Chikan: “I’ll Hold Them to Stop the Shaking!”


A chikan has been arrested after apparently grabbing a schoolgirl’s breasts to stop them shaking during what must have been a particularly rough train ride.

The incident began on an early morning commuter train traveling through Osaka.

A 21-year-old salaryman approached a 15-year-old schoolgirl standing with her friends and began touching her breasts, explaining “This shaking is dangerous!”

Whether he was referring to the train or the girl’s chest is not clear.

The girl and her friends moved to the end of the carriage, but he followed, asking which school she was attending and what her email address was.

Even when the girl and friends left the carriage, he continued to follow them, prompting the girls to report the incident to the conductor.

The chikan was arrested under prefectural anti-nuisance ordinances.

He explains that “It’s true that I started talking to them but I wasn’t sexually harassing them.”

2ch presents this by way of commentary:

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