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“Down With China & The DPJ” Protest Videos Surface


Mass demonstrations against China’s efforts to annex Japanese-held territory and the government’s anaemic response to their threats have been completely ignored by traditional media even as they set the Japanese Internet afire – the only video to surface has been from protest organisers and attendees themselves, and can be inspected below.

The government and opposition political parties apparently consider kowtowing to China a more pressing priority than avoiding feeding the support of Japan’s more xenophobic political elements by making them the only available outlet for the majority’s evident disgust for the appeasement of China – a dubious decision if ever there were one.

Meanwhile the Japanese media still have not made a single report on the protests – apparently reporting the labour union march of the week in Paris is more important (with over 30 articles) than a (by Japanese standards) major series of marches in the nation’s capital and major cities, which has currently generated 2 Japanese language articles, ironically enough by CNN and AFP.

The silence has highlighted a increasingly conspicuous gap between Japan’s old media, TV and newspapers which are tightly controlled by big business and enjoy an extremely cosy relationship with the political establishment through the “press club” system, and its new media, concentrated on the likes of 2ch, Mixi, NicoNico and a variety of independent or international online news sources.

With its hold over these traditional media, and by extension public opinion, rapidly being eroded in favour of online media, Japan’s political class may yet be in for a rude awakening – although with the nation’s huge voting block of baby-boomers and the elderly still captivated by old media, and with online political campaigning effectively banned by a series of election campaign regulations slanted in favour of traditional media, it may yet be able to hold on for some time.

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  • All I want is to not see war breakout. Argh why don’t those damn islands just sink into the sea. Problem solved. Argh both sides need to stop. This is why we should have kept he mars exploration program going. By now we could have had ideas for immigration to mars. God I hate planet earth and its stupid humans.

  • We know the past war in all over the world, Every civilians had had to cry even victories.

    By the way, I found the both of national characters, Chinese people said to Japanese people “kill Japanese civilians” but Japanese people said to China government “Stop Invading”.

    I doubt Japanese army had caused Nanjing massacre…

    However, China government has controled their media since WWII. Chinese people has not be able to get information what’s the truth because China government has broadcast antipathy propaganda, and shut inconvenient information down like Tiananmen Massacre by China Army.(whole testimony of China government had been faked.)

    Chinese government must have deserted Nanjing people to make propaganda…

    • You’re an idiot. Most reports of the Nanjing massacre come from non-Chinese sources, and there is ample evidence to support the Imperial Army’s savagery, going so far as to force its own citizens to commit suicide.

      But hey, don’t let me stop you from being an ignorant sack of Wapanese shit.

  • China “was” a greatest nation in the world but today?
    80+%of Chinese in the main land are retarded
    now they’re even worse than the Japs in WWII yaknow?

    my gramp is Chinese but he agreed with the crap i just said :p

  • It’s such a shame that China and Japan always seem to have such rocky relations. Over the past decade, if we ignore the rampant amount of internet trolls, I think it would be safe to say relations have warmed up. And now with this incident, it looks like that progress has turned to shit.

    These nationalistic disputes really seem to be the heart of Asian politics. On the other hand, as long as number two is at it with number three, number one will remain on top. America should just annex those islands and build a giant troll monument.

  • “Japanese-held territory” is an interesting statement. The islands have been disputed for almost a century now, this is really nothing new.

    I find that a lot of losers (in war) tend to get uppity later, don’t they? Kind of like the Agent Orange thing. “Oh noes, when we were trying to kill you we may have poisoned you DURING THE WAR WHERE WE’RE TRYING TO KILL EACH OTHER.” My instinct is “Fuck you loser, you lost, you should be happy you’re fucking alive.”

  • The islands were part of Taiwan until after WW2 when the USA agreed to give them to Japan. If your neighbor gives your other neighbor YOUR car does it belong to them? Those islands are barren rocks anyways. Anyone that wants to go to war for them is stupid.

