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3D Custom Girl XP: Expansion Brings Posing & Eroge Sutra


The new expansion for the reigning king of non-story eroge, 3D Custom Girl / 3D Custom Shoujo, has just been unveiled. It looks set to create the ultimate ero-experience, bringing with it a score of new features…

Firstly, a multitude of new positions have been added, with all manner of more exotic ones now in evidence.


Foot usage, paizuri, 69, you get the idea…

Most interestingly, a full custom gravure posing engine is now included, enabling fine control of the pose your virtual creation adopts, a long requested feature.


These can be shared with comrades, recorded, and more than 80 are included with the game itself.

New locations for the amorous antics are provided: tatami room (washitsu), bathroom, kitchen, snowy plain, school roof…



A model data export function is also included, which will include the model data in the save. Useful?

The release date is still not set, but the expansion will be download only, at a modest price of ¥1,980. See the official homepage for details as they arise.

Between the official addons, adding everything from loli to even more loli, and the mods (which are beyond description at times), it seems every possible taste or proclivity will soon be covered. Is this the future of eroge?

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