Bust Reducing Bra “Selling Like Hot Cakes”


Breast fans are astonished by the apparent success of a “3/4 cup” bra which offers ladies troubled by the large size of their breasts the chance to compress their assets.



The company responsible predictably claims the new bra has a large potential market:

“We conducted a survey of women aged 20 to 40, and 10.7% said they ‘wanted to display their bust in a compact fashion’ – this was the impetus for developing the bra. Women with a complex about having large breasts aren’t few in number.”

The survey also found 24.6% wanted bras to give them a size boost, but the majority were more concerned with practicalities – 32.9% wanted a comfortable “natural” fit, and 32.8% “firm support.”

Actual women with such a complex offer diverse reasons for feeling they wish to downplay their assets:

“It just doesn’t match cute clothing.” (F cup)

“I learned a client started calling me ‘breast woman’ – it was really shocking, I cried.” (H cup)

“There was a lot of malicious gossip about me showing off my breasts.” (E cup)

The bra is said to be enjoying healthy sales.

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