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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Announced



Square Enix has announced Final Fantasy XIII-2 as being due for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011.

The director has been announced as Motomu Toriyama – the same man who said towns were too much work for Final Fantasy XIII to bother with, and the driving force behind that game’s notorious “story-centric” linearity.

However, in his previous comments he did promise “those elements” would be present in the next game in the series, so there may be hope for corridor sceptics yet.

Online the reaction has been derisive – few seem particularly enthused by the prospect of a sequel to the much maligned XIII.

Also announced were a bevy of insignificant handheld RPGs from the usual franchises and some (graphically) impressive footage of “PS3 exclusive” Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

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  • i dont understand why everyone says XIII was a bad game, i thought it was great. It was cinematic and the combat was more strategic than ANY other FF game. RPG’s are all about strategy, and you shouldn’t be able to beat a battle solely by hammering on the attack button (im looking at you FF1 remake). The story was great if a little confusing, but its your own fault if you dont understand it. It isnt the game’s fault you and your dumb ass cant read the in-game encyclopedia.

  • You know seriously just cause this site hates Squareenix doesnt mean the rest of the internet does. While not up to the three ps1 games 13 still got solid reviews and at least Square tried to do something different even if it was linear. This game will sell great good or not just like all their major releases.

  • My reaction was like xiii 2 lets not even look at that versus 13 hmm alright I’ll bite pfft Its probably…..OMG WTF!!!! ITS FUCKIN DRAGON AGE MAGNA Carta kingdom hearts *foams at mouth* *jizz pants* *dies*

  • I’m going to wait out until after it’s released in order to learn just what to expect out of the gameplay content. I’m not asking for much, just some mazes, fields, towns and quests that are not just “slay a monster” or “collect 20 bear asses”. A nice story wouldn’t hurt either, but that is more of a subjective matter.

    If SE is going to address these problems I’ll pick it up

    • looks unlikely to me. After all FFXIII is perfect but “it’s us westerners who don’t understand what JRPG are”, right?

      Well, who knows, but you are betting on a miracle here. But at least if the game is horrible, it will make a new game to make fun about.

    • stupid answer. It is not that easy. Some people would like a new final fantasy, but a good one. Not a sequel when it is obvious that squaresoft is not good with it. XIII-2 = nothing new coming.

  • Versus XIII looks like it’ll be Kingdom Hearts sans the Disney license.

    On the same system that has seen Devil May Cry 4, Ninja Gaiden Σ2, Bayonetta and Vanquish! And which will also see Shadows of the Damned during this very year!!

    Seriously, Squeer fans, please develop some taste and don’t buy that POS. Have some dignity.

  • I’m pretty excited for FFVSXIII and now even more so. It just looks awesome. Plus every Final Fantasy is a different game, so it’s not like you can say it sucks because the one before it sucked. Which also goes for FFXIII-2. Designs look nice and I’m interested in finding out more about that dude she’s fighting. But you guys can’t reject it just like that. It’s just been announced! Much to early to tell if it’ll be good or bad.

  • I can’t help but like the look of Lightning in that armour. Aside form all else, the FF guys do good CG for trailers. Even Versus looks bloody good although it feels like making so many FFs at the same time has really stretched the teams involved. I mean, wasn’t Verus at least spposed to come out at a similar time to XIII. Can it really be a 13-B if 14 has already come out first?? XIII-2 is another story. They always said that there was enough left out to make 2 mroe games and to be honest XIII always did feel just like a prologue.. a bit like Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect. The exception being that the Bioware games were very bloody good on their own.

  • Versus XIII looks like FFXIII with Visual Kei cross-dressing. I predict the same same flaws that riddled FFXIII will be present in this one.
    Graphics look splendid…but games like that often leave players with a “hollow” kind of feeling.

  • I’m playing FFXIII right now, and it’s not that bad. What’s with all that I-hate-Square-Enix-cause-everyone-else-does hype?

    FFXIII might be a little linear in gameplay, but most RPGs are, you spend a lot of time just farming. FFXIII just doesn’t give you much freedom of what path you take.
    Anyways, playing FFXIII I often just halted and looked at the scenery, the graphics are that nice. I really appreciate the time the developers must’ve put into that.
    And the FF Versus XIII trailer looked sw33t. At some parts I though they used real life footage…

    • Criticism doesn’t always come from hatred. FFXIII is flawed. People had expectations that could never have been fullfilled but that’s hardly an excuse for the sheer simplicity that FFXIII propagates.
      Graphics are NO EXCUSE for missing gameplay and diversion. Nobody ever argues about the quality of the visuals.

