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Senkaku Ramming Video “Cut to 6 Minutes from 3 Hours”


The Japanese government is being accused of mounting a cover-up worthy of China itself, as not only is it fighting demands that it release a coast guard video of an alleged ramming of a coast guard ship by a Japanese vessel at every step, it is also only offering a 6 minute video of an incident which took nearly 3 hours to unfold.

Critics are already accusing it of editing the video to show China in a less unfavourable light.

Debates about whether to release the video of the incident to public continue, with still no conclusion reached. The government/DPJ position is that the video must not be released as it could “damage relations with China.”

The alternative is a limited showing of part of the video to selected Diet members – a measure unlikely to satisfy the public or anyone else outside of the party.

However, suspicions are mounting over the video itself, which is said to constitute a DVD containing only 6 minutes of video, despite the entire incident having taken 2 hours and 40 minutes to unfold, during which time the coast guard was able to meticulously document everything which happened.

Opposition LDP politicians have openly voiced doubts about whether the government is trying to cover something up: “It is mysterious. Has it not been edited?”

All that has surfaced so far are official accounts made by the government with Chinese relations in mind and the less than reliable testimony of the accused captain and the Chinese government.

The video seems to have convinced Okinawa prosecutors they could have won a conviction, and photos of the Chinese vessel show a large and powerful ocean-going ship which could easily have been involved in a ramming – aside from this evidence just what went on is a closely guarded secret for some reason.

Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara has already claimed he has heard that the video shows the Chinese fishermen harpooning a Japanese coast guard member, certainly incendiary content which could conceivably topple the government and discredit China completely.

As part of their efforts to see the video never sees the light of day, a senior DPJ politician even began claiming that releasing it would violate the human rights of those involved in the investigation, remarks which were widely interpreted as referring to the Chinese captain originally charged with ramming the ship.

In light of this and the size of the cuts it is easy to see why many are convinced the government will now do anything it takes to protect relations with China – even preparing a heavily doctored version to show to the Diet or public in the event withholding the video becomes untenable.

In other news, when asked whether they think the video should be made public, 95% of Japanese agreed:


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  • see ,in this website,anything about china is bad ,anything about japan is good ,fuck that,man ,what attracted you and me here ?japanese pussys,stop wasting time blaming china ,your words don’t mean shit ,problems between china and japan ,leave them to ,i don’t think you guys who care about woman’s body so much have any idea what had happened between those countries.

  • whatever the fisherman have done,Senkaku island still belongs to China,there’s no doubt.
    China gets stronger,but there’s no reason to be attacked from other countries.our world must develop,our earth need peace,we people are all played by the government,why we have to argue on this fucking bullshit,why we have to fight with our neighbours.
    if chinese want to fight,they were already done it.we must know how many innocent people were killed by the japanese army during the WW2.

  • Anyone thinks that if Japan DID won WW2, There would be no Chinese Civil War (though it started in 1927, but let’s just said both side were defeated by the Japanese), definitely no Korean War, since Japan would still be in control.

    China is a big Country to be totally in Japanese control, so Japan would probably divide China up and create several pro-Japanese puppet states.

    When peace is achieved, Japan could turn China into another Taiwan, an industrialized colony with educational institution to educate everyone.
    Japan also modernized Korea during it’s rule.

  • Why is it that everyone jumps to the conclusion that it was the fisherman in the wrong? Certainly it would make sense for the DJP to protect Japanese relations with China – but the fisherman himself is not a Chinese ambassador or politician, and his actions really shouldn’t have any bearing on political matters.

    If they had released the video immediately after the incident by showing the fisherman supposedly ramming and harpooning a coast guard, I’m quite certain the Chinese government would not condone his actions or support him in any way. In fact, China would place more value on its trade relations with Japan and, at the very most, ask for the accused to be returned home for trial (another matter entirely).

    From an unbiased third-party perspective, all evidence points towards the government trying to hide something that could put themselves in bad light. After all, with the world as the audience, Japan has much more motive for covering up their own mistakes than that of China’s. Assuming that the fisherman was in fact guilty of these accusations, then any retaliation on behalf of China would be condemned by every other civilized nation in the world.

