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Love Plus to Save Japan


Konami has unveiled its cunning plan to save the Japanese economy through Love Plus tourism, whilst simultaneously furthering its diabolical otaku enslavement program.

Love Plus+ will include a new feature called “Locality Love Plus,” incorporating Nintendo’s nationwide network of “DS Stations,” essentially DS hotspots with Internet access and other services.

Distributed throughout each prefecture of Japan, these stations will each provide a “locality capsule” to Love Plus players, which grants access to several special characters (it’s not clear whether these are full blown extra characters or something else, but the official announcement does say “character”), each limited to certain prefectures.

Each prefecture is said to have a special “rare character” as well. Leveling up locality characters will give access to special rewards, all designed to elicit the powerful collector mentality otaku are known for.

Players will thus be forced to travel to all 47 prefectures of Japan in pursuit of all characters, or begin trading surplus virtual schoolgirls with other travelling fanciers to get the ones they want.

Thus, in a stroke Konami could do for regional tourism what hundreds of ineffectual tourism promotion offices could only dream of.

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