      • I dunno about that, I was quite satisfied. But I think a lot of people just joined the final-fantasy-13-sucks-bandwagon. The only complaint I have is really that I think it was a bit too short. Of course if you play it wanting something completly different then they are asking for dissapointment. like ordering a big mac and expecting a steak.

  • I’ve come to expecting nothing from Squenix. That way, i might even get a decent surprise, every now and then.

    Just avoid linearity and change the battle system back to turn-based.
    FFXIII’s battle system was repetitive, chaotic and a hassle. A good example for good real-time battles would be the “Tales of” system.

  • lol wow This was such a bipolar post for me the first was ugh meh another final fantasy 13 really square you’re not even liking the chocolate there you’re eating the rapper …Then I was like hmmm lets see this versus XIII bullshit pfft I,m sure its just

  • 🙁 if they won’t make FFVersus 13 for xbox 360 aswell then they would make such a mistake… so many people want it even though they don’t have ps3… THEY MUST MAKE IT FOR XBOX360 aswell!!!

  • I know ppl love to bash X-2 but honestly it wasn’t horrible. Sure the story was paper thin but it had some of the best gameplay I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll give XIII-2 a shot cuz I actually finished the first one (all you had to do was press forward, jk)so I’m curious to see what they come up with.
    Versus XIII is still on my good side

  • I hated FFXIII for being an on-rails FF Arcade Version, but I liked the battle system, the universe and the art. So I see this as a chance to salvage FXIII, for Squenix to redeem themselves and make a real game out of what they have.

    Pretty please Squenix, don’t fuck this up. Give us the world map back at least.

  • FF13 Versus gameplay similar justs like previous FF13 and FF7 Crisis Core Game play, This is destined to be fail, This is not game, this is Movie, which require you to go and press stuff inorder for the movie to progress.

    Devil May Cry Wannabes, i can guess Motomu Toriyama is a big fan of Devil May Cry, and not FF series fans.

    And Big Cities require alot of works? This is why we play the game, and now he killed it, why we play it anymore. No Free Roaming is BS.

  • Square enix sucks making final fantasies, but they are great to sell thems.

    Is easy to see how always they only improve graphic and they only show you cinematics. But you know how is the game play or little but anything else.

    The game looks great. But after FFXIII I’m not going to buy anything made of Square Enix (with KH exception).

  • Sigh more Squaresoft milking crappy games. FF used to be my fave series but has gone downhill since the ps1 days and still has yet to recover in my eyes. You think insted of churning out this garbage, they would make a FF7 remake.. something players actually want insted of this crap.

    • I get the impression the FFVII fan-boys will bitch until they get their precious remake.
      Bare in mind that a FFVII remake would have to be heavily redesigned; given that the original game largely consisted of pre-rendered backdrops, they would have to design the game’s environment almost from scratch.I suspect people would bitch about that, too. It would be completely devoid of creativity as all it would be is FF7 with tarted up graphics.
      Ironically,the fans bemoan Sqeenix for daring to try new things, instead urging them to trot out lazy remakes. Truth is, most casual gamers never completed FFVII,indeed it had a very high return rate at retailers.

      FFVI-2 is something I’d love to see, now that would be interesting.

  • Probably going to have to give this one a skip, given it’s the same bunch of guys that made the first one.

    Not to mention I didn’t complete FFXIII so I would have no idea what is going on.

    Versus is probably going to be the “last chance” I give SE.
    Since the guy in charge of Versus seems to have a good rep with most gamers, I’m willing to give him the benefit of a doubt.

    Every FF after FFX has been a utter disappointment for me, that I can’t bring myself to complete.

  • 3 things:

    1. why in the holy mother of fuck do we need a FFXIII sequel? Was the first one not enough of an embarrassment for SQUARE?

    2. insignificant handheld RPGs. . . you mean the ones that kicked ass all through 2010?

    3. FFXIII (Versus) seems pretty interesting. . . kind of like Kingdom Hearts in combat style, and in a huge lack of a female presence (a.k.a. sausage-fest)

    • 1. FFXIII, for all its flaws, has a total of 6 million sales worldwide, and counting. Blame the sheepminded people for buying anything with the FF label on it and send the wrong message to the company.

