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Sony PS3 Slim Not So Slim?


Sony’s much heralded PS3 Slim seems an immediate hit, but any objective comparison seems to reveal its slimness is rather overstated, with shrewd marketing and the substantial price cut the real cause of attention.

The comparison above illustrates the sizes of the major recent consoles in some detail…

Of these units, perhaps only the original Xbox stands out as being excessive, with its lack of vertical design the main issue rather than absolute size.

Nintendo’s impressively compact devices are perhaps less impressive when their inferior technical capabilities are taken into account, though they are at least inexpensive.

By far the most impressive of these is the PS2 Slim, a unit Sony still seems keen to sell, with some speculating that their refusal to release full PS2 emulation for the PS3 is in fact a ploy to prop up the PS2’s viability…

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