    • The island had always been a part of Taiwan. This was the main reason Taiwan actually supported Main Land China’s actions against Japanese National Guard’s false arrest. But hey, if the Japanese are really ignorant, give them some China-Quality fireworks to enjoy.

      Japanese government and the Chinese government had better come up with some kind of mutual treaty, or else there is no way China will back down in front of mass media.

  • Anti-Japanese sentiment in China is entirely due to government propaganda and brainwashing of it’s citizens.

    Anti-Japanese sentiment in Korea is entirely due to yellow journalism, political rhetoric and racism.

    There are no legitimate grievances with the nation of Japan, no sir.

    • I’m kind of anti-Japan just by reading some of the comments here. What actually represent Japan falsely are the anime and manags that they produce, making its audiences into believing that Japanese culture is full of love and caring. But in reality is just the opposite, much like how Hollywood portraits America.

      • Most Japanese are much nicer than these mindless apologist here.
        The contest over territory is a zero sum game with clear economic and security benefits to the winner. Both the leaders of China and Japan must make assertive claims for interests of their respective nations but little people like to cast the whole thing in terms of good vs evil and the struggle against tyranny and aggression of our time. The ignorant and hateful comments displayed here are consequence of this.

  • Wow, all this shit over uninhabited islands, which incidentally are much closer to Taiwan than either Okinawa or China.

    Oh, hey, I have a boulder in my yard if anyone wants to start an international incident over it.

    • The boulder in your yard is part of the country you are living in.
      Territory is serious business, make no mistake about it. What one country takes another country loses.
      These ownership of these islands will decide whether the China or Japan gets to expand their EEZ a few hundred miles at the others expense and with it reap the benefits of fishing grounds, oil reserves and navigation rights for warships.

      Not surprisingly the weeaboos on this site have unquestioningly supported the Japanese claim to it.

  • It is not reported in the television news of Japan at all.

    The South Korean and Chinese have partitioned the mass communication industry in Japan.

    The profit in the Japanese doesn’t report that their shoes are not licked the Japanese who cannot get work ..going out…

    If Chinese says, “I want to rape your daughter”, the politician in Japan will have Chinese suppress the daughter to the bed and hold , saying that “It is friendship”.

  • I hope the “old” japan wakes up and realizes China isn’t as friendly as some might hope. How long is it before the Chinese decide Japan is a ChInese land and institute a new govornemnet in their own favor? I don’t think we Americans can help honestly.

    • Japan has never considered China friendly. 100 years ago in order to stave of threat that you speak of, they exercised their right to pre-emptive self defence and invaded China to install a new government before the Chinese did the same to them. Unfortunately the baka gaijin Americans in their misguided jealousy of Japanese power provoked them into a war and Japan was not able to completely destroy the threat of Chinese aggression before they were cruelly nuked.

    • The whole incident behind it (Senkaku Islands) was and is, by far, more complex than the majority of people interpret it as.

      It’s more than just about the ownership of the land. It’s also about the resources, money, political reasons, military reasons etc. Especially seeing as how China is starting to gain control of other countries currency, they’re a huge threat.

      However, even Hu JinTao himself said that “corruption” and “inflation” is China are major issues, acknowledging it himself, China’s not the best place to be. (without further adding on the censorship etc)

  • I just think it’s interesting that anyone expects anything at all from the Japanese media. I’ve never seen main stream media in a non-dictatorship report so irresponsibly. I mean it’s tabloid-like reporting on issues that are already juicy before they get blatantly sensationalized.
    Also if u look at Sino-Japanese relations & the immense work it’s taken to even get this far, mostly due to the relationship built between Chinese Premier Zho Enlai & Daisaku Ikeda, I’d have to take the side of the media editors, that this story will produce no value. Also if the group of protesters is small enough, then it may not really constitue real news outage some small beans local station or publication.
    I figure the Japanese media is already sucky & unless we want revolutionize all of Japanese society to take responsibility for the info they are being fed, just leave it be and don’t take anything the Japanese media says at anykind of face value.