    Furthermore, the claim that releasing the video would damage relations with China obviously creates a very anti-Chinese sentiment among Japanese citizens, which really isn’t much better than releasing the video in its entirety.

    I’m not going to go around discrediting everyone here as weeaboos and Japanophiles, but please take a step back and view things objectively before drawing irrational conclusions.

    • but how could Japan win the war? What about the US, how can Japan defeat China when it have to deal with the US at the same time? The US would’ve won against Japan during the War, Japan wouldn’t have enough strength to attack China at the same time as fighting US in the Pacific.
      Also, the Soviet Union would’ve invade as well.

      • A What if… scenario.

        What if… Japan didn’t surrender after the Atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Sure many would believe that Japan would’ve lost anyway and would be the first time in history to be invaded by an foreign forces. (Btw, I still don’t think Japan had never been invaded, the surrender of Japan led to an American Occupation, technically not an invasion. And Okinawa, nor Hokkaido wouldn’t count, as those two are not considered Japan proper. Both were considered, in ancient times, to be not part of Japan home islands, Hokkaido are home to the Ainu while Okinawa, aka Ryukyus, were ruled by the Ryukyu people).

        In recent times, researcher disclosed reports that Japan during WW2 was building atomic weapons as well, in Manchuria and Northern Korea. Though in a smaller scale than it’s American counterpart. they actually tested one just within a few days before the surrender.

        If Japan were to called Truman’s bluff (he only had two atomic bombs), then an American invasion was imminent. but if Japan would’ve speed up it’s atomic weapons program, Japan could’ve successfully built several small ones in a short time.
        Another trump card that the Japanese have are the I-400 Submarine aircraft carriers and the I-200 submarines.
        I-400 could carry 3 aircraft fitted with bombers and carry enough fuel to go around the world 1 and a half times. 3 were operational by the end of the war and were on a mission to destroy Panama Canal to prevent American ships to move from Atlantic to Pacific. other targets were New York (think Manhattan Project), Washington, D.C. and other large cities.
        I-400 were known to be the largest submarines until the nuclear subs were built.
        I-200 were the fastest submarines during the war.
        In addition, Japanese Submarine technology were consider to be more advanced than Americans. The torpedo type-93 and Type-95 were considered the most advanced and reliable torpedos during it’s time.

        For more info, go to wikipedia.

        If Japan can held off just enough time for both the nuclear weapons and the I-400 and I-200 to complete it’s mission, They could’ve had America to sued for peace. Which would give Japan a free hand to deal with China.

  • Haha! I called it in the previous article with a chance of it being edited or censored.

    Either way we still know jack shit about what really happened. Ishihara could be pulling bs out of his ass about the harpoon thing or blowing the whole situation out of proportion (like he usually does).

    I would lmao if this all happened due to an accident or misunderstanding that got way out of hand. Arre they hiding the video because it may damage their image? Rather than China? Or are they really trying to keep business ties with China that badly? Or are both governments having a laugh right now?

    Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Senkaku Incident: Behind the Truth” Rated 12 and above.

  • Almost made me wish Japan HAD won the Second Sino-Japanese War… it’s only due to Allies Intervention that Japan lost, China was already on it’s f*cking knees.
    A Japanese-controlled China would cause problems like this…

    For this, DPJ will be pulled from power in the next election by the hands of the people.

    • Yes, Japanese should rule the world, not just China, but your country, too. Oh, on top of that, how about an even greater scale massacre in your capital city? That’ll surely reinforce your fucked up Japanophilic anti-China sentiment.

    • Did you know back in WW2 India was petitioning for Japanese aid in driving out the British? If Japan had conquered China, they would have been able to move into India and easily wipe out the British while their main force was tied up with the Nazis.

      And today you would have 2 billion people under the command of the political descendants of the lightbulbs who thought it would be a great idea to attack Pearl Harbor.

      Yeah, that’s MUCH better than what we have now.

    • Dumbass.

