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It’s true.

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  • Haruhi “Sigh” Arc 5 Episodes?:
    Gotta love how like 90% of the people complaining have no idea what Disappearance even IS. -_- Yes it’s the best arc in the Haruhi novels, but it really deserves its own season… Also, old news is old news.

  • UN Demands Hentai Ban:
    -_- Imagine if the feminists came to this site and saw all these angry, violent comments. Isn’t that just encouraging them? Fuel to the fire guys. Fuel to the fire.

  • Persona 3 Portable Unveiled:
    Maybe Shinjiro won’t die in the Girl route? HAH, dating Shinjiro. That’d be awesome.

  • “If We Do A Haruhi Movie, It’ll Be Endless Eight Again”:
    I’m pretty sure he’s joking, guys. -_- At least they realize what idiots they are.

  • K-ON! Best Selling TV Anime Ever:
    At least Geass and Frontier had actual plots. Sure, they still sucked, but they had redeemable elements. Oh, and decent male characters. Something anime needs a hell of a lot more of.


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