, PSN, and on iWhatevers. Overall he still wants this to stay in the doujin realm and not get comercial at all. At least that’s what put it with this item.

    So in the end he’s just covering his work to make sure that it doesn’t cause a horrible incident in a sense.

  • Angry Birds > Touhou

    Just face it, the guy already ammassed more money then Touhou in like under 1year…

    And he didn’t even have to make more then 10 characters as detailed as Touhou.

    That alone makes me sad, and I have yet seen any Perverted pictures of Angry Birds anywhere…

    I.E. Better for Gamers at all Ages.

  • Wow, Sankaku doesn’t look into backstories all to well do they? Theres a simple reason why ZUN doesn’t want things commercialized. He orgionally pitched Touhou at a company that laughed at him and said it would never take off. He started it as a personal project in Collage, and look at where its ended up. Thats why he wants to keep it as free as possible. Now on the note of sexual works, do you not think that some people don’t like to see there creations turned into… that?
    Also, seeing as Touhou is pretty much entirely driven by the fanbase, there is no way to stop them? What is he going to do? Sue a fan for not stopping a fan project that was started years and years ago when he basically gave the universe to the internet and said “Do what you will.”?

  • Christ, there’s already been been about several hundred metric fuckton-shitloads of Touhou doujins, fan-works and parodies. Enough to last me a century. I don’t think I’ll be mourning the loss of the saucier ones that much.

  • “Anything else which is … defamatory towards people, groups or races, or would generally be considered as socially unacceptable.” So… no overseas sales to dirty foreigners…

    Pffft…. yet another group of socially inept japanese hypocrites. Time for me to go back and leave another upper decker in the Akiba station bathroom…

  • From ZUN’s twitter (and taken, with translation, from

    ZUN has added some updates to questions on his Twitter account (posted here in chronological order).

    “[Don’t make] Excessive sexual depictions” basically means don’t run afoul of the law. Naturally, I’d like all creators to respect the laws of Japan.

    I’ve never before authorized commercial porn before, and I’ve never really been that bothered by the contents of any doujin I’ve seen, so don’t worry. I just had to make the stipulation.

    I’ve been asked this question a lot, but I’ve never been officially involved in an anime production before! And I’m not planning on it! Not like I have the time.

    So, reports of the death of Touhou erodoujin are greatly exaggerated.

    • Why would he need to tell people not to break the law? He even says he has never seen anyone do so. Why doesn’t he simply write “don’t publish illegal material”?

      I’m not convinced these “clarifications” are actually honest representations of his motivations in making those stipulations, particularly where the anime stuff is concerned.

  • You know, ZUN really can’t do anything if someone makes some kind of overtly offensive doujin media. Unless he means to take it to court, then he could end up toppling all of doujin culture and open the floodgates of hell.

    We wouldn’t want that, now would we?

  • If I were the shadowy figurehead who makes these decisions, instead of stymieing the fangames I’d take the good ones under my wing and set up shop in the US to make them and the source material legally available.

  • …Who is “they?” I thought Touhou project was owned and produced by ZUN and only ZUN, and, for the most part, his golden rule was “Don’t Commercialize the fan-projects.”

    Uuless we’re talking about the official Doujin works, and if he had to give up some of the rightd, at which pont, he should probably stop making official Manga through Official means, and only ask other Doujin circles for help (like with Tasofro).

    Not that this will stop them from kaing stuff, mind you; it’ll be easy enough to continue making most of that. And, hey you’re going to forbid me from buying the Touhou games, after I finally found a good import site and bought a whole bunch at once? I’ll go back to downloading. Thanks for saving me money.

    • You might be right about that. Which is why he’s covering himself to keep Ishihara away from his stuff as of now. I mean if Touhou get’s taken down I think all hell may break loose if it ever comes down to it. I mean heck just check the channel retty much everything has it where one of the the Touhou characters cosplay as a character from that series, or vice versa.

  • With all these Xenophobic news pouring out of Sanco recently, Im getting the feeling that Japan thinks they are either better than everyone else which is beyond retarded, or the ban has started.

  • So ZUN hates Filthy Barbarian Foreigners. Wonderful.