      If anything, it’s the third sino-japanese war.

      first sino-japanese war: 1895
      second sino-japanese war: 1931
      third sino-japanese war: 201X

      And no, China wasnt on its knees. Japan’s advance was brought to a standstill and a stalemate.
      China was unconquerable by even two million japanese soldiers.
      That’s why the imperial japanese navy raided south east asia to cut China from western supplies.
      But still, China held out and involved the majority of the IJA in a hopeless war of attrition.

      • Actually, reading about the Second Sino-Japanese War, from 1937 to 1941, Japan made great advances into Central China. Japan had all of Northern China under it’s control, then advances into Central China, taking Shanghai and Nanjing in 1937. Japan won many victories and China was repeatly pushed back until the early 1940s. American Volunteer Group was formed in 1941 to assist and help the Nationalist Chinese forces, and Soviet Volunteers also help the Communist forces. after 1941 Allies formally declared war on Japan.

        China alone could not defeat the Japanese forces during WW2/Second Sino-Japanese War.

        • Still, japan could never win a land war in China, let alone a land war in asia.

          China’s weakness wasnt so much its military capabilites, but more the disorganization, corruption and disunity within the nation, that stems from the civil war and the age of warlordism.

          The fact that Japan couldnt even overcome this weakened and impoverished China, is pretty much just proving how they sucked.
          The first victories, the japanese took advantage of said disunity and swallowed one province after another – but after the NRA and Communist Army reorganized themselves, the Japs couldnt win anymore.
          Then, they resorted to the ‘three-all’-policy; kill all, burn all, pillage all, to stop the communist resistance operating behind their own lines. without success.

  • No matter what China does to Japan, they won’t have the guts to start a war, because then the US and Russia will invade China, so why don’t those F**king retards in China back down already?

    And I’m pretty sure if this war does start, the UN is definitely on Japan’s side, meaning they’re even more f**ked then ever…

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      China did to Japan? Last time I chance this whole bullshit was started with the Japanese “kidnapped” (or arrested if you go by their claims) the captain of the Chinese fishing vessel over the charge ramming their vessel in their coast guard ship, which they failed to provide untempered evidences that covering the entire incident. Also, not to mention the “arrest” was made at a terrority that may or may not being to Japan.

      And I don’t know why there are so many morons here think China will start a war…all they have to do is just stop doing business with Japan. If the business relation between China and Japan breaks, which country do you think would be hurt more? They can perfertly maintain their business relations with countries all of over the world, while just putting a road-block on doing business with Japan…why would they want to start a war to pisses off other countries?

    • You just answered your own question, son. They don’t intend to start a war, so why would they stand down? It’s like having a steroid-abusing thug get in your face with the police watching – you know he’s not going to punch you because he doesn’t want to get arrested, but you can’t throw the first punch either, so boils down to a pissing match.

      And you’re the guy who was banned from using any steroids (no proper military).

  • So both sides are stupid? I just think there is way to much obsession in this, both sides put way to much resources in their argument where they they just can’t back down.

    This whole issue is getting retarded. Just give the islands back to Taiwan since we seem to be the only civilized ones and the closest to them.

  • i would understand the chinese hating on the japanese because what they did to their people so what the chart says japanese says they wanted to make it public but what about the chinese? so basically the japanese are going on their side while the chinese go to their side so basically duh the japanese wants to make it public because they are against the chinese? so the chart doesn’t even have a meaning to it…

  • After the full video is released I would like to see protesters in both China and Japan get executed for causing civil unrest over a fucking insignificant incident. Clearly they’re too stupid to contribute to society and should be pruned before they worm their way into influential positions.

  • Even if the full video released, the situation will not improve. Most people will not bother with the full video. It is more than 2 hour of boring shit, who will watch the Goddamn 2 hour? Considering that most japanese work more than 10 hour a day, this is beyond question.

    Those who make a ruckus on this stupid territorial issues are those who had too much time to burn, the same applies to rioters in China. Get back to your work and stop being a jerk disrupting other’s livelihood.

    The Goddamn video will just make the situation worse because idiots just like to point each others atrocity. Without considering the mistake of their side.

