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Cop Busted Over Patrol Car Schoolgirl Sex


A (now former) policeman who committed indecent acts upon no less than two schoolgirls, in one case actually in his very police car and abandoning his post guarding a nuclear power plant to do so, has been dismissed and found guilty of violating the very child protection laws he was sworn to uphold.

The ex-policeman (25), dismissed as soon as the case became known, was found guilty by the court, but has not yet been sentenced. For his part, he admits his crimes.

The prosecution’s closing statement was that of a hound on the heels of a hare: “Your outrageous criminal conduct is beyond belief! It is something subjected to the very greatest social opprobrium. We fear the possible ill effects on both mind and body to two young girls as a result of your actions.” The prosecution sought ten months imprisonment.

The defence’s closing statement was that of a whipped dog: “His actions stemmed from worries about his home and work, and were acts of desperation, not the acts of a man in a normal state of mind. He is still young, and there is still a great chance he can reform”. The defence begged for a stay of execution.

The indictment states that, one August afternoon, he eloped from his post guarding a nuclear power plant, and then joined a 17-year-old schoolgirl in his patrol car, where they engaged in indecent acts.

Then, in September, after work he met a 16-year-old schoolgirl, and they went to her house and engaged themselves in indiscrete acts in the garden.

It is not clear whether these were straightforward underage dalliances, or whether there was an element of coercion, but given that the charges make no mention of force it seems likely they were consensual.

Via ZakZak.

Expect him to become a teacher after he gets out…

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