    I Have bought every Touhou game that has been created.
    I also have lots of Touhou figures. Haven’t i supported his buisness interests?

    Or is the mere fact of me being non-japanese enough to warrent my exclusion from his products?

  • I don’t see what’s the big deal. The majority of restrictions are on commercial products. Of course ZUN will be pissed off when Animate had Ufotable making Touhou crossover anime without his permission.

    You want to blame the doujin creators and companies that takes the material too far and basically breaking the rules in favor of easy profit.

    IOSYS has been getting heat because they were still selling Touhou goods even when they became a commercial company. When you have people breaking rules like that, what can you do?

    This site needs to stop posting misleading titles and images. It’s extremely dishonest and kills the credibility.

  • Moralists will only be satisfied after the japanese economy is completely ruined.
    YAY Japan is now SFW, very chast and completely clean of porn! Too bad it became such a shitty country that killed most of it’s economy in the process of creating a utopia no one asked for, except for old people who are either dead or dying anyways.
    The objective is creating a new generation of moralfags porn haters so that japanese people sex drive is dropped down just like the dicks of the guys behind all the laws and all the prohibitions.
    Also, the effect of the Touhou Project guidelines, about the “don’t make anything for foreigners” is that we’ll keep pirating and translation stuff without permission, but this time we’ll be morally right in doing so.
    The few people who’d gladly pay to support the project won’t even be able to anymore.
    Oh, and there’ll always be Touhou doujin… official or unofficial. No use trying to “purify” the fanbase now, it’s waaaay too late.

  • loli in a box says:

    Are you guys retarded?

    This only affects COMMERCIAL goods.
    It doesn’t change a thing about the situation we are in now.
    You can still buy your figurines and plushies.

    It only restricts assholes who try to stealthily take over Touhou in a commercial manner.
    And that’s how it should be. I would never accept an anime who is not supervised by Zun himself, but he already dismissed that idea years ago.

    If some people who never were real Touhou fans to begin with make a scene that’s fine, too, I guess.

    He said it himself. Even if he loses all his fans, he will still continue with his games until he dies of alcohol poisoning.

  • I see no problem with the actual guidelines. They don’t say anything about free distribution to foreigners, just not to SELL anything to them.

    Basically they’re telling people not to use Touhou for profit.

  • This is..strange, considering this of all franchises is popular almost entirely because of fan works. Granted, that makes it tricky for them to make money, but that’s no reason to restrict it so much. Especially this crap about excluding foreigners–the Japanese need to stop blaming us for the problems their pollticians cause.

    • Before that why don’t you stop posting garbage on the internet?

      Hostility usually comes from foreign fans that don’t understand what is going on. It isn’t even that it is some huge mystery, but just that you are a moron.

      I suspect the reason people like you act this way is because you can’t comprehend sites like these are run by idiots who just make shit up for giggles.

  • I’m sick.

    I’m sick of these articles about japanese’s ‘supposed’ xenophobia.

    I’m sick of these comments (mostly by angry US kids it seems) insulting japanese people while they never put a foot in japan, just basing their facts on sankaku’s article.

    I’ve been living in japan since 1 year now, never somebody ever insulted me by saying “shitty foreigner” or ever lacked respect toward me. I’ve been to so much doujin events that I can’t count them anymore, never somebody ever refused to sell me anything. I’ve even sold my own doujinshi in an event, and been welcomed warmly.

    On the contrary, in my OWN country I’ve been insulted by foreigners many times.

    People calling japanese people xenophobic are just stupid xenophobic themself. You’re mad at them because japan is foreigner-free and they’re happy like that.

    Now, it doesn’t mean that there are not racist people in japan. Just as much as in any other country, and surely less than in the US.

    • Well, it’s all because of Artefact’s focus on what 2ch has to say about foreign people (hate) and how some companies/people forbid distribution of stuff to people overseas.

      People then misintepret the information and go to great lenghts to express how much they hate Japanese for being xenophobic, while judging the entire nation because a bunch of people said something that offended them.

      UK is much, much more hostile towards foreigners than Japan, yet noone calls it xenophobic or anything. Shit, people from mainland Europe who go there in search of work are often discriminated and some were even found severely beaten up or even dead because they weren’t from the UK.
      Why complain about something serious like that, let’s instead attack Japan, because they apparently didn’t allow some anime to air overseas, like if we can’t watch it online anymore, or that we can’t buy some certain kind of Japanese stuff, even though we can still order it just fine through resellers.