      The only time anyone ever retaliated financially to SE is the release of FFXIV, but that was because it launched with NOTHING good whatsoever. FFXIII has a good, albeit unoptimized, battle system.

      2. No comment

      3. Someone hinted at a possible faggotry going on between some of the cast. I thought everyone knows that already.

      • 1. big sales didn’t offset the costs of the games engine (which is blamed for the gameplay elements in general) and it wasn’t a success like they wanted.

        2. no comment is a comment o,o

        3. I was just talking about the fact that I’d yet to see any girl hit something. . . I wasn’t thinking of yaoi. . . unless that’s FF’s intention (FFXIII had the whole Vanille and Fang yuri)

  • You know…no offense here. But why dont they take whatever money they have and put it all into a remake of 6 7 8 or even 9? They will make so much money. And will regain some of the respect from all the gamers around the world. Well maybe.

    • You know, you CAN trigger an FFVII remake.

      Just slander the company to all hell, so that their stock prices will crash(and make it last too, unlike the last time where some guy sold his shares and SE’s price dipped for only several hours), and they will have nothing else to do but drop their final ace.

      That’s all FFVII really is. Their last trump card. Everyone knows it, and you can’t do shit about it.

      Keep in mind that I think there are superior games in the series. I’m just stating how it seems like every fanboy out there would kill someone for that game.

    • Do you really want that? A company whose track record over the past couple of years has been pretty abysmal, remaking a classic game? I want them to prove they can make properly good RPGs again before they set to work on remakes!

  • Squenix seems to be completely out of touch with their fanbase.

    PLAYERS: Why does FF13 have no towns?
    SE: It’s too much work to make towns.

    PLAYERS: Why is it so linear?
    SE: So we can concentrate on presenting the story.

    PLAYERS: We want to play a game, not watch a movie!
    SE: Since you like it so much, we will make a sequel for you.

  • Jesus Christ…

    For Versus: They better intertwine the storylines of XIII and versus somehow.

    Shit’s making the Megami Tensei + spin-off franchise so awesome because it’s like One big fucking story present in like 20 standalone games.

  • Forget FF13-2, look at VERSUS13. It looks like the manifested dreams and ideas of Japanese video game developers.For years, we kept hearing about how they want to go real time whilst keeping the FF epic feel. T believe FFVersus13 nails it.

    Unless they pull off another E3 2008, aka the mess that killed SquareEnix’s credibility. Lets all hope this doesn’t go multiplat so we wont have to wait another year + simplified game. I’m not blaming the XBox, but just look at that trailer. Versus13 looks gorgeous from the concentrated effort put into it.

  • did lightning become the queen of cocoon or something? 😀

    will be looking forward to this for sure ^^

    hopefully they bring back the voice actors from the previous game. Maaya Sakamoto FTW ^^

    i wonder how many years has it been since it’s ending? im expecting at least a year or 2

    hopefully the customization and battle system is similar to X-2(being able to use multiple characters, tons of customization, extra missions, tons of mini games, being able to use airship and so)

    will definitely looking forward to this(hope they learn alot right now)

    as for Versus XIII, im fucking excited. the world and atmosphere is soo dark and gritty, not to mention the CG rocks, gameplay is a darker version of kingdom hearts mix with final fantasy xiii.

    i cannot wait for both games 😀

    it seems it was announced that FFXIII-2 will be release “winter” in the west, so i guess expect this game to be released in december 2011 for japan, while march 2012 for the rest of the world. Versus XIII will probably be the same, december 2012 for japan and march 2013 international

    good to see ff agi– i mean FF Type-0 being released this summer in japan.


  • okay, I had very very very very very little hope for this game, however I’m going to refrain from bashing that until we have some real information about the game.

    I’m guessing we won’t have anything for at least two years, don’t get me wrong were going to have information about it but nothing that’s fashionable yet for while I assume the best what I have is maybe a overly produced trailer.

    Let’s hope they get the way they tell the story right in this game
    Let’s hope they put a real leveling system in this game
    Let’s hope they take the best of final fantasy one through nine excluding and melded into one epic game.

    they won’t but dammit I have dreams

    • X-2 was better than the original by far, anyone would be able to see that really it was much more creative in terms of character building than the original was and a far more different turn than any other final fantasy series.

      This is mostly due to the fact that the magic system was improved, and that there were also better character designs. Also the impact of the characters themselves as they changed after the original events adds a new dimension and surrealism to the story.

