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Top 10 Things You’d Like To Do On A First Date


Japanese asked what it is they would most like to do on a first date yield a list of activities likely to please the budget-concious.

The ranking:

1. Go for a drive (2968)

2. Watch a movie (2588)

3. Appreciate a night view together (1374)

4. Have tea at a cafe (1359)

5. Dine at a bar [izakaya] (1245)

6. Relax at home (837)

7. Shopping (689)

8. Play sports together (286)

9. Karaoke (240)

10. Fine dining at a restaurant (146)

The lack of car ownership amongst younger Japanese may yet prove a problem – though otherwise the activities selected seem surprisingly modest.

As to how to actually ensure that the date goes well – see the earlier ranking.

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