      • “UK is much, much more hostile towards foreigners than Japan”

        That’s the stupidest comment in the history of this website. I’m inclined to believe that you made that comment because you went to Britain and some chav laughed at your accent.

        The UK is one of the world’s most politically correct countries and values foreigners so much that it’s willing to trample all over the rights of its native population. Do you think a few isolated incidents (which you dishonestly present as everyday occurrences) that are condemned by the majority of the population make the UK worse than a country where blatant xenophobia is spouted from elected officials and not challenged, but celebrated?

        If a racist like Ishihara lived in the UK, he’d be a laughing stock on the lunatic fringe like Nick Griffin, a man with whom he shares many opinions. Notice that in Britain, Griffin’s party gets 1% of the vote, whereas in Japan, Ishihara gets elected and re-elected.

        Oh, and please list some countries that are less xenophobic that Britain. I can’t wait to hear what hilarious responses you give.

    • We are sick of it to. But if these reports are true and Sanco articles are real, then its hard to dispute the fact that Japan is xenophobic.

      With the previous sentence in mind, there has been more xenophoci articles pouring out of Sanco more than usual recently. Im not saying Sanco is real news, but I just dont see the other side of this anti-Sanco sentiment if there is one.

      • The reporting here is not intended as a representative sampling of Japanese public opinion, though the articles are of course accurate in their factual content.

        That said, Japanese thinking is generally insular at best and xenophobic at worst – how much of each is open to question however.

        • >That said, Japanese thinking is generally insular at best and xenophobic at worst

          Well, same thing goes for any country in the world

          The only difference is that japan doesn’t need to be hypocrite, since they don’t have to fear about foreigners protesting in the streets.

          But basically this way of thinking is common to every human being.

  • Some aspects seems reasonable like not permitting selling any games others than official. It will boost up sales of official games or wont hurt official sales at all. And people can still make these games, just they cant sell them without Zuns permission. Especially AppStores is lair of stupid shit made only to sqeeze money out of stupid people, it only hurts the franchise.
    About sales to overseas – who cares? There are lot filesharing sites where everything will be uploaded anyways. Only they will lose.
    But some are totally stupid – people will not stop making sexual works related to touhou, at best they will stop selling them en masse. Also restriction of derivate works

  • Their loss. We’ll get the stuff either way. I’m actually in favor of these kinds of restrictions. They protect the creators of these doujin/games/whatever saver from Western moralists until their societies have built up a tolerance for virtual child porn and other obscene content. Expect the ban to be lifted sometime around 2130.

  • Sounds like Zun is afraid there might be a loli-backlash by misguided political groups from the United States. (As happened in the RapeLay case.) He’s also mad about losing control of (paid) profitable anime series.

    …either that or he’s just Xenophobic. He didn’t sell the game when approached by the localizing RA company citing that the western market “wasn’t ready for Touhou.”

    • I’d rather Touhou remain a doujin for all time…

      Less drama, less paperwork, and certainly less copyright BS…

      The last thing ZUN needed is to get it commercialized…

      It stops being a doujin game if it appears in PSN or as a DL in Valve or something…

      Comiket SHOULD be the only way for Touhou to be released…No middleman, and no corporate crap to worry about…

      -Azure Xuchilbara
      (account suspended)

      • I am intrigued by the characters… How would I get some Touhou goodness where I live? I’m not in Japan now and I don’t plan on going back there anytime soon. How would I get it in a legit way that doesn’t piss all over ZUN’s ideas of managing his property?

        I’d like to know that.

        As things look now, foreigners (Oh! That magic word again!) can’t get any legit Touhou.

  • Sometimes I actually wonder how much ZUN gets for all the merchandise made.
    I actually don’t think he gets much of the income at all.
    Touhou has become something of a “belongs-to-everyone thing.
    It’s rather sad if you think about the work ZUN has put into making the games.

    But I really don’t understand why selling outside of Japan is such a bad thing.
    Are Japanese getting so g’damn selfish when it comes to their creations?
    If they can have stuff from outside of Japan, why should we get stuff from them?

