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Gift Saber Figure


Fans of Fate/Stay Night’s Saber are currently being well served by whatever benevolent Shinto deity’s portfolio includes PVC figures, as another exceptional figure of Saber has just been released by maker Gift.

Surely many fans will be comparing this to the upcoming Good Smile Saber Lily, in an attempt to determine which will be the best Saber figure of the decade?

This 1/8 scale PVC from Gift, bearing the simple name of セイバー / Saber is sculpted by 戸田 聡 / Satoshi Toda. Interestingly, the distributor for the Gift Saber is Good Smile, meaning that Good Smile is involved in both of what must be the best incarnations of Saber yet made – perhaps along with  the Saber Dollfie, if you have a taste for Dollfies.

Onto the Gift Saber itself…


It should be noted that one of the Gift Saber’s main selling points is the inclusion of two removable faces, a rather unconventional trick for a scaled PVC or resin figure.

One is the atypical face seen above and in most of the photos here, which has smaller eyes and a slightly more “realistic” appearance to it. The other is a more normal anime-style face, shown further below.



The nearly iridescent skirt definitely catches the eye…


The default, “realistic” face does not stray very far from the normal anime-styling, and so is not very jarring at all. In any case, it seems very well done, and does invoke Saber’s character design even while being a unique take on her.


The detailing looks superb, especially for a figure in this price range.


Her sword, Excalibur, also seems to have come off very well.


Lightning must play an important part in displaying this figure to look its best.




Unfortunately, no panchira.


The alternate, more typical face.


A comparison shot of the figure with its two faces. It would be interesting to know which of the two will most owners use to display her in…

The Gift Saber is available now, for around ¥7,000 – lower than might be expected for a figure of this quality.

International customers can easily pick her up at Hobby Search.

See the rest of the photos at Akiba Hobby and Foo Bar Baz.

Ideally, one could get both the Gift and Good Smile Sabers, but that might be too pricey for some fans. Which would you get?


The Good Smile Saber Lily.

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