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Sony Pulls Queen’s Blade After Giving It Away


Sony has hurriedly deleted an uncensored episode of Queen’s Blade it was giving away for free, having belatedly realised the show is no mere cartoon but instead a top tier yuri ero-anime.

Sony offered the series for sale as individually downloadable episodes on its PlayStation Network, rated as being for mature audiences only, and then offered the first episode up as a free download, even going so far as to recommend it as a deal of the week.

A sample of the offending content (the episode is particularly noted for the presence of exploding acid breasts):


Fortunately, the usual hypocritical American hand-wringing over the prospect of a minor seeing a bare nipple instead of the wholesome sight of one of the enemies of liberty being gunned down quickly interceded, with Sony realising its terrible blunder and pulling the episode completely and without comment.

Neither the show nor the preview can be watched by a minor using a parentally locked PS3.

Sony reportedly avoids giving away mature rated videos for some obscure American reason, instead responsibly limiting itself to selling them cheaply for direct download to anyone with a funded PSN account.

Although now apparently missing its first episode, the rest of the episodes are apparently still available.

International fans of the series will also be delighted to learn that the series has received a full English language DVD release, available now.

Those just wishing to inspect some of the steamy content on display in the episode can peruse the uncensored first episode preview here.

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