      It’s much like some kind of high school reunion, where you meet up again in 5 years and see how everything has changed, maybe for the better maybe not, but the evolution of Yuna herself was quite astounding and a new change in pace compared the other series and the manner in which their characters were presented almost as being frozen in time by the choices of their actions.

    • The problem is that X-2 was a follow up to a rather good game, and it was at least relatively playable itself. XIII-2 is a follow up to a shitty game that was bashed by a lot of people for justified reasons, and unless they make SWEEPING changes, all it’s going to do is make it even more painfully clear that Square is HORRIBLY out of touch with reality as a whole.

      • PirosThe3rd says:

        Final fantasy with improved kingdom hearts gameplay is a WIN.
        Square-enix should do it long time ago….
        At least they learn from mistakes now… (I hope so…)

        I hope versus will not end up like FFXIII…..

      • i can’t watch trailers for final fantasy verses 13. i get too hyped up thinking it’ll be a great game and that makes the waiting that much more agonizing. hopefully it will do what modern warfare did for the call of duty series.

        also ff13-2 will probably be a disappointment. i wont play it because i would have to play 13-1 to know what’s happening. i sold 13-1 before finishing because it was so utterly bad and a chore to play… stuff of nightmares.

        • I’ve always respected HouseLife comments, not always agreed to them but respected, and this time i’m fully with the Annon;
          HouseLife,friend making an analogy;
          Think of a “Tales” game, like it or not , but what do you imagine? that “Tales-ish” combat system and Anime styled, right?
          What if a “Tales” comes out looking like Dragon age,playing like Dragon age and sounding like Dragon age…?
          Would you still look it like a “Tales” or complain about the Hideous change, i mean Dragon Age it’s a good game but will make a Horrible “Tales”.

          Again FF13 and 13-2, are generally recived as “not that good” or “any good” and a perfectly true “Not a FF at all” and “That’s not an RPG”

          Why? because a “Tales” game by OUR definition is more important as a gamer community than whatever appears on a dictionary.
          Now Man-up, your arguments are right by definition but not by the whole wide gamer community and its terms that are by far more accepted than any technisism found out there.

        • FF-VSXIII Seems like an upgraded kingdom hearts, almost like a mix of a mass effect with kingdom hearts. That’s not a put down in any way, mind you, I find it high praise. If they can manage some good KH style combat with in-game and out video, and combine with a good storyline, which the KH team is known for…they might just have the saving grace of the FF series right here. The ‘standard’ FF line might not be seen as so important if VSXIII takes off…hopefully opening the floodgates at Square to develop some newer IP, with some more open thinking behind it than the FFXIII team did with that major flop.


        • you’re funny, you know that?

          i know a guy just like you, he doesn’t care if he’s right or wrong, he only cares to make his arguments valid in order to make him LOOK right

          obviously we aren’t having a discussion here, we are just playing with semantics, we are only picking up each other arguments and use them in our own convenience, it’s a pretty neat skill though

          1st – if you really dislike wikipedia, why did you give in to the trouble of reading it, in fact why did you even went to find for a definition on another site and even explain it? which one is better? because i told you so? do you admit you don’t have your own definition? if i shouldn’t be using wikipedia as a game designer, why did you bother? convenient, isn’t it? 😉

          2nd – i’m gonna do exactly what you do, picking up your own argument and use it against you, cool huh? here it is: you talk so much about people expectations as if it were a bad thing or something, don’t they reflect what the target audience wants? when someone buys a RPG, a RTS, a FPS or whatever other genre don’t they ALWAYS have some kind of expectations? yeah… of course they do, thats why he group things together and create categories from them, in this case, RPG is just one of those categories where you are supposed to find certain characteristics of video-games

          3rd – oh! aren’t you smart! :] you just conveniently went to each text and replied accordingly to what was typed, assuming it was all true, and ignoring everything that wasn’t there but both of us know every RPG has it, oh man! and i thought wikipedia was always wrong!! guess what, ff13 doesn’t have exploration :O OMG! am i pretending? should i look for a definition of what exploration means and shove it up your ass? maybe then you will realize the difference between moving and exploring… oh look! you even ignored the word “choose” in wikipedias definition, oh man, now how do i’m going to explain you the importance of choosing how to level up, how to fight, how to experience any game basically… so much for the word interactivity… don’t you just love having a predefined path for EVERYTHING in ff13? man even level up is funny, there’s so many options to choose from, like …. ONE! … now, how i’m going to defeat this monster?
          oh i know, i use libra and learn how to break him, then every single one of these are fought in this manner, i’m SOOOO smart, this is game is cool man, so…. challenging… and the story? man, just uau, never seen a distopia-save-the-world setting before in my LIFE, so…. original

          i have a new theory, you work for SE don’t you? thats the only plausible explanation for your whoring out sessions you always do here whenever we talk about ff13

