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“What’s Indispensable to a Japanese Marriage?” “Money”


Japanese seem to overwhelmingly agree that the most important thing in a marriage (leaving aside the insignificant matter of “love”) is that their partner has lots of cash.

The ranking, which, it should be noted, carefully dodged the question of where “love” would end up in the list by phrasing the question “Other than love, what is indispensable to a marriage?”

1. Your partner’s economic power (10883)

2. An impetus (6059)

3. Your own economic power (2939)

4. A proposal (2157)

5. A long period of dating (822)

6. Haste brought on by age (507)

7. Fear of becoming stuck in a rut (464)

8. Pressure from others (306)

Japanese marriage at times appears more akin to a wasp seeking out a juicy caterpillar in which to lay her eggs than any sort of romantic (or even economic) partnership.

Little wonder marriage rates are so low, with women demanding high salaries of their prospective husbands and men finding wages and job security significantly lower than in previous generations.

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