    Leave those pieces of rocks alone for GOD SAKE!

  • Why can’t the Chinese go to war with their own selves, them Chinese are itching for war. Look how big China is… And they want to expand? China is so damn big, Chinese are everywhere. And the more China expands the more made in China shit we get.

    Damn Chinese… They should just go back to China.

  • Marine-RX179 says:

    No offense…but the Japanese are trying pass off a heavily edited video with mainly unfavouriable contents toward China to try to “prove” that the Chinese is the guility one ramming their vessel into the Japanese coast guard ship…I don’t see how is that “trying to protect relation with China”…it’s more like the Japanese done something something dirty themselves and try to hide it away from the public.

    The only message the edited video is trying to pass off is “Japan is right, China is wrong”…if Japan got nothing to hide, how about releasing the full video, and let the public decide rather than taking them as muppets that will eat whatever shit you feed them? I think Japan is just afraid the actual full content would put their country into shame, and cause rage among their own citizens.

  • I really don’t get what’s the fuss about. Sure, were I to be a japanese government authority, I’d simply burn the video. Why release it to the public knowing that the public isn’t mature enough to watch it? So that the country would be burdened with more riots and property damage?

    I certainly don’t know what China’s up to, but then again, Japan’s been an island whore for ages. They constantly recreate disputes with Russia over Kuril islands, now with China over Senkaku islands…

    Give it a few more years and Japan will turn into a political derelict and an american slave, pumping innovative technology and generating instability within the asian regions.

    • You don’t know shit about Kurils. They are the only non-freezing Russian route to the Pacific.
      Not that it matters now when all the russian fleet bases are being given away to South Korea and Japan logistics companies.
      Still, Kurils are a sore spot for both Japan and Russia.

      Do remember that Russia and Japan are officially still at a war, though in armistice.

      • Yeah I know they are at war. Though Russia proposed time and time again to share the Kuril territory with Japan. Whilst Japan sees Kurils strictly as their territory, and their territory alone.

        Russia won’t give Kurils up not because of the land itself, but because the the act of willingly giving up disputed land is suicidal and dumb.

        Japan should realize that it is being used and has no freedom of word nor act until it gets rid of american influence and self-proclaimed ‘protection’, builds an army of its own, and stops being a fucking hypocrite.

        • >> Russia won’t give Kurils up not because of the land itself, but because the the act of willingly giving up disputed land is suicidal and dumb.

          Yet Russia gave away some islands to China in 2008 or so, if I remember correctly. First armed conflict in that area of Russia dates back to 1970s. And Russia still gives those islands away. Because China is a rising power, and Russia isn’t.
          “Never trust a Russian, because Russian does not believe even to themselves.”(с)

          do you think Japan – beautiful country, where even boys dress like cheap underage whores – can stand up to its own against China or even Russia? how would they do it? Magical gyaru-style?

          Now, that’ll take gallons of blood, but, probably, not yours or your children, so you basically think they should fight because it’s interesting to watch?

  • For all the bullshit flying around people seem to forget it was a civilian boat involved in the incident. Going to war over one dumbass civilian’s actions? America would have been crushed to nothing by now if a declared war every time an American tourist does something fucking stupid.

    • @anon “For all the bullshit flying around people seem to forget it was a civilian boat involved in the incident. Going to war over one dumbass civilian’s actions? America would have been crushed to nothing by now if a declared war every time an American tourist does something fucking stupid.”

      erm just to get this straight but that’s exactly how the US got involved in WW2, a civilian vessel that sailed through a war zone.

    • “One dumbass civilian”?

      Your bias is showing.

      You seem to imply that he is guilty without seeing a video and only going by the words of Japanese politicians trying very hard not to release a video.

      Plus the fact that a mere wooden fishing boat would actually attack a coast guard cruiser?

      • “a mere wooden fishing boat”

        Seriously? You’re trying to tell me I’m biased while you’re furiously defending the captain despite having no clue what kind of boat the Minjinyu 5179 is? <- here, look at the photos and come back to tell me it's a "mere wooden fishing boat" again.

