Comment on Evangelion Tattoo by Takkun:

Definitely looks like a genuine tattoo. The shading is done well IF it was done by photoshop. I think its fair to say it wasn’t I actually like it! :D

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  • Schoolgirl Urine Trader Busted:
    One step ahead of the game! lol

  • Japanese Narrow Buildings:
    Am I the only one who can see that half of these are shopped? They just don’t make sense. And other buildings just appear smaller, hence the business buildings around them. One more note, a couple buildings seem to have a weird angle taken on them. spotted two triangular buildings.

  • 20 Years for Loli Manga: “Victims Don’t Have to Exist”:
    This whole thread just shows the difference between ignorant and knowledgeable people. Everyone made some kind of good point. Of course none of these points can be perfectly clear. Like Miroku said, its ran by people. If such a system were perfect anywhere, then everyone would have the same point of view. Has anyone noticed the difference between the facts brought to the table (such as what Artefact said), and the bashing/trolling here? Don’t bash any nation unless you can back up your …

  • Children’s Child Porn Ring Smashed:
    So wouldn’t it be illegal for them to bath? God forbid they look at themselves freaking loli pedo’s LMAO.

  • $6,500,000 Akiba Maid Sex Parlour Busted:
    very true. that’s actually cheap in my book. Although I have never done something as such. You can spend $20 over a week in Taiwan if you want lol.


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