  • Wait, the “xenophobic political elements” are angry at China’s actions…but the obvious response is to strengthen the US-Japan alliance, which I imagine xenophobic political elements don’t like.

    • Communist Party of Japan is a Feminist party on one side, left-wing NEETs on the other side, the rest is extremist unions with violent tendencies.
      Socialist Party of Japan is a die-hard North Korea and China supporter (also borderline Maoist-like). Some are not cultists. This is especially true for the weak left-sided parties of Japan.

      The lefties are actually saner than the rest of the Japanese political landscape.

    • First, second and third party? No, any politician will fuck up a country. There is always something to complain about a government cause people cannot accept that humans are flawed, as we are organisms.

  • This is how men like Hitler are able to gain power…

    Japanese government needs to either grown a backbone of their own. Or their public will quickly turn to the alternative, no matter how batshit insane the alternative is.

  • The popular anger is understandable. China is trying to bully their way into taking over territory, while the Japanese government’s response is ‘wimpy’.

    Unfortunately, the truth is that the Japanese military is not even a paper tiger. It’s more like a paper hamster. Bullies like China only understand force, which Japan hasn’t got.

    This is probably causing glee among the Nationalists. They have been pushing for an increased and better trained military for some time.

    • Well, even if they have an army, China power easily overwhelm them. More and more countries lean toward US, more and more countries protest/boycott China. Then ? Soon or later, China has to change or they just eat shits and turn to a footstep in history. They did do it cleverly after Tianmen Square, but can they do this again with their unrivaled arrogant ?

      • “China power easily overwhelm them”

        Bullshit, Japan is an island, there’s a sea between, all you have to do is sink the ships of the invading fleet.

        Very easy, missile = cheap, ship = expensive

        An amphibious assualt on The Land of the Rising Sun had casuality estimates north of 3,000,000 at the end of WWII.

        The nuking forced a capitulation for a fraction of that (humanitarian gesture or what?)

        So short of china nuking the place flat because of some greedly fisherman, its puff and blow.

  • Wow now that’s something if you ask me China is really gone too far, claiming territorial border that suppose to be neutral border by using their fishing vessel. The Fuckards had a large chunk of land claiming almost everything including Hongkong, Taiwan and Tibet maybe almost they want to conquer almost half of the world.

  • China needs to be taught a lesson. These fucktards just think too high about themselves… with no Japanese, whose work will they be copying then? Bunch of communistic idiots in a country that is more capitalistic than US now… I mean, they use communist methods, yet their economy is capitalistic… *facepalm*

    • Not like China is the only country that has territorial disputes.
      Japanese stuff aren’t all made on Diaoyu Island, so China will still have plenty of stuff to copy.
      I’d like to see the communistic idiots you mention, you’d be hard pressed to find more than 0.001% of the population supporting communism.
      It’s called socialism if you’ve never learned it in secondary school.

  • So, in other words this is the scenario:

    Japanese masses: protests, marches, demonstrations. All of these are not shown in the news but are strewn all over the place on internet hotspots such as NicoNico, Youtube, 2ch, etc.

    Chinese masses: believes fisherman is a national hero; a lot of herp-derping about islands just like Japanese masses, etc.

    Japanese & Chinese businessmen who probably control a large percentage of their respective governments:

    LOL, look at these idiots getting riled up. So, about that business deal…

  • Japan should really calm down, I thought that the Japanese people are wise people who look to things for a long term. Of course the Japanese can go to protest against China, but calling for deaths and war do not help at all. And China should stop too, China already has shown it’s superiority, so stop it already. Okay you have won, and then? It’s so childish! If this keeps going, it looks so childish on both sides and in long term is dangerous for both countries, no matter how many nuclear weapons they have or are going to make/buy. Do they really want to make war because such relatively small incident, a war between the two means millions are going to die on each side!

