New Dragonball Z HD Version To Air; New Sound & Vocals


Classic martial-arts shonen series Dragonball Z will be receiving a extensively remastered HD re-broadcast this April. The rebroadcast will include newly recorded dialog by the original seiyuu, new sound effects, new OP/ED sequences, and a brand new HD video transfer.

That this re-broadcast is airing on the 20th anniversary of the original broadcast shows the impressive longevity of the franchise, and should be a big comfort for most Dragonball fans who would rather see the original instead of the notorious upcoming Hollywood adaptation.

The magazine scan pictured below is the main source of information for the new remastered version:


The key points read as follows:

1. The action in the new version is getting an upgrade!

With newly remastered video in beautiful HD, the DB world will be brought to the screen with intensity never seen before!!

2. Completely changed OP and ED !!

The OP and ED songs, along with the animation will be getting a “renewal”!
The original series’ sound effects have also been newly recorded, allowing for a brand new outlook into the (DB) world!!

3. The wonderful original seiyuu troop has been gathered back together!!

The original seiyuu cast have been assembled once more to lay down new recordings of their splendid performances, including Son Goku’s Masako Nozawa!!

The rebroadcast is scheduled for a April 5th start on Fuji TV at 09:00.

Details beyond what is given above are not available yet, and answers to questions such as exactly how much of the original seiyuu recordings are being replaced, whether or not the new OP / ED are new recordings of the original songs and so forth are still unknown.

The official Toei Dragonball Z website will likely be a source of new information on the remastered version.

Via Itai News.

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