        • @HouseLife

          ok, we get it, you like FFXIII, you like SE, and you know to counter-argument, even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the main point (kinda like i’m doing right now), but please, get a hint, go outside of your little box and see this whole situation from another perspective…

          is FFXIII a good game? Yes! is FFXIII a good RPG and FF game? HELL NO! i can barely call it an RPG, google for RPG definition and see for yourself if you can consider this a RPG, then go back and play all the others FF games and see for yourself how they work in terms of core mechanics… finally check how each and every one of them does every single RPG definition

          when you are done realize how little they’ve done represent the RPG definition and to give this game any depth, remember, games are supposed to be entertaining, if i wanted such guided gameplay i would watch a movie, and those have far better stories than ff13…

          did SE gave us ANY reason to believe FF13-2 is going to be any better? are you that innocent to believe in their words? it’s bullshit after bullshit and you keep believing in them? do you remember the images from the chocobo farm in ff13 that never got in the game? go see their reason for cutting out that shit out of the game and tell me if you believe them now knowing that they are going for a sequel…

          FFXIII is exactly what they wanted it to be, a pretty easy game that caters to everyone with fingers on their hands and likes pretty renders on their screen…

        • @Lawdence Codye

          “Please don’t let FFXIII-2 be an actual sequel…”

          “…even though I haven’t played the first game.”

          Stop. Now. I cannot stand this level of stupidity and ignorance. It’s not even about FFXIII being a good game or a bad game anymore, it never really was. It was about so many idiots saying exactly that same thing. And yes, that does include the people who stopped after a few hours because they didn’t find it appealing.

          If they did, that’s fine, but they have absolutely no right to speak on anything except the words “I just hope they make it more engrossing earlier on this time so I will find myself more interested in continuing… but now that there’s a sequel, I may want to understand what could could lead to one by giving it a second shot.” Because that’s the only thing they themselves have any experience with.

          Otherwise, they’re just spouting other peoples’ words and proving they’re are nothing more than a sheep. Mindless, pointless, useless sheep who spouts the same negativity and stupidity that is going to be the legacy of our increasingly sedentary and stagnant generation. The saddest part is nobody but the people who actually finished it and saw how beautifully assembled it was, even including its flaws, can understand that it’s not even that I’m wanting people to laud it as some incredible achievement. They just hear ‘fanboy,’ say as much in some form of jab, and prove exactly what I said at the beginning of this paragraph.

        • Please don’t let FFXIII-2 be an actual sequel, please…this is pretty much wishful thinking at this point, guess they don’t plan to fix what essentially was FFXIII, guess I will play the sequel even though I haven’t played the first game…

          FFXIII Versus is something I might look forward to & most likely won’t look forward to, I just might not, or I just might…hmm…

        • Excellent. I look forward to seeing what they can do with it. I personally liked the concepts of FFX-2, even if the delivery wasn’t really appreciated by many. I still love the idea of seeing how a world recovers afters its cataclysmic events. Plus, we have a certain few characters that need some resolution.

          Anyway, everyone can be stupid if they want and say it’ll be the same, or they can recognize that game designers aren’t stupid and will pay attention to the fact that many people had issues with their expectations of FF and see what they can do to enhance that without sacrificing story or delivery. It’s called growing, and Final Fantasy can still grow, and best of all, they know it.

        • Would you rather I had given no credence whatsoever to your argument in the slightest? I like how you attempted to make me an idiot for listening to you, it’s actually pretty impressive. I could have left your wikipedia usage as useless, but I listened to your point and found the flaws in it, as you found a few in mine.

          It is a plausible explanation that someone for the company would defend it, or perhaps I’m so sick of hearing whiny gamers define games as either ‘awesome’ or ‘shit’ with no perception of the in between. Think carefully how often you’ve heard something like “It was actually pretty good, not the greatest, but I liked it” in someone’s description of a game these days, especially on the internet. Granted it depends who you hang around with, but seriously consider it.

