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Disgaea 4 Dated, “Will Have Greatly Improved Graphics”


Disgaea 4 release information has been released a little ahead of schedule, revealing a promise of “greatly improved” graphics.


The release information came by way of a (now deleted) Bic Camera product page, presumably published a little early:

Nippon Ichi is to release the wickedest SRPG ever, Makai Senki Disgaea 4, on the PS3!


Compared to 3, 4 will boast greatly improved graphics, a “gigantification” system, “network elements” and all manner of other stimulating changes – prepare yourself for the wickedest SRPG ever!

Release details indicate a February 24th release for Japan, with a ¥7,140 normal edition and a ¥9,975 limited edition with Nendoroid Puchi – previous talk of a 2010 release appears to have been overly optimisitc.

Just whether the promised “improved graphics” will actually result in a game which looks as if it belongs on the PS3 (or even the PS2) rather than the PS1 or PSP is understandably a matter of some concern to fans.

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