        And judging from the footage of the captain during his arrest (which was aired all over Chinese and Japanese news), he looked drunk, so yeah, I can easily see him ramming two patrol boats with his "mere fishing boat". Drunk people behind wheels tend to do amazingly fucking stupid things.

        What's your excuse?

  • Wow, they should drag all the government officials out and have a witch trial. Releasing an edited version of the video just insults the intelligence of every citizen in the country. “Oh, you can’t possibly comprehend the video, so we’ve shortened it for you.”

    Forget about China. Japan has a bigger enemy at hand – their own government.

    • Are you deliberately being ironic mentioning witch trials? Y’know, where perfectly innocent people were burned to death for associating with some nonexistent devil?

      But hey, if you want to watch a three hour video for an event that took six minutes to occur go right ahead. Normal people have better things to do with their time.

  • uh-huh.

    And 9/11 wasn’t actually a terrorist attack, nope, it was staged by the government.

    Seriously, this is starting to look as silly as a typical american government conspiracy.

    Cutting up a video to shorten it up and protecting the identities of those in it are common in almost every country and incident.

    This kind of thing is nothing new.

    • Ah, right, 9/11 had ANYTHING to do with terrorist.
      Yeah, a dozen crazy hungry dumb motherf*ckers bypassed US air defense systems with no trouble.

      And, a tower falling at freefall speed is completely normal.

      And that the steel got melted in seconds far away from the airplane’s crash is totally normal too.

      • Get the fuck out.

        Everyone one of your “points” have been addressed over and over and over and fucking over, just because you’re an ignorant little shit who ignores facts in favor of nonsensical fantasies doesn’t mean you will be any less wrong by repeating the same bullshit that’s been pouring out of every conspiracy theorist’s ass for the past nine years.

      • If you ever seen the laughably incompetent airport security, you can see just how easy a bunch of nutjobs could go through and hijack the plane if they actually put some effort to do it.

        A tower falling at freefall speed is normal considering just how goddamned high that damn thing is. If you have any idea how physics work, things that fall from higher places take longer to hit the ground.

        And the steel that got melted is perfectly normal. It does not have to be melted completely, just enough for the mass of the steel to overcome its tensile strength.

        Stuff your conspiracy theories and read your physics and chemistry textbooks and observe how airport security does things.

        • “What about the detonations that were reported in the towers prior to them falling?”

          Oh, gee, that couldn’t possibly have been related to anything like CONCRETE AND STEEL CATASTROPHICALLY FAILING UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THE BUILDING ABOVE IT.

          “Why were the towers almost empty when the planes hit, normally there were 10 times as many people?”

          The first plane hit at 8:46 am. Standard work hours is 9 am to 5 pm. Most people were either in transit or just entering the buildings when the first plane struck. The only people who were caught were the diligent ones who showed up to work EARLY.

          What the fuck, Schrobby, I thought you were just some nationalistic thug who hid behind any old excuse to promote war, but if you’re seriously a 9/11 conspiracy theorist as well then I feel really stupid for wasting any time on you.

    • I think that would be a very bad idea for Japan, as it doesn’t have the military strength to take on China. Now, I don’t know how their allies would react, but it could well turn into a huge international conflict, one which most would likely want to avoid.

        • @anon13:18

          Well all that PLA ground numbers won’t mean shit if the Chinese can’t project it (aka. land on Japan). Which means if war was to erupt, it would heavily depend on China’s navy, air force, and 2nd Arty Corps.
          As of 2010, the PLAN is not capable of taking on the JSMDF (a combination of lower tech [western analysts say the PLAN vessels have about as much force projection as the Soviet Navy in the 70s], and lack of training in offensive ops). Not to mention, I believe the US 7th Fleet is permanently stationed in Japan so China would lose its navy handily.
          PLAF and JSDF apparently has achieved parity (as several new PLAF fighter planes have managed to lock onto Jap F-2s in a few incidents, but would have to face both American Carrier and land-based fighters). Without a powerful enough air force and navy, the PLA ground forces have very little projectable power and can only be counted on to fight a defensive war (which is moot since the Japs can’t invade them again).

