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“What The Hell Happened To Fractale?”


Viewers of new anime Fractale are pondering just what on earth happened to the character designs in the TV anime versus those of the light novel/manga.


Opinions range from the needs of easy animation (although this fails to explain the drastic change in palette) to interventionist animators going overboard in reworking the designs, but few have nice things to say about the changes.

The fact that the manga and light novels designs and the anime designs now look so different as to be hard to identify as even being the same title also comes in for criticism – a particular problem for homepages and merchandising.

However, a minority does insist the new work should be appreciated on its own merits rather than be pilloried for not looking exactly like the original.

The anime has also been unkindly referred to as “looking like some kind of Ghibli doujin anime”:


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