Subliminal Panchira Legends


A subliminal flash of pantsu can frequently find its way into anime of all sorts, even children’s anime, for reasons which are not clear. In this video, you can see a compilation of just this kind of panchira, with each shot being measured in the millisecond range.

Subliminal exposure to pantsu may implant previously dormant pantsu related cravings. Should this befall you, fear not, for help is at hand.

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According to the video, only one in ten of you are “pantsers” (though possibly a majority of Sankaku Complex users possess this unique talent) – a pantser is a special type of perverted gentleman (or perhaps lady) who possesses the ability to discern anime panchira occurring on a millisecond basis, entirely invisible to the naked eye.

In order to do this, sophisticated tools and training are required, and the following types of pantser are in evidence:

  • Those who utilise only frame by frame or slow motion playback.
  • Those who carefully save the sections in question to an archival film using a variety of methods, perhaps uploading the video to the Internet.
  • Those who seek out witness information regarding the suspected panchira (possibly using popular ecchi websites).
  • Those who are unable to tolerate mere screencaps and must instead carefully convert the offending scene into an animated .gif.

There are doubtless other methods too.

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