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Schoolboy Gang Rapes & Robs 30 – “I Was Making a Mafia”


A gang of three boys has been arrested for 30 charges of rape and robbery, committed in a three week rampage which saw the gang target countless young women in a series of violent outrages.

The boys formed a gang of 3, led by an unemployed 17-year-old of Colombian extraction, and otherwise including a 14-year-old boy and a 19-year-old man, one of whom was a Filipino.

Together they left their homes and began a three week long crime spree spanning the prefectures of Saitama, Shizuoka and Chiba, ultimately being held responsible for some 30 counts of rape and robbery during the period, stealing ยฅ290,000 of cash

Their meagre cash was spent on food and keeping their stolen car fuelled.

Most of their victims were young women, and some of the victims they assaulted were left with broken bones.

A multi-prefectural police search bloc finally ended their rampage when one was arrested for knocking a 24-year-old lady off her bicycle during a mugging. One member had already been arrested for stealing a bike but was released and later rearrested after committing more severe crimes.

Police report the ringleader was brought to Japan at the age of 8 when his Colombian mother married a Japanese man.

He admits the crimes, apparently fancying himself a latter day Pablo Escobar, only without the drugs, money or success:

“I admired the mafia – we were to keep making trouble as a gang and I was to be their leader.

I wanted to make a mafia together with my subordinates with me in charge, but if we did it at home the police would come soon so we left.”

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  • darkkimsei says:

    What really gets me is that Japanese prisons are the best prisons you can get into. They should probably spend the next 30+ years in a Colombian jail. Where they will learn the error of their ways. I am wondering what the hell compelled these morons to do these things, besides being stupid. I guess they will have some time to think about it. Hopefully, they don’t get 3 years for this but you never know. I have seen some pretty messed up sheep from the Japanese criminal system from these types of cases.

  • Anonymous says:

    If I where a feminists (which I ain’t, luckily) I’d be so damn pissed right now.

    As a man I’d like to kill these three for doing such things to those women.

    Just because I’m a man I feel anger when I hear about this.

    Kinda like when you’d almost beat your brother down read good just because he did something stupid that would disrespect you, your whole family and mostly himself.

    And leaving a person with broken bones…
    If I saw a friend doing that or a friend being a victim of it, you bet I’d almost steal/confiscate the next car that comes by just to hunt him down.

    • Anonymous says:

      Much less seeing your gf or the girl you like raped/harassed/any other stuff that would destroy her (and your) entire life.

      I swear, I’d make a pact with a devil or god or a stupid religious dark website or any terrible creature (sell my soul, my organs, whatever)
      to rip the the doer’s life in half (pieces, whatever) in the cruelest way
      I’ve read all of the posts here

      I sympathize with those who are angry,
      and understand those who are jealous (or whatever)
      But, hearing/reading something like this certainly breaks the heart
      ( why, when there’s a liiiiiiiiiitle chance that one of those girls is your soul-mate {it doesn’t even have anything to do with where you are,fate is unpredictable}. and when some of those girls are too cute to endure such fate )

      It’s LeoTheGreyLion
      first time reading an article,
      going to make an account
      I didn’t want to make an anon post, but well
      it’s DAWN here. Dying to sleep. Dying to read.
      (only cowards, or lazy-to-create-an-account people, would make anon posts)

      • Anonymous says:

        Welcome to the group LeoTheGreyLion.

        I am a vivid lurker here but is already registered.

        If it happens to your future girl/daughter/ family member I’d gladly want to join you in the hunt for the person that did it.

  • Anonymous says:

    filipino?how dare he messed up our reputation,ill devastate him if i see him by chance,

    but in fact,nationality doesnt really matter since in every nation,there are criminals(or a douche bags),

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, when a foreigner is in another country, they (unofficially) represent their country, what they do or say will reflect upon their country whether it’s true to that country or not.