      • That’s a very pessimistic view on the media which only holds true in countries that are either corrupt or leaning towards corruption (such as Italy). Countries with a proper seperation of powers like yours and mine have fairly independant media that aren’t influenced by the government.

    • What do you wait from the media what launch unknown artist saying it is famous in Korea or china, and what makes anti-japan songs and activities?

      For example: Shoujo-jidai sings “Dokto is Korea land” or something like this. But she appears too much in NHK with a good mood.

      More one: In a singing show, the background have a Japanese flag but at the CM the red circle dissapears.

      Sorry about my fucked engrish, but I hope you understand the text.

  • SO since people on here are seeing the Japanese in masses without cosplaying looking their normal selves.

    Tell me do they do like anime characters? Are anime characters based on the looks of Japanese people??


  • As far as I know, in China, some people held anti-Japanese demonstrations a few days ago. But the government blocked the news, to avoid worse china-Japan relations.

    ——Translation by Google

    • Marine-RX179 says:

      Probably the same over Japan with censoring of the recent news which innocent Chinese tourists that got nothing to do with this whole thing got attacked by Japanese in Japan…they are probably try to do some damage control as well the the relation.

      Whether not “Senkaku Islands” really belong to Japan is questionable if having a bit of research on the subject of the said Island.

      Years ago, the US took the liberty of handing the control of the islands (along with Okinawa) over to Japan ignoring the protest and claims China and Taiwan’s claim over the islands. Metaphorically speaking, it’s like two kids fighting over a toy, and then a bystander came along, ignoring the complains and protests of kid A and gave the toy to kid B; because of that, kid B believe the toy is his…this is basically like what happened to the islands.

    • The internet is free in China too. You can say anything as long as you know that the Chinese ISPs will just filter or block your content if it’s severely offending. They aren’t removed from websites unless requested by those “Agents”.

        • I don’t know what you’re talking about. Google did indeed try to fight being censored away, but all they could do was relocate their server to Hong Kong, which enforces more lenient censorship.

          Blocking Google from Chinese internet users is done with the Golden Shield, rather than by ISPs.

        • The digital part of it is. Remember the China-Google incident. It was due to the ISPs blocking lots and lots of free information by request of the government. Google didn’t want this so they tried to fight, but ended up succumbing to them.

      • I hate to agree with that “General Jack D. Ripper”.
        But he is right. Chinese Internet is not so free.

        In China you can’t have a Internet server without permission of Chinese govern.
        And that “Agents” inspect the net to make filters and create comments against Japan to flame hate against Japan.

        • Somewhat true. I’m not saying it’s happened yet but I can imagine an example. They will post anti-Japanese hate to capture the attention of Japanese internet users. Then the combined posts will overload a website and crash it. While offline, the hackers will make sure the site doesn’t come back online. They will delete the site itself and the back-ups. So keep the back-ups extra safe.

          Note that any nation with hackers such as the US, Russia, Israel, North Korea can very well pull a stunt like this very easily. In this day and age it’s just hard to mask where the attack came from.

        • @16:04

          This is true. Sexism in China comes from Confucianism, and was actually combated heavily by Communism. This doesn’t make the latter correct in practice, but it always helps to have the facts correct.

        • chinese people still send students abroad to study, whether they be girls or boys (or man or woman if you prefer)

          women in the US are told to get in the kitchen

          …something doesnt quite match up….

        • You do know why it’s heavily sexist, right? Communism attempted to promote equal rights to both sex (and they still do), but it’s the culture where the problem lies, not the PRC. It’s the conservatists who can’t accept a change in cultural values and belief, not the Government’s fault.

        • HWUT!?!

          You do know that the Chinese is heavily sexist right? Equal rights my butt, even my relatives over there know that society is all about getting that one boy. It’s a sad place to be talking about gender equality.

