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Star Ocean 4 PS3 Confirmed: Xbox Betrayed, Sold, Lost!


The pool of Japanese Xbox 360 “exclusives” appears to be shrinking fast with the news that ero-RPG Star Ocean 4 is to come to the PS3, its exclusive status having apparently worn off in much the same way as with the imminent Tales of Vesperia.

The news comes by way of a leaked release schedule indicating that “Star Ocean 4 The Last Hope International” will be due in Japan on February 2010.


Confirmed features so far are voices switchable between English and Japanese, and what look to be minor cosmetic changes and gameplay tweaks.

The language options presumably mean a dual language English version will also be released, and the game has indeed appeared briefly in the release schedules of some US retailers.

With Square Enix having betrayed the Xbox 360 so flagrantly, we can but wonder what awaits in a PS3 version, and whether the Xbox 360 release will turn out to be but a beta version as in the now notorious Tales of Vesperia fiasco.

Assuming of course that it escapes the wrath of a Sony check...

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