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“How Do You Get Someone To Ask You Out?”


Japanese asked how they would try to get someone they have their eye on to ask them out offer up a list of tactics considered likely to elicit the desired advance.

The ranking (votes):

1. Increase the frequency of your mails (10581)

2. Try to appeal based on free time (5339)

3. Keep talking to them about their interests (4466)

4. Smile and touch them (3600)

5. Invite them to discuss something (1697)

6. “Body touch” (1479)

7. Other (1342)

8. Invite them to an event organised by your friend (1033)

9. Dress like them (316)

Sadly there is a fine line between a displaying a flattering interest in exchanging mails with someone and outright stalking or harassing them – although this is at least less risky than the “body touch” method.

Fortunately, with it mostly being women who are placed in this position, and presumably giving these answers, the chances of wandering hands causing offence seem much reduced.

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