        • >China is actually one of the most gender-equal societies in this world
          Are you talking about that country where girl babies are still (as of 2008, I haven’t read more recent information on this) getting killed after birth because they aren’t boys?

        • ^ That is strange though, since China is actually one of the most gender-equal societies in this world (it’s one of the few good things that came out of communism). Not sure about the rural areas though.

        • I guess different countries have different priorities for justice.

          Designated threat levels.
          USA: Rapists > Anti-Government
          China: Anti-Government >>>> Thief > Rapists

          I watched a report in TV a few years back. There was a woman in China who fought local cops because they wouldn’t believe she was raped. They said she was a prostitute. She worked in a bath house and was assaulted by a customer. Of course naturally I sided with the woman because the cops were one-sided and didn’t practice gender equality. I will not accept the US or any other superpower to just allow something like this to happen. If it does happen, then they’re just as low as the cops I mentioned.

        • Personally, I have less problems with being arrested for badmouthing the government than being arrested for some lolicon manga in your bookshelf.
          Especially if in the first case the majority of the population feels with you (not that they’d openly admit it though) and in the other case the majority degrades you as a sex offender.

          Though overall, I’d rather live in the u.s. than in china.
          But I would really love to be able to read chinese, just to access their ftp system and download all the delicious stuff they got up there.

  • Is don’t give votes for strangers xenophobic?
    Even in Brazil here does not have it. And It’s hard to became a Brazilian.

    PS:I would feel xenophobic too if strangers act like he is in his country.
    “When In Rome, Do As The Romans Do.”
    Most of Japanese will respect you if do it.

    • This is getting mediocre and mundane by the minute that I bet some of you are losing interest and taking it like a pinch of salt whenever news like these reach your ears…,That’s why most of the governments of today are so widely criticized and scorned at because of their indecisiveness and mishandling of such issues,local and international.Most leaders of today just got their post without even having to break a sweat.Just because they’re popular,authoritarian rule,family-ties,peerage and all the ways you can think of in how people get into a government post without even truly DESERVING it.

      If you guys have watched or read news for the past few months ain’t that the case right? These governments pale in comparison when it comes to decision making that will give all parties something they can live/compensate with in the events of stand-offs.They can learn more from the past forms of governments who made things SIMPLE and CLEAR.Just look to ancient Greece for example,the ancient state of Athens had democracy and probably the best form of it since they can ostracize people they deemed dangerous for their government.

      Sad to say ladies and gentlemen,this world is rotting even more by every passing moment,All we can do is either live with it and wait for change to come or be the change itself…

    • FUCK YEAH JAPAN, Thanks fuck the people aren’t as ignorant as governments, i hope they rile themseleves continously until this goes out of control, because this is exactly what Japan needs to get it through both the Japanese and Chinese governments thick skulls, and it would make my day to see China apologise to Japan.

    • Shippoyasha says:

      I’m all for free speech, but these rallies are not really helping the situation. I do agree Japan should stand up to China and they need to solidify alnogside Korea, Taiwan and America to hold out against the Chinese influence and strong-arming.

      I’m not in favor of insane hawk-isms that basically is saying Japan was right to invade other asian nations in WW2 or how it should have nukes to get ‘ready’. That kind of talk is actually endangering Japanese, ironically.

      Still a pretty ridiculous situation overall. Chinese government should have not blown this up to begin with.

      It would be nice if everybody can just freakin’ get along here. I’m sure the average Chinese citizen woudln’t want some kind of mass Japanese murder or anything. And I’m sure the average, evenheaded Japanese woudln’t want harm to the innocent joes in China.

      • It’s hard to fight years of brainwashing and selective history lessons on the Chinese part. But this Japanese full on aggression is not good for anyone either, calling for nukes is a good way to start world war 3. As soon as the U.S. or anyone else helps Japan start a nuclear weapon program China will just attack both and call it a preemptive strike.

