Comment on Evangelion Tattoo by kuromitsu:

I don’t think anybody would find him a dangerous element with this tattoo…

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  • Lantis & Sunrise Demand Removal of Anime Screen Caps:
    Wow, and just when I thought people couldn’t get any more stupid about anime. Asking for the removal of screencaps I can understand in a way (even though I think it’s stupid) but FANART? That’s ridiculous. Do these people know anything about their own fans? (Apparently, no.)

  • Pale Skinned Idol Gallery:
    It’s not just genetics and staying indoors – most Japanese skincare applications have a whitening effect on skin (as one of my friends was rather dismayed to learn when she purchased some in Japan). And in case of gravure, there’s always photoshop… Anyway, the last picture is the hottest.

  • Koreans Force Cancellation of “Criminal” Hetalia:
    Artefact, would you please remove the fanart from the article? For better or worse, it’s not a good indicator of what the comic is like, and I’ve already met people who thought that it was the original comic. Not to mention that for one I’d like to avoid mass site closings or foreign IP bannings if (when) the Japanese get a wind of the Korean media and subsequently various websites, using fanart for such purposes.

  • “I Wanted to Make Her My Sex-Slave” – Killer Ero-Mangaka:
    I can’t see him getting out of prison, period.

  • “I Wanted to Make Her My Sex-Slave” – Killer Ero-Mangaka:
    Yeah, I mean he only killed a woman and dismembered her corpse, but I’m sure the otaku-hating media will blow it way out of proportions! (mm, the doujinshi of a sociopath murderer haa haa)


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