      Sort of like your parents wanting you to behave when you’re in a guest’s house. Only in a much bigger scale.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s the reverse; it’s in a much SMALLER scale, since people are less likely to judge another group because of the actions of 0.01% of that group, than because of the actions of 25% of that group.

    • As true as that is, nationality will play a large part in this as Japan is a xenophobic country. It sucks that this will probably add fuel to the fire..but its not like we can do anything about it now.

      Also alot of people seem to be misreading this article. There weren’t 30 rapes, there were 30 crimes altogether.

  • Anonymous says:

    What a bunch of stupid criminals. Claiming they were trying to be the mafia is laughable. If only mafias are all so dumb and easily caught. The yakuza should simply assassinate them to stop them from further embarassing the name of worldwide organized crime.

    There’s nothing organized about their crime spree. There’s never a question of them being caught, the only question is why it took the Japanese police 3 weeks to catch them. Surely with so many victims, it can’t be so hard to identify them and catch them. Worthless bureaucratic law enforcement that simply exists to waste tax payers money.

  • master-evil says:

    WOW humankind has fallen………wtf am saying it was always broken >__> either way, creating a mafia does not equal robbing and rapeing it equals actually getting off your dumbass and put your motha fucking life on the line. Now that the three cum buckets (jail is such a magical place) are going to know just how REAL LIFE works.

    I feel sorry for the victims but this isn’t going to go well, it going to make some serious shit hit the fan (like it always does in japan >__>)seeing as it was japanese FOREIGNERS, who not only rob but also raped, happy ending is a no no, even jail isn’t good enough for dumbshits.

  • Anonymous says:

    This has some similarities to “A Clockwork Orange.” Young Alex and his droogs go out for a bit of the old ultraviolence, raping and robbing.
    I only hear bad things about Japanese jails.

  • PrinceHeir says:

    wtf?!?! these kids are stupid can’t believe they even lived for that long. and oh btw if your doing something stupid at least up your standards mafia? mafia sucks why not yakuza at least they have some honor unlike the mafia kill or be killed

  • SpideyPHL says:

    The last thing Japan needs is more xenophobia, but that’s what these guys will cause. My condolences to the victims, although you’d think it’d be fairly easy to catch a half columbian and a filipino in a country that’s 98% ethnic Japanese, they don’t exactly blend in by comparison. Three weeks is too long for something like this to go on, especially for people as stupid as these three appear to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say here. These crimes were 100% senseless and utterly stupid. Lock these people up for a very…very long time. It’s really sad so many have to endure all of that pain, all because a few morons thought they’d be cool and act like gangsters……

  • Anonymous says:

    There should be special laws that apply when the prosecution can demonstrate that rehabilitation and reintegration to society is impossible; just execute these scum-bags and make the world a better place.

  • Anonymous says:

    Me ‘n my two friends are gonna make a mafia!

    That sounds like something I heard a 10 year old say to his parents when they refused to give him his weekly allowance.

    These guys should have been given the full mafia experience…by having a member of the real mafia get offended and put 9 mm bullets in their ****ing skulls.

  • there are a few key things to making a criminal empire.

    – you have to start small and get big on your own
    – you cant be addicted to what you sell
    – you cant do petty crimes, like rape and theft
    – have some fucking honor, you an be a cold blooded killer but don’t fucking rape, thats how you get the trash of today.
    – you mush have power before you can do stupid shit
    – you need to have support from the outside in

    these fuckers are actually worse criminals than street thugs in those regards.

        • technically yes.

          but here is the thing. a cop ultimately has the ability to kill you and get reworded for it.

          if you are a complete piece of shit, they will be far more likely to kill you than to take you alive.

          it also curbs vigilantes who want revenge for something you did

          doing a shit ton of petty crimes puts you in a far more negative light than, lets say, selling cocaine to people who want it.

        • Anonymous says:

          ^ Moron talking here.