        • See that skull field on Cambodia ? Who ever did that is already brand Criminal of War and Human extermination. But from whom had Pon Pot learn from ? Obviously from Maoist Communist ! I had my relatives whom were captured and they never returned. Until now their remains are still unknown.

          Proud Nation, born from Mao should not be trusted.

        • in that case, indonesia still wins. In 1965, a coup d’etat massacred millions (yes, millions) of the biggest political party followers, mostly farmers. My dad lived thru that period, and he said bodies littered the street and fields, and gutters ran red with blood.
          And by the way, for 40 years since, all school children were forced to watch movie about that ‘incident’, making it seem like the people being slain were little more than godless devils.
          Beat THAT if you can.

        • And what do they Chinese schools teach students about Tiananmen Square? Think they mention the massacre in their textbooks?

          All governments white wash and hide things from their citizens to some extent.

          The current Japanese government is trying to reform some of this, but China just made it even harder to show any openness to China with their recent actions.

          Change doesn’t happen overnight, but those who cannot let go of the hatred of the past are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past.

          Yes, the Japanese have done some horrible things in the past.

          But so have the Chinese, the Americans, etc… etc…

        • There is no selective history lessons in China. What we learn is part of Chinese history spanning 4000 years in the textbooks. The time spent on learning about Nanjing Masacree is the same as the amount we spend on learning about Battle of Red Cliff in 3 kingdoms era. There is no prejudice.

          In fact, if you look at Japanese textbooks, there are few mention of war crimes committed, in fact you see victories after victories. Now how’s that not brainwashing.

      • > Chinese government should have not blown this up to begin with.

        I have met many Chinese students here in Germany and they all are openly very anti-Japanese.

        I once jokingly noted that they all have laptops and cameras of Japanese companies (*). Followed cold stares and deafening silence made me understand that it was very wrong remark.

        (*) Most Chinese students come from relatively wealthy families which can support their studies in Europe. Some can afford gear even I can’t.

        It was rather unexpected. I thought the China vs. Japan was something akin to urban tale everybody talks about but nobody really gives a damm. But it appears that Chinese propaganda (and wealthy families apparently have to listen it) keeps the hate alive.

        • @Kamiru They very well did kill off each other in the past. Sometimes entire states would be ravaged to the ground.

          @Dummy00001 It’s no propaganda. The mainlanders really hate Japan. From what I’ve seen though (which is limited actually haha), I’ve found that its more of a general “dislike” for Japanese people, except during times like these where the media can spur the populace into an anti-Japanese frenzy.

        • It’s not propaganda. I was born and educated in Hong Kong and the UK, not subjected to any propaganda. I love Japanese culture but I feel chilled spine whenever I read the history around 1900 – 1950. Propaganda is defined to be forced imprint or assimilation of exaggerated or inaccurate information into the populace. I can tell you the hate directed to Japanese was not inaccurate, it was based on historic facts.
          You get people in Japan saying things like Nanjing Massacre did not exist and was fabrication, it’s dire insult to the people who died and suffered and it’s hard to not get worked up.

          Regarding the islands, the pathetic Qing government was partly to blame. Qing was not even ruled by ethnic Han Chinese, but Manchurians.

          Anyway, after losing the First Sino-Japanese War, Qing China signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki on 17 April 1895, in which the treaty ceded Taiwan and its surrounding islands to Japan. The war was far from ‘fair’. The cause of the war, involving Korea, was full of coup d’état. China acted according to Convention of Tientsin, to send troops to Korea after requested by the emperor of Korea, and notified Japan in accordance to the Convention. But Japan didn’t play fair, condemned the legal act, and send troops to Korea, sparkling the war. If it wasn’t for this unfair war, this Diaoyu island problem wouldn’t have existed.

          Yes, it’s theoretically Japanese territory, but the Japan acquired it in questionable treaties. Aftermath of the second world war should have seen these territories returned to China, but the islands in question were not written down concretely.

