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Haruhi Second Series Airs in April


According to the latest commercial for anime rag Newtype, which had previously announced its announcement, the new TV series of the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi will begin airing in April.

Fans are in shock, and are understandably having trouble accepting this news, but it seems genuine enough.

As you can see from the caps shown, the CM, voiced by Aya Hirano herself, introduced numerous images of the issue, showing off Haruhi related interviews and the like.


What is of interest to us is the cover above, which bears the (small and yellow) text:

TV anime broadcasts commence in April

Elsewhere (top), in much bigger lettering, we see more ambiguous wording to the effect that “The Haruhi TV anime is finally underway!”


This CM has been confirmed by a number of viewers.

Now, Haruhi marketing being what it is there is much scope for scepticism, but it is difficult to interpret such unambiguous wording as anything but a rather anti-climactic revelation regarding the release date for this incredibly highly anticipated title.

We will know more on the magazine’s release, by the 10th of February at the latest, but in the mean time it appears the prayers of Haruhi fans have finally been answered?

Or will KyoAni bring down a torch bearing mob upon itself by revealing it to be airing in April 2012? Or perhaps by announcing a rerun of the original “Haruhi TV Anime”. Surely not? It is for reasons such as these that nobody believes a word they have to say anymore.

One final piece in the puzzle is that Aya Hirano apologised in a recent blog update for not being able to update as she was working so hard on something she couldn’t say anything about, but would love to tell us…

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