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Schoolgirl Sells Warez Using Oppai Photos, 2ch Hunt Ensues


A schoolgirl who hatched the unoriginal scheme of selling illegally downloaded copies of adult games to schoolmates and random people online, though with the erotic twist of using naked pictures of her breasts and pantsu to draw in customers, managed to bring the perverse wrath of 2ch down on herself and now appears to be in hiding after having been hounded relentlessly by the anonymous hordes.

The 18-year-old schoolgirl’s plan was stunningly simple: she would sell burned copies of eroge she had downloaded for the bargain price of ยฅ700, and she was soon offering a library of well over a hundred titles to all comers, with titles from all the major brands.

She then fatefully decided to promote her illegal venture online, making a publically accessible homepage with a list of pirated goods and using her Mixi profile to promote herself further. In an incredible display of lack of judgement, her profile included her real name and even her complete school history, incidentally also brazenly listing amongst interests “alcohol”, despite being underage.


The pinnacle of her success was in taking various pictures of her breasts and pantsu with which to lure in customers; this predictably served to drive 2ch into a frenzy.


2ch (specifically the VIP board) got wind of all this, and soon a legion of 2channers with nothing better to do than hound high school girls descended upon her Mixi profile, and spread out from there.

Soon after her personal details were being intimately researched, and she found herself being reported to each and every game maker who wares she had hawked copies of, as well as the police and her school. Naturally, she was enthusiastically harassed via her email, blog and mobile phone.

Deleting her diary entries and closing her homepage only served to increase the frenzied excitement of 2ch, since like a pack of wolves it could scent the fear of its quarry on the wind.

Lest anyone unwisely gain faith in the vigilante justice on offer from places like 2chan, the below image from an overly enthusiastic persecutor probably sums up the real agenda of her pursuers:



The story was later picked up by a number of national news outlets, though strangely her naked pictures are still difficult to come by.

In one pitiful missive on Mixi, she asks one of her pursuers “Won’t you please stop, or are you trying to drive me to suicide?”

In the case of 2ch, this hardly needs to be answered, though of course she is only reaping the obvious rewards of her extreme folly.

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