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Kyouka Midarezaki Good Smile Figure

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II

This upcoming figure of Kyouka Midarezaki, the tsundere mother from Kyouran Kazoku Nikki, captures her likeness especially well and continues maker Good Smile‘s recent run of exceptional figures such as the Saber Lily and the Rin and Len Kagamine loli / shota pair.

Official pictures of this 1/8 PVC figure have been out for some months now, but these sample review photos from Moeyo are the first out on the Internet.


Kyouka eagerly salutes us in the Nazi fashion, something that is actually quite fitting for her character for those of you who have seen the Spring 2008 TV series.


The vibrancy the colors on some of the recent Good Smile figures is impressive, and sometimes almost look like Cold Cast or resin figures.



Kyouka is certainly not very well endowed, but they’re definitely there if you look hard enough, as befits a woman who is the 20-year old mother of six.


Kyouka also comes with two Mini-Kyoukas (a sort of chibi doppelgänger legion of minions that do her bidding):




They’re exceptionally cute.


The Kyouka Midarezaki Good Smile figure should cost around ¥7,000, a fair price considering the quality of the figure plus the included chibi Kyoukas.

Pre-orders have opened at Hobby Search.

See the rest of the photos at Moeyo.

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