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Azunyan Delivery Terrorism


Azunyan’s appearance on a package labelled “K-ON! Azunyan Pero-Pero Kunka-Kunka” (the contents apparently had nothing to do with Azunyan or K-ON!) is the latest example of so-called “delivery terrorism” to surface, with the distinction that both the receiver and the sender appeared in the thread to discuss the matter.

The exchange as it unfolded on 2ch:

“I can’t forgive this!”


“Harsh… what if your parents saw that?”

“What the hell did you buy?”

“What I bought there was a Kudo Wafter LED message board.”

“What, it doesn’t even have anything to do with Azunyan…”

“My apartment has an autolock system… when I asked the deliveryman what had arrived over the interphone, he wouldn’t answer…”

“You should have made him kept repeating it.”

“Sorry, I might have been the one who sent that. You’re in Saitama, right?”

“Don’t you even remember sending it?”

“Aren’t you going overboard with this package terrorism?”

“I send out 30 packages a week, with all kinds of terror pictures on them, so I’m not sure. It looks like one of mine.”

“These styles of package are in fashion now aren’t they? I’ll make sure to do that with mine from here on.”


“Isn’t it fun having a moe character wrapping your package?

Don’t you get a warm feeling inside seeing them protecting your package for you?

I didn’t think I’d be hated so much for doing it. Sorry.”

“Don’t people complain? I’d be delighted, personally.”

“Only once, a guy angry about the wrapping for his Tenshi-chan dakimakura.”

“Put a warning up you fool. I’m so scared I can’t use Yahoo! Auctions any more.”

“The guy complaining about the sender’s kind regard for him in packaging it like this is the real scumbag here!”

See also the grand gallery of delivery terrorism.

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