          So the most the ChiComs can do is to lob their large amounts of cruise missles at Japan and hope to overwhelm Japanese and American Aegis systems.

        • But in all seriousness, the PLAN would get its ass kicked by the JSMDF. Current PLAN tech is at 1970s – 80s Soviet Era stuff, with very little training in offensive operations. Therefore, all that “Chinese Military Strength” is useless if the PLA can’t project it. THe only way the Chinese could hit Japan would be with the 2nd Arty Corp’s cruise missles.

        • Lets see…
          Navy = 46,000 members,
          JSDF (Self Defence Force) = 239,430 members, 147,737 land + 44,327 water + 45,517 maritime, 57,899 reserves…
          well that’s japan,
          Republic of China Navy = 53,000 members,
          People’s Liberation Army Navy = 250,000 members
          People’s Liberation Army = 7,555,000 members (#1 in army size)
          yeah…. Japan doesn’t have a chance in war… and the US isn’t going to join easily since the 3 superpowers in the world are currently USA, China, and United Kingdom…

    • no because Russia, Korea, and the U.S. would get involved thus creating an even bigger mess of things and right now none of the countries listed including china and japan can’t afford a war especially when they all rely on one another for trade and stuff

      • @Daniel


        The last thing I need is for Comiket (and future anime shows) to be canceled because of something stupid war because of an equally stupid incident like this…

        Not to mention the threat of nukes that would kill potential anime seiyuus and hentai/anime artists if war indeed occurred because of this crap…


        Amen, friend~

      • either that or chinese otaku get slaughtered by the thousands, not by the police, but by patriot neighbors… (seeing that most chinese ppl still hate japanese ppl) though, a way better solution would be for both sides to just split everything evenly and get over with the whole thing… i mean, ITS JUST A FEW ISLANDS WITH NO INHABITANTS, why the hell would they do something so costly as START A WAR on something like that? *thinks of possible responce* yes there might be oil or rare minerals there but seriously, look at the pros and cons *thinks of another responce* you can’t say it’s china’s fault nor can you say it’s japan’s fault, both sides can be blamed, or both sides can be just, there’s ppl supporting china and there’s ppl supporting japan, it’s something which can’t be solved without compromising… and also… if u think 1 piece of disputed territory is bad, take a look at all around the world, if u take out all the land that’s labeled as “disputed territory” u’d end up with something the size of australia xP…

        • “As a Taiwanese person, not even for. A second has the PRC ever. owned Taiwan”

          Taiwan was annexed by the Qing in 1683 and they maintained unbroken control for 300 years until the dynasty collapsed, 86% (70% Hoklo, 15% Hakka) of Taiwanese people are descended from Chinese immigrants, 12% are descended from the Chinese that came along with the KMT, and only 2% are aboriginal (native) Taiwanese.

          Is Taiwan a part of modern-day Communist China? No. Was it a province of Imperial China? Yes. Does hating China or the Chinese make sense? Not unless you’re part of the 2% native Taiwanese, because China would be your ancestral homeland otherwise.

        • Go blow a horse.

          Its China’s and Japan doesn’t really have anything to back it up.

          USA helping? USA owes China money, wars won’t happen because face it China wins.

          Chinese soldiers have the motivation to fight(WW2).

        • So Schrobby, when the day your homeland’s taken over by China, you should bite the dust and acknowledge that since war isn’t fair, the land China now occupies which was formerly your motherland, is and will always remain a part of China. LOL

        • I am supporting China on this actually. This case is very similar to Toktou/Takeshima island Korea has with Japan.

          Japan conceded the island in a questionable war and questionable treaty. The first Sino-Japanese war wasn’t exactly fair, with Japan being the aggressor.

        • “Didn’t japan claim the islands as their some decades ago? While china claimed them just recently when it became known that there was large amount of reserves beneath the ground?”