          ”- have some fucking honor, you an be a cold blooded killer but don’t fucking rape, thats how you get the trash of today.

          basically you want cops and normal people to look at you like this, they may not like what you do and may want you to stop, but at the very least they respect you. you dont get respect through rape, you get fear. and with fear comes a backlash.”

          Yeah, taking a life is more honour-full and cops will respect you for it….lol

        • i went to school with a fair amount of fuckups.

          i can go one by one with the reasons.

          – you have to start small and get big on your own

          if you get help you have someone bigger leaning on you, and you will almost never get out from under them

          – you cant be addicted to what you sell

          i knew a dealer, he did more than half of what he tried to sell. id honestly be surprised if he is still alive. either way, its like driving drunk, you can do it, but you fuck up far more easily under the influence than if you are sober

          – you cant do petty crimes, like rape and theft

          petty crimes attract a fuck ton of attention and are the reason most normal people hate you. its better to have cops on your side than to piss em off with shit thats of little benefit to you.

          you got to put a squeeze on businesses, make them pay you but dont fuck them over, and you have to pay for your hookers.

          – have some fucking honor, you an be a cold blooded killer but don’t fucking rape, thats how you get the trash of today.

          basically you want cops and normal people to look at you like this, they may not like what you do and may want you to stop, but at the very least they respect you. you dont get respect through rape, you get fear. and with fear comes a backlash.

          – you mush have power before you can do stupid shit

          basically before you can do something stupid, like a war, or kill, or any of that shit, you have to have people behind you. judges, police, the people.

          – you need to have support from the outside in

          the people where you live, of your turf need to respect you and be willing to support you in what you do. tell you about cop movements, tell you about the things they see, and generally be useful while not being in your group.

          these are the absolute basics for starting any kind of organized crime. if you can use snipers or crack shots at all, use them. people will easily support a clean and efficient bad guy over a spray and pray one.

    • Anonymous says:

      It happened ever since they tried to curb Anonymous posting and used that retarded +/- approval system.

      See, only the indignant fags care enough to rate posts and the vast majority of the readership isn’t desperate enough for attention to post their opinions on subjects here. Now that they have names attached to themselves, of course they’ll try to gain popularity by being the nice guys.

      Thus, you get the whiny moralfags (redundant, yes) posting here. They aren’t in numbers any greater than they were before, they’re just more visible thanks to the changes implemented in the comments.

    • You a closet pervert? A masochist? Not everyone here is a lolicon (or shotacon).
      It’s just that there are (probably) no mahou shojo in this world that would teach them a lesson in the name of teh moon. That’s why we hafta raise our voices, pull out our death notes or whatever, and when something is wrong, say it is wrong. And then, maybe some day, after we gain courage, do something we can to help someone in need. So that we could become that mahou shojo. Or shonen, depending on personal preferences. And/or gender. And law too. Oh, and maybe religion. Or culture.. And.. and.. ah, fuck it: so that we could become an ally of justice.
      Anyway, it is all going just according to the secret keikaku. So what will be your answer? Do you wish to become mahou shojo some day? The world needs YOU. /Looks like Japan in particular these days./

      • Mika the Fox says:

        lol no I’m not those things I’m a pervert who admits to being one.

        And your reply was really good too~ As well as the second comenting anon. Anyways, justice cannot be served until people ACTUALLY start caring and not fake caring, hipocrisy pisses me off but what can be done? We aren’t perfect beings, we let our emotions drive us and judge for us. In the future I’m aiming for there will be actual justice not a false feeling of it, we should all strive for actual equality.

        Btw I was fishing for rage comments but I’m glad that didn’t happen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • โ€œI wanted to make a mafia together with my subordinates with me in charge, but if we did it at home the police would come soon so we left.โ€

    Yeah, and he thought he wouldn’t be caught there!?