        • They must be mainland Chinese. Many people who produce the shoddy goods China makes do high style living. In an interview with one of them on TV, his house had gold furniture, chandeliers, too many tables, impractical ornaments and useless chairs, like the stuff you see in a palace.

          Many people don’t like them. They’re swimming in money while majority of the population live 150 USD per month or less wages.

      • @ Shrobby 02:51:

        Getting *accurate* information from the media is NOT like “one-stop shopping” — it’s more like visiting a bunch of buffets.

        The BBC is good for a lot of things, but don’t look to them for complete-and-accurate coverage of happenings in Ireland.

        Want news on the war in Afghanistan? Don’t bother with Fox News or USA Today. The Kabul Times (or whatever it’s called) certainly is more ‘local and on-the-spot’, but there’s the issue of nationalism and undue government influence (i.e., *ring* *ring* “Hello?” “Yes, Dawoud? This is your cousin Aarif, in the Department of X. My sister Karzai is pregnant with her second child! Is that not wonderful? By the way, it would be very inconvenient for me if a story about Z were published. Please consider that. I’ll see you at dinner tonight, won’t I?”… or the more direct-and-hostile version, “Print that story and your family will disappear.”).

        etc. …

        The biggest problem these days is for viewers/readers to discover the financial and political links of a given news source.

    • This is very weird, is the Japanese TV Stations owned by some big guys that don’t want to lose respect and buniseness with Chinese?
      This may not be a huge protest, but to be only avaible on internet…

      • China, Taiwan, and Japan? You forgotten Philippines dude. China had also interest with a small island in the Philippines. Too bad for us we can’t do any shit. They have superior firepower compared to PH military forces.

        • Uh you need alot of empty space in your head to believe fishing boats growing a big enough balls to ram into coastal guard ships.

          Do you seriously think the japanese are afraid of their citizen getting killed by the chinese if they release their so called “truth”(that is assuming the fishing boat actually ram into patrol)

          Wake the fuk up, killing japanese citizen when the evidence is clearly againest you is the dumbest thing a government can do and china is not THAT stupid. The so called “truth” isn’t released because its not there in the first place.

        • @anonymous 9:15
          The answer to that question is easy. The Chinese government is using that method to force the Japanese government to continue withholding the evidence from public view, so they’re keeping that hostage as insurance until they have a binding contract to hide that tape forever.

          Furthermore, they released the three other hostages in order to show some form of “good faith” in order to appease the negative publicity. If you’ve paid attention to the Western media outlets, they’ve made it sound like the negotiations between the two countries have begun to progress during the release. In fact it’s just another ploy to control public relations for China.

        • Assuming the Chinese have seen the evidence and found themselves at fault, why did they only release three hostages? What is the significance in keeping the last one to this point? Why would they keep the controversy in the spotlight when loss is inevitable?

          On the other hand, if the Chinese have seen the evidence and found themselves innocent, what makes you think they will conceal such savory propaganda material for long?

        • You haven’t been paying attention. Japan claims that the arrests are justified because Senkaku Islands are part of their territory and that they have proof to show that the Chinese rammed their coast guard.

          However, China, Taiwan, and Japan have disputed over the ownership of the territory for years without any resolution nor progress and Japan is withholding the evidence that can prove their innocence or guilt in the arrest.

          Both sides are just enraged that one of their people was abducted under bizarre circumstances and are out for revenge.

        • It is not weird that Japan and China are censoring the media because demonstrations on both sides stress the need to take up arms and settle the territorial dispute once and for all.

          Now the main question is why should nations go to war over a boat collision especially when no one knows who is at fault yet?

        • So the Chinese media is less censored when it comes this than the Japanese media, and while both are trying to stop this to prevent a loss of possible profits the Japanese “old men” with an interest are succeeding in maintaining the status que.