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Lupin vs Conan – Crossover TV Special Due


A leaked photo (shown below) from the upcoming Weekly Shounen Sunday manga anthology magazine apparently reveals an announcement of a crossover TV special featuring Lupin (Lupin the 3rd) and Conan (Detective Conan).


Details of the project, including the plot, are still forthcoming, but the TV special is practically guaranteed to air on the Yomiuri TV and Nippon Television stations, where Conan continues its nearly 13 year run (currently up to episode 521).

A crossover story of the legendary gentlemen thief and the young detective would seem to make enough sense, but fans likely already know that this sort of crossover is not entirely new – Conan and his friend/love interest/foster mom Ran made a quick cameo in the recent Lupin OVA, Lupin III: Green vs Red.

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