  • The little fools I will reply this news with a ironman(not the “anime” fail) movie line: “only because you had and idea doesn’t mean it belongs to you”. Moreover, they can easily can around this changing a single letter or adding one in the characters name lol they’ll be similar but different. I suggest them to add “nai”(not) so their names would be “Flandrenai” “not Flandre” ausaushau see? a different char with similar settings and lookings even the name denies that they’re the same lol

    • Have fun with that. For the rest of the world it is business as usual because nothing important has changed.

      I wouldn’t count on the foreign fanbase ever providing anything worthwhile in your lifetime though.

  • Oh boy, looks like Zun been drinking a lot lately hasn’t he?

    Seriously, Zun didn’t do shit to make the Touhou Project popular; it was the fans who did. The animated music videos, the doujinshis, heck even the ero, all that work is what brought life & interest to Touhou. If it weren’t for this, no one would give a shit about Touhou.

    And why restrict Touhou products to the West when you can commercialize them and profit? Seriously this man’s stupidity and obvious xenophobia rings of retardation. What’s next, all Touhou pairings outside of Zun’s officially sanctioned one’s are banned? WTF

    Instead of “commercializing” the Touhou, he’s essentially killed it off.

    If this man had a brain or two, he’d be making mountains of cash by now. Otherwise, he should have kept things the way they were.

    Touhou 1996~Febuary 14, 2011 RIP

    • Ummm…. no just no. It’s still alive and well, it’s just he’s trying to keep the commercial side out of this that’s all. By that I mean anything along the line of an anime studio or manga production that didn’t talk to him at all.

      In any case he’ll still make his games no matter what, and the fans will make thier doujins and what not. So it’s still the same thing as before with the orignal setup he had before.

  • Ah…Thank you for clearing that up…

    Glad to see doujin works and circles are free to create as much Touhou Ero-goodies as they want~

    I knew ZUN wouldn’t do something like that, since it’s all well and good until corporations and companies try to make a profit out of his daughters~

    *looks at the OP picture*

    That reminds me, that Flandre x Remilia futa-incest doujin I commissioned should be out this week~

    -Azure Xuchilbara
    (account suspended)

  • Saying that this “takes a page out of Ishihara’s book” is moronic.

    Ishihara does not own anime.

    Zun owns Touhou, and has every right to dictate which an an cannot be made out of it. He can outright ban doujins and ay fanwork and it would still be his right.

  • This seems a bit too much…
    What impact will this have in doujins…
    No more guro doujins of how kaguya rapes mokou with a nonstopping growing dick that ends up killing mokou piercing her from side to side? =(

      • “The restrictions are for selling products overseas(imports or direct download services)”


        The day I see Touhou on PSN (or Steam and any other DL service) is the day it becomes less popular and eventually be forgotten…

        Face it folks, leave the localization to the fans…It worked with free anime fansubbing, it will work with doujin games…

        The last thing we need is for big-ass corporations to localize it and spread it in PSN or other similar DL services…

        It’s going to be a bloody mess when moral-fags find a doujin of Touhou characters engaging in acts of lesbian-intercourse via magical growing d*ck…

        And considering that most (if not all) the characters are lolis, then it’s going to be a GIGANTIC SH*T-STORM if it winds up like a certain ero-doujin game in…

        Path to ruin:

        1. Touhou gets commercialized (and localized) outside of Japan

        2. Moralfag b*tches about the fictional, magical loli characters and the massive ero-fanart and doujins of said characters

        3. ZUN gets crucified (along with doujin circle who made said hentai)

        4. No more Touhou, loli vampires, onis and fairies, MILF ghosts, Goddesses and gap-hags, and more importantly, no more delishush miko armpits

        That said, we are b*tching for nothing…

        ZUN just wants to ban the commercial game companies and corporations from localizing, making, or distributing anything Touhou related…

        Hentai or otherwise~

        He’s playing it safe to protect his daughters (from evil corporate commercialism)…

        You can’t blame a father for doing that~

        -Azure Xuchilbara
        (account suspended)

    • ZUN creates the game. The fans spread the game. ZUN goes drinking and comes back in a few hours to see that his shooter just became some awesome shit overnight. He should thank us for it, and yet now this…

      • No. He should thank you maybe after you suck his cock.