          All my arguments are with the intention of enhancing perspective of the increasingly black-and-white perception of gamers in general. It’s the effect of having so many games that they start shelving them mentally, but if I’m able to give credit where credit is due, then I know everyone else is capable of it. I’m sick of the negativity, completely sick of it, as it really isn’t necessary to also cause companies to listen to issues.

          FFXIII is merely the recent vessel of the argument. There are many that get this ‘write off’ mentality without even recognizing the strengths. Yes, it was a good game, without question. Was it a great game? Depends on your perspective. But to write off such an impressive creation is the mark of a spoiled brat, nothing more. If you’re a game designer, you too can easily find the strengths in it.

          I’m known for being an FFXIII ‘apologist’ or whatever stupid term people may want to use because I’m not one to follow the negative and ignorant who seem to think they’re actually saying anything worthwhile by wrapping up their stupidity into meaningless statements like ‘but FFXIII is terrible/shit/whatever,’ It just just simply isn’t a bad RPG to anyone who actually knows what the word ‘objective’ means. Wonderful graphics, solid setting, and considering the archetypes used, rather good characters. I won’t go over the flaws, because half of them aren’t really flaws, and the other half have been gone over at length.

          I’ve never ignored the flaws, yet everyone who’s so intent on being right that FFXIII was terrible with no possibility of reprieve never pay attention to the fact that I never called it perfect.

        • I used the dictionary definition from It still hasn’t changed. And did you even read what you told me to read?

          “Generally, the player controls a small number of game characters, usually called a party, and achieves victory by completing a series of quests.”


          “Players explore a game world, while solving puzzles and engaging in tactical combat.”

          Check. Don’t pretend because everyone loved the word ‘linear’ that you weren’t exploring a game world.

          “A key feature of the genre is that characters grow in power and abilities, and characters are typically designed by the player.”

          Check, give or take the western/MMO spin on the end.

          “These games usually have a highly developed story and setting, which is divided into a number of quests.”

          Check. What, did you think it specified ‘tons of side quests’ in order to be an RPG? Chapters can also be referred to as quests by the way, and plus, there WERE side quests. As I’ve said countless times, it simply didn’t meet many peoples’ expectations.

          “Players control one or several characters by issuing commands, which is performed by the character at an effectiveness determined by that character’s numeric attributes. These attributes increase each time a character gains a level, and a character’s level goes up each time the player accumulates a certain amount of experience.”

          Check yet again.

          I won’t go over the rest, as it’s all there. Obviously you didn’t read it at all with any thought whatsoever. And the fact that a supposed game designer used wikipedia for an argument in explanation of game design already speaks wildly for your understanding of your craft.

        • Very well, I’ll follow your advice.

          “RPG, role-playing game
          a game in which participants adopt the roles of imaginary characters in an adventure under the direction of a Game Master.”

          This type of definition has never changed, except change Game Master to Director here. As I’ve said countless times, yet few people wish to actually think and/or listen about reality outside their perceptions: it was your EXPECTATIONS which ruined the game. There was absolutely nothing about FFXIII that was not a role-playing game in the standard definition that has existed from day one. Everyone’s CONNOTATIVE definition changed, and that changes from person to person.

          What you have come to expect is the ability to explore and do erroneous things that has little to do with the actual plot, or really the actual gameplay of the game most of the time if you think about it. It is there to help you connect to the world and characters a little more, nothing else. What you seek is the illusion of expansiveness, something I also pointed out. In every case it’s an illusion. Daggerfall is the only one to really push that illusion, but that was still an illusion.

          And the reason for believing FFXIII-2 will be better? Actually only a completely jaded person who thinks the world is out to get them would believe otherwise based on all the information about it. I’m also a game designer, I know the politics of it. I also know the way game designers feel about what they do (the good ones at least), especially in the big boy companies. SquareEnix being one of them. Actually they’re already proving it by making a sequel as far as I’m concerned. If you think about it, their one success with it was some relatively memorable characters and a very well designed lore system (even if the way they told it sucked).

          Now with the resources already in place for a strong start, they can bolster their strengths, and adapt their weaknesses into strengths. Something I can tell you from personal experience is a daily, even hourly thing they go through for years at a time.

        • And Lightning gets manlier. Ah, well. I’ll be getting it. Gotta be better than X-2. And FINALLY. Some gameplay for Versus! Honestly, I don’t like the main character though… the whole thing looks like some visual kei-influenced mess. I can already see the voice actors lining up… Gackt, Gackt, Gackt, and Gackt. I don’t mind it being an action RPG as long as it’s not too close to Kingdom Hearts.

