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New Code Geass Properties Hinted At


A recent quote from Sunrise has stirred up much controversy amongst Code Geass fans, as it suggests Sunrise’s desire to make another Geass project sometime in the future.

Given the series’ screenwriter previous hints that recently concluded Code Geass R2 would be the definite end of the storyline, many are left wondering what else could be produced?

There are already multiple translations of the pertinent quote from the January issue of Animedia magazine out there, but I will offer my own:

You have all shown us a lot of kind appreciation in making the DVDs and CDs so popular.

We were truly blessed to have such passionate fans…truly, thank you all.

Lelouch may have died (?) but Geass itself will not.

The show has just ended, yet we feel it might be a good idea to make something else.

In any case, we might be able to announce something in the near future…

Please note that the (?) following talk of Lelouch’s death is present in the original article…

Now, the quote clearly demonstrates the wishes of at least some at the Sunrise studio to continue the popular Geass franchise, but is certainly not a concrete confirmation of anything.

Given the the show’s screenwriter, Ichiro Okouchi, has strongly suggested in the past that the show’s second season, Code Geass R2, would conclude the storyline  and that there would be no 3rd season or OVA continuations, one has to wonder whether Okouchi was wrong or if the new project, if one is to be made, could be something that would not be a true continuation of the story?

A theatrical version (or series of theatrical versions) that would be a compact version of the series ala Macross: Do You Remember Love? would fit the bill, as it wouldn’t be a continuation of the storyline.

Indeed, a theatrical version or a OVA version focusing on past events of side characters (like Suzaku) appear to be the two most popular suggestions propagating throughout the Japanese blogosphere and bulletin boards.

Many also point out that since Lelouch is said to have apparently died, any new project couldn’t be a direct sequel to events of R2.

We might wonder whether the Code Geass franchise will ever fully conclude, given its obvious success? Sunrise cannot be keen to lose a new franchise with such potential due to something as trifling as an ending…

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