      • Sandalphon says:

        More fuel for the “It’s-all-the-gaijins’-fault” fire though. Surely the media will not fail to link his Colombian ancestry with his petty Mafia wishes. Truth be told, I cannot bring myself to blame them for that.

      • Anonymous says:

        me and my mates tried being mafia in highschool , after getting really drunk and arrested on a beach (night time ) while trying to get home quietly we reconsidered out behavior.

      • Hey, they didn’t kill anyone.
        and i’m not a moralfag with pretend outrage of crimes that have already occured.
        They got caught. End of Story.
        Now we enjoy the details of their teenage crime spree. ๐Ÿ™‚

        And i Find 30 counts of rape pretty impressive
        in Short,
        3 Weeks of Fun
        and a lifetime punishment for the lulz.

        • Anonymous says:

          Saying that humans can communicate and if that you think is not wrong you dont have to fear anything is just plain hipocritism.

          if that was true, wars would not happen and police would not be necessary, not even laws.

        • Anonymous says:

          ,,, Retribution and fear are results of ‘right and wrong’. You would have nothing to fear if you did not do anything wrong. You would not worry about retribution if you did not do wrong to anyone.

          Laws are not there to stop murders but to acknowledge what the society sees as right or wrong, the best way for society to act, etc etc. The simple fact that humans can communicate and reason separates them from other animals.

          Note, mafias act but shy away from the law, like any other gang. If these ‘gangsters’ were so full of themselves, why do they flee from officers of the law? You have nothing to fear if you never do wrong in your eyes.

        • Anonymous says:

          It is true, rape isn’t stopped because of right or wrong, it’s because of retribution and fear. If we accepted our animalistic nature, we’d be more apt to take a woman, but breaking her bones and shit isn’t the way to go. Laws are basically to stop murders caused by such retribution so that the world isn’t so much like Fist of the North Star. Taking a mate is a natural thing, but for humans the higher brain function prevents us from being in the moment of our desires. Women and men both know within moments if they’d have sex with each other, the only thing stopping it is ingrained societal dances.

          Either way, while rape is terrible for the mind of the women, I only truly consider it terrible if they’re beaten up the way these monkies did. Otherwise it’s sex and can be rationalized in the victim’s mind so they don’t feel so vulnerable, but being beaten so severely is the part that really puts the trauma up front.

        • Shippoyasha says:

          Fuck the Crips and fuck the ‘bad’ ass kids who add nothing positive towards society.

          Also, the funny thing with organized crime is that they often do not randomly attack people randomly. Especially with modern Mafia and Yakuza, it’s more about owning territory and owning businesses under their wing. Idiot kid gangsters targeting random victims is the furthest thing from ‘mafia-like’. If anything, real gangsters seem more worried about fighting other gangsters.

        • You are all missing the point. Rape _can_ be fun. For the victims, too. Hentai taught me all about it. Now stop making a ruckus. Nothing is sacred, no exceptions. Telling people on the internet about their RL is btw wasting time. If they had it, they wouldn’t be here in the first place.

        • Anonymous says:

          Right or wrong is irrelevant, it’s just a matter of logic. Society needs to rid itself of these crimes in order to encourage cooperation and advancement, as well as to elevate the standard of living for its people. It’s for your own good to be good to others, and if you can’t see that, try to think a little bigger.

        • Real mafias don’t mess with small fry shit such as raping and mugging.

          They do racketeering,fix professional fights,launder money,infiltrate unions or political parties etc.

          All they were doing as acting like a couple of thugs from an LA gang.

          Though it was not 30 counts of rape but instead 30 counts of rape and robbery.

        • Anonymous says:

          The only reason people don’t rape and steal all the time is for fear of retribution whether it be from the Victim, the Victim’s Friends and Family, the Police or some Invisible man judging us all from the sky.

        • Anonymous says:

          You’re still a douchebag for referring to this as “the good life” or “fun”.

          Basically you said that you approve of rape, brutality and theft, you’re just afraid of punishment.