          (Not saying Gackt is vk. Don’t kill me.)

  • so it looks like versus will be useing a hybrid system from Kingdom hearts probably useing the engine from KH3 anyways. ill buy it most likely, and thats why the tales series is so much better.

  • Oi! Get rid of that “graphically” in parentheses! Versus XIII looks utterly brilliant! Combat is exactly what we were expecting: Sleek, streamlined Kingdom Hearts, set in a more contemporary environment.

    Very excited about this.

    And cautiously optimistic about XIII-2 as well. There’s just something about Lightning’s armour design that gives the impression they’re going to take a slightly better direction here. At the very least it tells us they aren’t making X-2 Charlie’s Angels again…

    • Isn’t that the case with every game? The only things in this world that never lower in price are essentials like food, utilities, and Pan’s Labyrinth on BR. Why the fuck is Pan’s Labyrinth still $30?

        • Whiteknights. What else is new?

          At least in this site, they can just vote someone down without having to pull their hair out thinking of a counter argument. Elsewhere without any rank system, these fools would be repeatedly shot down by logical and sound arguments, that the only thing they have left to do would be to attack the poster directly by insulting his intelligence and his personality, by which none should have mattered because they were talking about THE GAME ITSELF in the first place.

          Visit a message board like GameFaqs and you’ll see what I mean. These fools are relentless. Trolls are still having fun with them to this very day, which isn’t the situation with FFXII anymore.

    • everything is “fail” this and “unoriginal moe crap” that these days. I’m seriously starting to get sick of my own kind. How can a game be a disaster before anyone even knows anything about it?

      Do you even know what went wrong with 13? There were a few things but one of the big issues was the combat system. From the video it looks like the removed that and switched it with something more like kingdom hearts which, by the way, actually works.

      The people complaining about stuff lately are worse than anything they complain about and, yes, as a human being I suck too.

      • You must not have been playing video games very long.

        If you take a piece of excrement and try to make something new out of that piece of excrement, chances are good that you’re still going to get excrement.

        Sort of like what happened when your mother gave birth.

      • To be ENTIRELY fair, I never found the linearity of the game to really be an issue. The story did work (at least for as much as I played) within the confines of the game. The problems I had with FF13 was the lack of control over what my characters did. It takes too long to decide what additional actions the main character will take, let alone what the actions of the other people will do.

        I spent the entire time before I got to the part when you get the crystarium hitting the x button in combat over and over again while talking with people. When I got the crystarium it was the same thing, only on some fights I had to switch paradigms for a few seconds then switch back, THEN smash the x button again.

        Now while the story did work, I absolutely did not like it, and then I got to a part where my main character, who had 600 str and 400 magic could not kick the living crap out of a monster that was deshelled and deprotected and was getting multi battles with these things, and giant behemoths and was finding myself getting murdered because I couldn’t find a good way to engage. Probably negatable with aerosol sprays to be fair, but still that sort of difficulty curve swing is retarded.

        One last thing before I take up all the text in the internet. FF13 was not a game, it was a movie interspersed with bits where you get to press a few buttons. There should not be parts where I go to a boss fight, then I have to skip not one, not two, but a whole 3 freaking cut scenes just to engage a boss I died. Seriously. Not cool.

        • If you used an Eidolon more than twice in the game you played incorrectly. Eidolons like Summons in almost every Final Fantasy do less damage than your party can do by itself. Stagger + 3 commando > Eidolon. Lone Snipa, the only thing you needed to do is upgrade your weapons. There are 4 challenging enemies in the entire game. 3 of them are turtles and one of them is a side mission.

          FFXIII sucked from a gameplay and story telling aspect. There is one strategy to the game and you deviate it from it for about 3 fights. The story was cliche, but completely ruined by the absolutely horrid cast. Hope, Lightning, Snow, and Vanille should have had mute buttons. VSXIII looks hype and XIII-2 could be a chance at redemption if SE really follows up on their admission of failure. They should get rid of the feather motif for FF characters though. Sephiroth, and Kuja were enough.

        • My problem with game was,only leader can use there Eidolon in battle that was stupid,atleast could of make them summon one at a time but no just 1 through out the game who’s ever leader and then they have cut scene when they all summon there Eidolons i was like WTF.