        When you buy his game, you got what you paid for.

        He owes you nothing. The vast majority of foreigners don’t even play his games let alone buy them.

        • And the difference is that they don’t go around demanding to be thanked for acting like retards, dressing up in sloppy cosplay, buying chinese bootlegs, and whining on internet forums.

          Holy shit, you know what might be novel? Actually expressing thanks to the creator for sharing his imaginary world.

          Regardless the changes are a non issue unless you were holding out for a Naruto vs. TowHoe ero anime.

        • The vast majority of Japanese fans don’t play his games either. They have some nice music and that is about it, taken as actual games rather than a tiny niche genre which is effectively beyond criticism due to its specificity. It seems MADs and artwork are the main routes of exposure…

      •  ・その他過剰な性的表現や、特定の個人、団体、人種などを中傷する内容等、こちらで社会通念上著しく不適応だと判断した場合

        “Those works which picture excessive expressions of erotism or discrimination against special people, groups, races etc., or those which we see as extremely inappropiate for the society”

    • @Anonymous 20:22 and PirosThe3rd

      Such a shame too because Touhou had the potential to become a multi-million dollar franchise, seeing as how it evolved from an underground indie game all the way to mainstream popular culture in Japan. Looks like its up to the rest of the world(yes Japan, there is a world outside of yours) to keep the Touhou series afloat. Otherwise, its officially dead.

      Is it me or is Japan regressing or what? First they don’t give a shit about the demands of the Western/Eastern otaku, than they shit on their own pop-culture(Anime/Manga/Videogames) with A certain little ban(yes, I’m looking at you Shitaro Ishihara) and now this. *Explodes*

      • If it becomes comercial mainstream it will also became utter shit – look at FFXIII or other SE works. They suck, they dont know how to make something good anymore. And that is what ZUN dont wants happen. So support him or die horribly!

        • How in fuck’s name is Square Enix a monopoly? There are a good quantity of companies that made quality RPGs and still do, now that SE is deflating.
          The Sega/Nintendo thing has nothing in common. Sega just switched to being a software company that hardly has any manner of exclusivity relationship with Nintendo.

        • I am the one Artefact responded to.

          Problem is game market. The more money someone puts into a game the more he wants to earn. And he can earn enough only if it will sell well. So they must target casual gamers who have enough money and are willing to spent them. The problem is that these gamers are mostly retarded idiots who cant hadle difficulty levels established by Touhou. Not to say that they would have to whore graphics to the extreme. This or release it for some idiotic handheld. Either way it would mean end of Touhou that most people like.

        • Or hey, shit, it could just be because those fans are sick of the overwhelming amount of retards screaming me too! me too! me too! The same who then throw tantrums and cry like grown man-babies when they mistakenly think the sky is falling.

          That shit gets old fast.

        • SE is a testament to the crap monopolies produce. as opposed to rival companies that drive each other to continually increase quality.

          Maybe back in the day it would have seemed that Square and Enix working together would have been the ultimate RPG company, but now that we HAVE it we should realize they were only good BECAUSE they had each other to outdo.

          The Sega/Nintendo co-op didn’t have the same problem as much because Nintendo had become underdog about the same time Sega dropped out of consoles.

      • @Anonymous 21:20

        It is just you. Why would anyone want a multi-million dollar franchise? Everybody knows that the dollar isn’t worth anything these days.

        You show your lack of understanding and blatant stupidity in your claim that Touhou is dead. But that is fine by me, I would prefer if all you worthless secondaries moved onto the next EPIC hype. Without you Touhou and doujin works will continue, besides that foreigner contributions are one to every hundred thousand at most.

        You wont be missed.

  • blablablah… after all without doujins of touhou, touhou wouldn’t get more popular, myself I wouldn’t know them, without doujins.

    After all, a great mind/artist doesn’t mind restrictions, because “masterpieces” are made not for sell. (I don’t mean “yeah pirate pirate pirate ARRR”, I mean “at first comes passionate and not the money”)

    Edit: Ofc, this is a comment of someone, who doesn’t much know about this market and the “project” touhou

  • This just means that ero products will simply rename the characters, as Japan has no likeness rights.