          Incorrect, up until 1895 China had ownership of the islands, but after the first Sino-Japanese war China surrendered Taiwan and “all surrounding islands” to Japan – which included the Senkaku/Daioyutai islands. Japan was forced to surrender all conquered territories after WW2, but since the islands were uninhabited and there was political turmoil in China and Taiwan, nobody could dispute their claims that the Senkake/Daioyutai islands were among the islands surrounding Taiwan. America officially transferred control of the islands to Japan and both Taiwan and China have been bitching about it ever since.

          Honestly, if anything it’s a part of Taiwan. It’s half the distance to Taiwan than it is to Japan and there are more (and older) historical references to the islands in ancient Chinese and Taiwanese texts than in Japanese texts.

        • Those are official treaties, not acknowledging them doesn’t matter. The Islands belong to Japan and that’s it. In the highly unlikely case they would get taken away from Japan the islands would go to… Taiwan, not China.
          China can do a handstand and wobble it’s ass cheeks all it wants, Senkaku doesn’t belong to them. Now that we’re at it, they should be thrown out of Tibet as well.

        • The accusation that China claimed them when there are large amount of reserves is slippery because China will just claim that the Japanese stole the islands in the first place for its resources.

          The argument ends up in a stalemate because Japan claims that they have treaties that ceded control over to Japan. However, Senkaku Islands were not explicitly named in the treaties and hardly anyone acknowledges the treaties.

        • Does it make a difference? A delay shows that there is something to hide. Whether or not it would be damaging to China or Japan is not the issue. Why is the government still trying to hide it? Debate all we want, but the government is still trying to hide it for whatever reason.

        • I dislike many things about what is going on in China but I fear the Japanese coast guard was in error. Is it inconceivable that the cover up is not to protect showing a bad view of China but that of Japan? Also, at the rate it is going, it almost seems easier for them to have sunk the Chinese vessel (with the crew). An extreme decision…such as pointing out tourists as spies…maybe next time.

        • Tis so obvious a spy-vessel and given the lack of reporting initially by Japanese media it clear they didn’t want this to be come the big issue it has. I’d bet the true video would show a much more *negative* China and that’s what is trying to be covered-up. Japan can’t afford a huge dust-up with China.

        • To anonymous,

          As a Taiwanese person, not even for. A second has the PRC ever. owned Taiwan, and very few of us like china, so I don’t feel that the Treaty of Shimonoseki was “stealing land from China”.

          Then again, taiwanese people like Japan rather than china…

      • either that or chinese otaku get slaughtered by the thousands, not by the police, but by patriot neighbors… (seeing that most chinese ppl still hate japanese ppl) though, a way better solution would be for both sides to just split everything evenly and get over with the whole thing… i mean, ITS JUST A FEW ISLANDS WITH NO INHABITANTS, why the hell would they do something so costly as START A WAR on something like that? *thinks of possible responce* yes there might be oil or rare minerals there but seriously, look at the pros and cons *thinks of another responce* you can’t say it’s china’s fault nor can you say it’s japan’s fault, both sides can be blamed, or both sides can be just, there’s ppl supporting china and there’s ppl supporting japan, it’s something which can’t be solved without compromising… and also… if u think 1 piece of disputed territory is bad, take a look at all around the world, if u take out all the land that’s labeled as “disputed territory” u’d end up with something the size of australia xP

        • The relation is pretty much damaged already so yeah, you’re right.

          Unless there is a secret backroom dealing, ie. China will support Japan over one of the other islands in contention with Korea.

        • That the release of the video will damage its relation with China cannot be doubted. However what would interest me is how exactly will it damage its relation:
          Is it because it makes China look like an lying bastard, or is it because it reveals that the Japanese government has been lying and tarnish their reputation internationally.

          Personally, I’d say it’s the second. Because I doubt that Japan would even hesitate for a second if the first case would be true.

        • First thing is China does have reason to go with war with Japan and i am sure those countries who was terrorize by japan during WW2 will support them.
          Secondly, if i was the japan government i would have to keep good relation with china as it is a rising power and my industries is in china as if our relation is broken, japan will more or less have a economy break down and worse case there will be war and japan will surely lose 100%.
          Thirdly US cannot help japan as they OWNED CHINA money. So US decides to help the china government will force US to return them their money and therefore they will be killing their own economy.