    As for the part about discriminating against foreigners, nothing new there. They could just be covering their asses. If their guidelines include retail stores inside Japan, that is a different story.

    Anyway, from what I can tell, all they do it produce moeblob crap, fuck them. fuck them right up their yellow skinned assholes.

  • Zun and Co. Have either just created the largest underground market in Japan or fed their franchise a hand grenade.

    I can understand some restrictions, especially considering that Touhou is his creation, but this seems a little bit far fetched.

    • It sounds to me like Zun is intending to kill the franchise and its fanbase. This is really nothing short of a slap in the face to the fans. Maybe even calling such diehards who create doujins criminals at worst.

        • I think that Anon was trying to state that ZUN makes these games because he can, and maybe drunk while doing so. The restrictions having nothing much to do with the doujins other than trying to work its way around the Manga Ban that is going on. So in other words he’s not only covering for himself, but for the other doujin circles.

          Besides it was mostly to keep the commercial side of things in check, so we don’t have something blown out of proportion.

        • Care to explain? It doesn’t matter what type of control being asserted, it’s the fact that ZUN is attempting to assert such control at all that is beyond ridiculous. A fan-generated game appears as people wish it to appear, no more. If they want to create a franchise, then create a franchise and protect it, but don’t pretend they don’t exist because of the very people they’re alienating.

      • I don’t understand… couldn’t they have done something like this BEFORE there was an entire convention created around Touhou doujinshi and such…? I mean… I… I just don’t understand.

        This… this is just arrogance. Plain and simple arrogance. The stupid fool must somehow believe that the popularity exists because of the games or something. They may have generated from them, but this is a consciousness all its own. One person cannot claim ownership to what Touhou has become. Trying to thought-police a franchise long after such thought processes have already gone beyond any such control is nothing short of ridiculous.

        It’s almost like they’re just going “I wonder what’d happen if I tried to claim everything again… let’s find out, I’m bored.”

      • If this causes creations of Touhou yuri/futa doujins with crack-pairings (ex. Reisen x Nazrin, Suika x Mystia, Aya x Yuyuko) to dwindle…

        It would be tragic…

        I became a Touhou fan ever since I saw a doujin of Yuyuko f*cking Mytsia with her ghost penis way back in 2006 from a futa doujin called “Night Sparrow’s Ballad” by Albatross (now translated in desudesu’s blog)…

        Hell, it made me a regular Touhou doujin commissioner because of that one aspect…
        Even going as far as to buy them off Toranoana and other doujin shops…

        -Azure Xuchilbara
        (account suspended)

        • @Anonymous 20:53 14/02/2011

          Me too, friend…

          I got into Bleach only because of a ‘certain chocolate-skinned female bad guy’ getting f*cked in several hentai doujins…

          Hell, I got into Dragonball because I saw hentai of it waaaaaaay before they even started showing it in the USA…

          My main point is…

          Hentai and Ero-goodies are just another gateway for new fans to go into an anime or game series…

          Nothing wrong with that…

          Besides, it’s not everyday you see Alice shoving her cock inside Marisa’s cock, or Yuyuko licking Mystia’s armpits before raping her with her ectoplasmic phallus~

          -Azure Xuchilbara
          (account suspended)

        • The only thing I know about Touhou comes from the ero-doujins; that’s also the only reason I notice PVC figures of Touhou.

          Getting rid of one of the fandoms joys and easiest, completely free advertising can’t be good for Touhou or any anime (I got to know a lot of anime only because I read doujins based on them beforehand)

    • If it’s true that ZUN issued a statement to correct it, the original might just be badly-written–it’s not like I can’t scroll down the comments right here and come up with a dozen examples of otherwise functional people failing much more spectacularly to express themselves in their own native language. Of course, the fact that the statement as written seems to very specifically ban doujin sales outside of traditional venues makes that seem unlikely, so…

      …As long as I’m making up hypotheses that don’t assume that either ZUN in particular, Japanese in general, or Artefact are Fun Nazis who hate everything that they love, it’s also possible that ZUN is just plain conflicted about his success. I’m not an international IP lawyer, in part because IP law is exceedingly complicated; it could be that ZUN simply doesn’t want to have to go to the trouble and expense of defending his IP rights overseas and has opted for an ass-covering clause instead. If he chose to allow Touhou to become an international commercial phenomenon, he’d likely have to spend less time developing and relinquish at least some creative control to spend more time as a manager; read Bill Watterson if you want to know how some artists feel about that.

      Of course, this is all shit I just made up that may not have a thing to do with reality. It also doesn’t excuse him for his behavior regarding the fanime (quality issues aside) and generally having a bit too much sympathy with that segment of his fanbase that thinks popularity is inversely related to quality. Just saying if he’s not interested in promoting his stuff overseas doesn’t mean it’s because he’s a reprehensible dick god.

      • I agree with some parts of your comment.

        I’d just hate it if he thinks that popularity ALWAYS have an inverse relationship with quality. That would put him right alongside those pretentious emo and scene kids who only listen to obscure bands no one else ever heard of just because, and ditch those bands immediately if they go mainstream. That would severely tempt me to put him in the same place as a douche God.

        I can try to understand though if he fears that people will go out of control with his creations. If I were him, I wouldn’t like some people making guro art out of my creations.

        I can’t argue on ZUN possibly being conflicted though. With all he can and he want to do, and also what he can’t do, his brain is probably reaching overload now, not including the problems he has to solve in his coding, and shit he has to deal with in real life.

  • Too bad they’re treating ex-pats the same way. >_>

    Also, isn’t turning their backs on doujin/fan content the precise thing they shouldn’t do? Doesn’t stuff like Strike Witches thrive as a doujinshi form and even the original artist participating in erotica?

    So now the industry is going after doujins too? That is just not crediting their roots where they came from.

  • “Anything else which is overly sexual, defamatory towards people, groups or races, or would generally be considered as socially unacceptable.”
    So I guess no more 4komas about how much of a poorfag Reimu is or how Marisa is a pimp and etc etc. I think they got in over their heads with all the profits from the figure and nendoroid sales.

  • And what’s the deal with that.

    If i create something, i wouldn’t like to se my creations doing nasty stuff, transforming my characters in some kind of little bitches that fuck all the time.

    If those statements where done by the “touhou creator” he has all the rights to do so, them, if any person don’t like that, so be it.

  • ZUN just feeling paranoid about his characters and the ero material and butthurt in that he’s not making enough money off of them.

    he should just go the type-moon and 07th expansion route, create a company and formally try to milk his shit.

    miku’s success is in the same vein as well.

  • WHAT?!?

    Now that’s retarded! What is ZUN trying to accomplish? Killing all the Touhou fanbase?

    He should just be proud of his creation, and its success all over the world (not only in Japan).

    ZUN, please, give up the booze and realize derivative works are as much needed as your original games for Touhou popularity. Stop bitching about such products, or in the end you’ll probably regret it.

    Anyone knows how to translate ^this in Japanese and send it to him? I’m pretty sure he can’t read a single word in English…

  • Im not a big fan of Touhou anyways (Personally, Im still trying to understand it) so this doesn’t affect me that much other than some of the erogo was awsome. I was introduced to Touhou by erogo, but that was it.

    I am not a fan of this Bullshit stunt that ZUN is doing though and really dont understand it. When will companies understand that if you screw ur fanbase, you are screwing urself, escpecially something like Touhou. As a matter of fact, recently, international access to the Daily Show and the Colbert Report had been cut off due to copyright issues. I know neither are about Touhou, but its the same bullshit. Everyone is treating the international customer like shit. They just create more incentive for piracy and finding other loopholes. Wish these people would just learn that things should just be kept simple. Its not like the individual private fan are making money. SO what the hell.

  • “Simultaneously, they attempt to squeeze royalties out of creators for the use of characters whose popularity is almost entirely based on derivative works – ethically and legally speaking, somewhat precarious behaviour at best.”

    Who are these “they” again? I can’t comprehend.

  • If Zun Sensei (or Zun-Sama) never wants to see or spot ANY ero doujin of Touhou, that fine. We should produce Touhou Doujin at rated R maximum … just boderline like To Love Ru, but not the the level of To Love Ru Darkness … That’s all.

    • I’ve paid over $1000 for Touhou figures, with another $1000 odd on pre-order, and yet more future releases pending.

      I certainly hope this doesn’t impact the sale of figures to foreign buyers, as using proxies is more time consuming and more expensive. 🙁

      • I spend well over $3500.00 commissioning Touhou futa doujins and am responsible for 86% of it being translated for our Touhou brothers and sisters to feast upon ever since 2008…

        And I will happily spend $3500.00 commissioning more Touhou futa doujins until the world ends~

        -Azure Xuchilbara
        (account suspended)

        • @Anonymous 06:24 15/02/2011

          You know how much it costs to transport doujin from Japan to the USA..? Twice if not more than the amount I got it translated…

          It’s also hard as f*ck to find a physical copy and even harder to get Japanese lessons…

          Besides, I want to share this to the rest of the Touhou hentai community who can’t afford Japanese lessons/too lazy to get them…

          This is the path I chose ever since I was 17 and feasted upon Reimu’s armpits…

          @Anonymous 05:49 15/02/2011

          “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

          Look up my full name on desudesu’s blog, U MAD’s Translations, and Biribiri’s blog…

          Page cost x pages x doujins

          You’ll see that I spent the above amount if you do the math for all of them…

          That goes for everyone who thinks this photo-negative Pyramid Head is fibbing…

          Although, you’ll probably be too busy fapping to the tons of Touhou translated futa doujins…

          @Anonymous 07:27 15/02/2011

          Thanks…You should go to the above sites and DL all the translated TOuhou futa doujins…

          What makes my commissioned worth it is all of them involve CRACK-PAIRINGS~

          Aya x Yuyuko

          Meiling x Rumia

          Suika x Mystia

          Just to name a few…Oh, and they sometimes involve girl x girl armpit-licking (like that Nue x Byakuren and Yuyuko x Mystia one I commissioned last year)~

          As for e-hentai…

          I’d rather everyone gets them pronto (i.e. straight off the translator’s page) without having to rely on any sort of system…

          And besides, I want to surprise people with the Touhou futa crack-pairings I commission, hehehehehehe~

          It’s not every day you get to see Aya raping Yuyuko~

        • @Anonymous 22:37 14/02/2011

          “$3500 on doujinshi ? You really ARE a moron.”

          Yes, I’m a moron…A moron with a very nice job in a hospital and I get like $400 a week~

          That total is from 4 years of commissioning Touhou futa doujins, which was way back when I was in Junior High School~

          That’s right…All the way back then~

          What did you contribute to the Hentai and Touhou community, friend..? None..? Nada..?

          Shut up and just fap then…

          It’s MY hard earned money and If I choose to spend thousands upon thousands of it to commission Touhou futa doujins as long as I live and breath, then you have no say in it~

          Or…Are you jealous that you don’t have that much to spare in contributing to our beloved brothers and sisters of the (hentai) Touhou community..?

          -Azure Xuchilbara
          (account suspended)

        • comissionning ?

          You mean that instead of spending money for actually owning these very doujins, you give your money to some random people so in exchange they (approximatively) translate some pr0n doujin (which in my opinion doesn’t really need translation but whatever) ?

          You are indeed a moron.

          Take some jap lessons if you have so much money to spend.

      • I don’t think figures will be affected because they are regularly sold online to people within Japan. When it says “Anything not distributed in the same manner as the original works (general doujin sales channels [i.e. Reitaisai and Akihabara doujin shops]) – for example, selling downloads aimed at overseas buyers.” I don’t think it’s referring to officially produced figures but fan-produced stuff.
        I know there are online stores that sell doujinshi downloads for a small fee and Touhou ero doujins were among the selection; so I think it’s something like that?
        Basically it seems like it’s talking about fan-produced stuff, which doesn’t include the figures from big companies like Good Smile and Griffin (although when you start including garage kits it gets murkier…)

        My opinion is that this is pretty dumb of them/him. This is what created the Touhou empire in the first place after all. I understand if he doesn’t like seeing porn of his characters all the time…but I really don’t know how he could stop that. I mean, there’s more porn of Touhou than pretty much any other otaku-related property right now, it’s not like people are going to just stop drawing it.